Singer/producer Labrinth has apparently told tabloid rag The Sun that he would “love to work” with over-rated/ridiculous X-Factor contestant Cher Lloyd.

The star said,

“Cher’s incredible. I love her vibe. She knows who she is and she’s fresh, she’s very cool.” I’d definitely like to work with her. It would be great to get her in the studio.”

Cher Lloyd

Digital Spy also reports that a show insider disclosed, “Labrinth – and Simon – know that Cher is bang smack in the centre of what the kids are listening to right now. It’s a scene dominated by blokes so Cher represents something fresh and very marketable.”

Ha ha ha ha – What a load of rubbish!

And I can actually believe that Labrinth said this nonsense (word for word). Typical “Team UK” let’s  jump on the bandwagon antics.  He is also signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco so you can bet a “collaboration” will definitely happen in the near future. It wouldn’t even surprise me if  the two have already recorded the track together.

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  1. Sh’es really fresh and cutting edge isn’t she!!lol A rehash of a James Corden flop world cup song last week ont he show, originality at it’s best!!lol With incidently was produced by Simon Cowell, which got me wondering, all of the songs that acts perform are available to download, I wonder hoe many of the songs performed are affiliated to Sony and whos pocket are being lined!! I may be wrong, anyway…

    I must be completley missing something with this woman, she doesn’t look good, can’t rap and warbles more than sings!! She is terrible!!

  2. Her future single featuring the (sour) cream of “Team UK” is inevitable. Waiting for it to appear is almost as unbearable as when it actually arrives. You never hear “Team UK” singling out, and collectively raving about a new artist with REAL talent. In their circles they must know plenty of female artists with MAD skills, why can’t they put one of them on?

  3. Isn’t this the same co-sign Cheryl gets from US rappers? They are already grooming this girl for her career after x factor.

  4. I think she is struggling with confidence TBH. She is putting on a stage performance which is not so convincing (she is trying too hard and under too much pressure to be good). God knows for how long they plan to keep her in(when will they be satisfied that she has won people over eg Diana Vickers). And i think all this Co signing is to convince everyone else and maybe herslf that she is good. TBH, the audience don’t seem to be so in touch with what she was singing but the performance/visuals, as it is a genre that is not that much loved over here. I swear when i watched Paije’s performance and the applause he got (the boy can sing with soul, but back on topic), you could feel that the audience connected with him, but i realised how much of an influence (not that it is new to me) Simon Cowell has when he speaks. I swear when you watch the participants waiting in anticipation of what he has to say and how well they know that his word sways people’s minds, you just know the deal. Simon knows his people so well, and he knows what to say to make that impact.

    Shame people cannot make up their minds, based on what they feel is good for them. Now that i know Paije can sing, i’m going to watch till he’s booted out. Otherwise i haven’t been really watching the fix, rigged, manipulated factor this year.I just cannot really take it sometimes, but from time to time, i will be watching as usual. LOL!

  5. You have talented vocalists like TreyC on there and Labrinth is hyping up this chick?

    People are only on your arse if you’re white doing a poor black imitation it seems. Why do black folks get so hyper when some of them try to act so ‘down’ is beyond me???

    I personally find it insulting and that is why I didn’t like her for the start. Any black girl that would have done the same Keri Hilson audition would NEVER have garnered this much attention.

  6. LondonDiva you said exactly what i have been trying to say… I’m told i’m a racist because i’m tired of the shy white girl singing a Black song thingy! But the saddest part is…how dumb some of our Black people can be. Here in the USA there was a steppin show here in Chicago. There were 2 Black teams and one asian team.. Because the asian team was able to step like our people. But not nearly as well…. You should have seen all the Blacks jumping up and down!!!!!!!!!!! So much so that the Asian team won!!! Now they were the worst…..ones….but because of the praise that they got from Black people… they got the money… It was a mess …but that goes to show you ….how dumb some of us can be. Now if they were the best then i would be like…they put it down… But they were off beat and everything. I’m just tired of others doing our music and doing much better then we are.And they have so much more success and can’t sing…what’s with that… It makes no sense to me…But Black people has a lot to do with that… You can’t equate someone doing Black music as…..if they are down with us….come on!!! How many has used us up…and kept it moving…. When will we wake up! It’s not about hate but about servival… and we just give away our culture and anything just to be so called accepted… If there are grammer mistakes….oh well….i’m not going to reread it…it is what it! Hope you get the point… And this dude who is going around saying he wants to work with her…and that she’s all that….if a clown….simple….just a clown…. Why must some Black people conform…just to be in…

  7. Everything about x ffacor is short term. Making money in the shortest time possible, using all the tricks in the book and then move on. The only long term plan is for x factor to stay longer and do exactly the same, leaving a trail of broken hearts. But i will be watching to see all these broken hearts, lies, and antics. Simon Cowell is a crook.hahahaha

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