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Super model Naomi Campbell accused the fashion industry of racism today as she urged designers to use more black models.

The 40-year-old from Streatham said the industry had taken a step backwards, as she collected a special honour at the British Fashion Awards.
She told the Evening Standard: “We’re all aware that we need to introduce more women [of colour]. Continue Reading…..

It’s good she’s speaking out but tell us something we don’t already know Naomi.

Did everybody think (including Naomi) that the situation would suddenly change after Vogue Italia decided in 2008 to do black models a favour and dedicated an entire issue (the one off ‘Black Issue’) to them?

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  1. Jan, I saw when this was said live. Basically she was outside some awards thiing and a BBC presenter went through the motions asking about the event, then as per effiing usual the presenter asked her about being black in the industry off the cuff. Naomi did what most black ppl do when asked a pointless uunrelated question about being black and tried to answer diplomatically and honestly. But of course this is the BIG QUOTE not her award in fashion…lol!

  2. I didn’t even bother jump on that Black Vogue Italia issue. Black women all over the world got extremely moist from that issue, but I refused to make Condé Naste rich because they decided to insult our intelligence by putting out a magazine featuring black faces.

    A lot fo Black people don’t even support Black, but will run up and down from shop to shop, going on eBay to cop Whites supporting Black because they felt it was the White….sorry right thing to do at the time.

    But like you said Janice, Naomi really isn’t telling us anything new is she?

  3. You don’t have to like her, but like I said, she wasn’t making an announcement about this. Check to see how irrelevant it was to the interview. The tabloids who had nuff column inches left, filled it with a non story but we will take the bait as soon as a ‘black issue’ is announced.

  4. Naomi has been modeling for well over ten years before she decided to speak out about racism in the modeling industry. Her whole behavior about having to fly to Sierra Leone for the diamonds enquiry was really horrible to see. She clearly did not give a toss about the issue and actually made it quite clear. I find it very hard to take what she says seriously as she seems to only open her mouth when she has a self serving agenda.

  5. Glad you brought up that token Vogue Italia issue. They made so much money from that issue selling out because black people wnated to make the point that black models can sell magazines. Yes, only when they are all in there together like Essence or Ebony! KMT. Naomi can speak about the industry being racist NOW because she has obviously forgotten about the hate she aimed at Tyra Banks when she came out…

  6. At the end of the day I have stopped buying magazines that feel they cannot use black models. As much as I love fashion and went to Parsons School of Design. I I saw it back then… and no one would speak up. What makes it so bad is that brown people look better on the runway in those clothes our melanin compliments the colors in the lighting they use. I remember working market week in Miami and they used several brown models for Christian LaCroix his clothes were bold and those girls rocked them to death!

    I am over the Fashion Industry, we should not have to tell a designer they should use all ethnicity of models its like a big fuck you to us who love fashion!

    They could care less about their consumers. I don’t think we buy enough of their clothing to make a difference in their race to wealth. I have been over them for a long time.

  7. Like DivaKattGurl I don’t make any magazine purchases either. And it was down to the lack ‘variety’ in their publications.

    Even the FREE ones here in the UK Stylist pisses me off (I know a lot of black girls/women go gaga over this). Over the course of the year only 1 ‘ethnic’ cover and the rest were white. I’m not even saying they had to be black, but from living in a multi cultural society, that magazine does NOTHING for me at all. It’s made for white women in mind from the models to the writers (who aren’t even good).

  8. I followed the link and I had to lift this quote off thisislondon
    ” Is it Kate Moss that wants to inhale coke instead of Oxygen? ” chuckle.

