FIFA President Sepp Blatter unveils Russia as the 2018 World Cup hosts

Via BBC News

England missed out on the right to host the 2018 World Cup after football’s governing body Fifa picked Russia to stage the event for the first time.

Russia saw off rival bids from England, Spain-Portugal and Netherlands-Belgium to win a secret ballot of Fifa’s 22 executive members in Zurich.

England hoped Prince William, David Cameron and David Beckham would give them an advantage but the bid failed. Continue Reading…

Well I can’t say I’m surprised by this outcome. I am willing to bet that FIFA had made up their minds months ago. England was not going to host the World Cup in 2018.  Sending David Cameron, David Beckham (who has lost his sparkle) and Prince William wasn’t going to change anything. Their presence there only succeeded in providing some amusement.

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  1. Surely they didn’t expect to be favourites for world cup when they have the olympics.Folks are disappointed and not happy with FIFA. Anyway, glasgow will be hosting common wealth games, london hosting olympics, they wanted world cup too?

  2. I can’t believe the sheer arrogance and sense of entitlement displayed by the English lot!

    Former England footballer, bonafide imbecile and England football ambassador, Alan Shearer, is spitting venom on TV right now saying, “We had the future king,a prime minister and a world class footballer..How did we not win?I looked around the room and i thought we had the best people..I mean..who are these other people in the room”… white nigger please!

    Well,Alan,you embittered man.. I, Gza Robert Mugabe, will tell you why you stupid donkeys lost:

    (We had the prime minister)

    Your prime minister looks like a shaved bird ! Nobody likes him and he DOES NOT command any sort of respect and lacks charisma & charm.

    (we had a future king)
    Your “future king” looks like a horse and is already going bald at the tender age of 28!! (Didn’t you read the freaking sign at the FIFA entrance??:NO ANIMALS ALLOWED!) He’s not interesting to be honest. His personality is similar to that of a dying baboon. He lacks excitement…bit similar to a black woman’s performance in the bedroom…….but that’s another sermon for another day.

    (We had a World class footballer)..

    Really? That adulterous a**hole you call a “world class footballer” is just an illiterate retard. He cannot pronounce or spell “birth certificate”.

    (we had the best people there)

    Really,Alan, an illiterate a**hole,a shaved bird and a bald horse??

    Your arrogance,ignorance,sense of entitlement and superiority complex is what cost you the World Cup! Idiot. You,Alan,once got YOUR OWN team relegated to A LOWER DIVISION when YOU were their MANAGER/COACH! So i’d be justified if i said, FAILURE FOLLOWS YOU.. just like how gay thoughts follow Prince Charles. Why then are you surprised that YOU and YOUR lot failed?? Why are you f*cking suprised Alan??!!! Failure is something you’re accustomed to,jerk.

    The other presenter sitting next to the huge heap of failure that is Alan Shearer did not want to be outshone.I forgot his surname but his first name is Lawrence or Lawro in short.. This gentleman looks like an old tired big male rabbit.How he manages to evade the SPCA on a daily basis is a miracle! For that alone,he should be applauded. He had his own piece of diarrhea..he said ,”giving the 2022 World Cup to Qatar is a complete joke!” Lord have mercy!! The lot in Qatar are prepared to spend £50billion!!! I guess he wanted to World Cup to go to Australia… a nation that recently amounced that it MIGHT hold a referendum to decide whether the Australian constitution should recognise aborigines!!!!!!

    England must host the World Cup the year sea monkeys leave the sea. What’s that you say: what are sea monkeys?? Why are you asking because i don’t know, NOBODY KNOWS! Sea monkeys do NOT exist.

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