Via K’naan’s twitter

“Thanks for the MOBO Award UK! It’s an honor to win Best African Act having lived outside of the continent most of my life now.”

[Thanks Marvin Sparks]


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  1. LMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to love that quote!!!!!!! I hope all got what he was saying.lol! But i do find it funny and suspect as well… Just me…

  2. Its the same like some artist being chosen for “black music” and not being that. neither in skin color nor in style.

  3. Do MOBO do these things on purpose? How can you consistently get it wrong for FIFTEEN years and be oblivious.

  4. Umm so just because he no longer or has not lived in Africa for so many years does that stop him being African. Oh I get it he does not want to be classed as an African but a foreigner lol smh. what does he want to be a guido????????

  5. I don’t think that is what he was saying or not wanting to be classed as African. He has the added advantage of having beeen recognised with the influence of outside Africa people, but there are those African based artists that probably deserve the rcognition and because they have not had his advantage, they are not recognised. My interpretation any way.

  6. I don’t think he is saying he’s no more African, I mean K’naan reps Africa more than some artists in the continent who wanna live the “american dream” He’s saying he’s honoured to be recognized even though he doesn’t live on the continent and has lived more outside of it. He even sounds a bit surprised to be given the award. I don’t know how anyone can see his statement as him trying to deny he’s African, that simply means you’ve never listened to any of his albums or heard him speak.

    I think Mobo’s obviously gave him the award because he’s so big with his “waving flag” track and all that.

  7. Adaobi, where he is originally from, their colour hair is kind of like that. It is not dirty. 🙂

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