  9. It is so funny for me to read this because Naomi is full of it! She harassed Tyra Banks back in the day. And the sister has a bad attitude. I remember seeing her walking down the street in NYC. People were excited to see her….not me…not into celebrities. The look she gave them…they didn’t stop her…but she was nasty and waving them away. Now what she says is true there are not many models of color. Hell I don’t give a shit about models of color…I just care about Black models. Because when it is all said and done other ethnic models only care about their own. So the hell with all of that! I say that because I see it all too well in this society. But what kills me is the fact that when they show these fashion shows on tv. You see all the celebrities like Mary J, Williams sisters, Kelly Rowland, Rhianna just to name a few. They are all teeth! Just a smiling away but when you look on the catwalk you don’t see anyone that looks like you there. For me I would not attend any of those shows until they do better. Then you see them on tv talking about how this designer is such a good friend of theirs. Por Favor!!! Good friend my Culo(ass) .. Their such good friends but they don’t put anyone that looks like you in the show. Black folks will fall for anything. Well let me say some Black folks!! I do not support any magazine that is not Black. I don’t buy many clothing that is not made by Blacks. And we know I have to buy some because there are not enough Black designers out here. But I do limit what I buy from others. But you know it is really sad how things have gone. At one point for a minute there were more than 5 models that we could recognize. Now we hardly see any that are Black. Most Black models say they always tell them they have more than enough Black models in the fashion industry. That is some bull. Now that Italian Vogue mag… had a nice cover and the pictures were amazing. But I didn’t buy it for one reason and one reason only. Because it is not a Black magazine and that magazine only caters to whites. Now did you know it was the highest selling vogue magazine ever! Yes the one dedicated to Black women… But me…still not impressed! I love reading everyones comments…it makes me smile to see so many of us aware of what is really going on. Because you can meet some Black people with thier heads so far up others asses… All i do is shake my head…

  10. Whether Naomi is saying it ought to be said. The up and comings can not speak it or they will never get used. Naomi can say what she like and get away with it. so good for her. It would be nice if she did something showcasing these models

  11. I agree with SoFrolushes. Most people don’t speak out because it’s not in their best interest, if they get lucky and fly under the radar the line they walk is a very fine line. Naomi is set so she can get away with it. It’s all about what’s convenient these days, people will not speak up about anything that’s wrong if they believe it’s not in their best interest.

  12. I look at it like this..Naomi is now speaking up because her feet is out the door as a model. Why didn’t she speak up earlier… Now that she is basiclly a has been in the industry she has a mouth load to say. I mean her speaking out about it is a good thing. But what about 5,10 years ago when she was on top. I bet it never entered her mind to say anything. I’m just so sick and tired of Black people acting as if they have lock jaw when it comes to issues concerning us. I live my life like this when it is wrong i have every right to say so. I don’t care what others think about it as well. Right is right and wrong is wrong…why is that so hard for Black people to accept!!!!!!!!! And do something about it….Just my opinion

  13. What does she mean by “classically pretty”. Does that mean obese? Because in their classical culture, that’s what they considered attractive.

    If she simply meant “white”, she shouldve just said so. “Classically pretty”…according to whose standards??? I hate eurocentrism.

    And off topic – African designers who don’t hire Black models don’t get my money. And we almost always buy Black.

  14. @moreno, she’s saying something now because she is such a household name and brand that 1) she can use her celebrity to bring attn to the matter and 2) she can speak up and STILL get work.

    If she would’ve been as outspoken about it earlier in her career, she would’ve been blacklisted by the industry and her voice would not have been heard.

    Lastly Naomi is damn sure not a “has been” and STILL gets paid millions to work the runway, as well as campaign work. She is a brand.

  15. @ Moreno as we all know Black people don’t control the industry, if Naomi had said something earlier when she was on top like you stated she wouldn’t remain their and certainly would not have been the success that she is in the industry, she would have been dismiss as a trouble maker or simple been ignore like I stated speaking out 5, 10 yrs ago would be a huge mistake on her part, because of her bad attitude getting rid of her would have been very easy. I’m glad that she’s speaking out know better late than never. P.S. I do think that she’s rude but applaud her for speaking out.

  16. @B.Princess i do get what you’re saying! But then i look at it like this if you don’t take a stand…then what or who are you. Yeah she may have not been the big success that she is now. And i like seeing her do her thing. But at the same time if we don’t stand up no one will listen. I’m the type of man that ..when i see something is wrong i’m on it. I don’t sit back and say if i do this i might loose my job. I react because for me it is the right thing to do. Too many of our people have chosen to be rich and successful and turn a blinde eye. I get it but i don’t agree with it. Because if everyone keeps being silent…then they are just as bad as the people doing it. I do get what you’re saying but there is still no excuse to be silent. Plus she was so nasty and trying to be the only one…so not much respect for her. And you’re right better late than never. And i do like that she spoke out..but i just have mixed feelings about it. peace

  17. @Noelle…if you say so!! But what makes her a brand! And i feel you on some of what you’re saying. I just feel differently about people who dont speak up sooner! It’s like well i’m done here so i can say something NOW…..

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