Mary and Demba on their wedding day.

Grandmother Mary Cotnoir fell in love with Gambian waiter Demba Sanneh nearly 35 years her junior, married him and then later found out he was only interested in her money and gaining a British visa.

Hmmmm… a familiar story. Seriously what are these women thinking? When will they learn?

Anyway now in an act of revenge Mary has announced that she is refusing to divorce Demba, ‘so he cannot dupe another unsuspecting tourist into marriage — and bringing his dream of starting a new life in the UK to an abrupt halt’.

Click HERE to read the full story and view more photographs.

Mary DIVORCE him and move on.

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  1. What did the grandmother think? That a very young black african man, would actually fall 4 her? Pffft! That’s what they get 4 portraying us as dumb in their media. Now, who is dumber than dumb?! Smh

  2. Stupid woman. Cool, let her stay married to him cos when she dies, he’ll get her shit anyway her common law HUSBAND! I dunno why she’s trying to act as a martyr for all the idiotic Shirley Valentines out there who get taken in hook, line and sinker by men half their age who spin them a merry tale.

    No sympathy.

  3. oh you would never believe the type of shit thats happening in gambia ! i was dismayed!!!!
    this shit is absolutely standard runnings!!! stella got her groove back type runnings… i called it edna gets her mandingo ONNNNNN!!!

  4. this is typical middle age to pensioner white lady behaviour – from rent a dreds in jamrock to this bwoy in gambia. who marries a stranger in a foreign country. pays for everything and gets nothing back in return except some sex. ladies do better and stop trying to get your groove back with people you do not know.

  5. I think it’s the sex. But i think it’s ludacris that they actually believe being white is automatically attractive to ‘naive africans’ even at her age. Ludacris. Where do they get off thinking like that? The media and superiority complex.

  6. Mary knew that Mr.Sanneh is a young lad that’s why she want to make the best use of him during her holiday.For Mr.Sanneh to request anything from her I see no error in that.I respect Mr. Sanneh for not considering himself as a stugish to her.If you take your stands against Sanneh, he will respect your decision.But I want to put this to you that revealing certain secrets more so internet its against the ethics of relations.I will refer you go to a love school.

  7. He is really bad, this really sucks me but in this world, love is not build by age, the only important is to know the one whom u are falling inlove with and the type of person she of he is. love is not build by money. really this mr sanneh make me feel so crazy i never thought that a gambian should do this.

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