Mark Ronson

It was announced today that producer/DJ Mark Ronson has now been added to the line up for the MOBO Awards 2010.

Can somebody please tell me why the annoying, pretentious and over-rated Mark Ronson has been added to the line up?

First the MOBO committee ignore the most successful UK “urban” act of 2010 Tinie Tempah and opt instead to draft in US rapper Nelly as the event’s headliner like we’re in the year 2002, and now this.  

All I can do is laugh.  

*I’ve been told that Nelly’s latest single Just A Dream has been certified platinum Stateside,  but I am having trouble believing this news.

Can my US visitors confirm that this is true?

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  1. Janice@ No way is the single “Just A Dream” certified platinum. You knew it yourself…do you know how hard it is for any record these days to go platinum. You hardly ever hear his new song on the radio. At least here in you don’t see him on the top 10 countdown…so no way! Please don’t believe the hype!!!

  2. @Moreno

    LOL! Thanks for confirming what I thought all along but had to know for sure. I haven’t even heard the single.. they are not playing it here, and nobody seems to be talking about it across the ocean, so the certification sounded suspect.

  3. I can only imagine that Ronson and Nelly are in the line-up / headlining for the sake of selling the show to the networks across the pond. I predict in a years’ time when Cher Lloyd is on stage you’ll BEG to have Nelly back!

  4. Janice i read what you posted….but i still find it hard to believe. I think it is a! If this song was so hot…why is it not on any countdown tv show here in the states…. No i still don’t believe! The song is ok….but a million sales….yeah right!!!! But what you said about the MOBO’s…well Tinie Tempah is off the chain…he had that madd hit pass out…. Well it just goes to show you…she has issues… Or better yet..she has issues with UK talent becaue you guy have madd talent over there. I know the MOBO are music of Black Or…. But what’s with this DJ??

  5. According to this website….

    It is the only thing I found… I am too tired to search for more… lol

    Nelly is a platinum man once again.

    His new single “Just a Dream” has just been certified platinum, which means it has sold over a million copies.

    All of the sales of “Just a Dream” are digital sales.

    The song is produced by Jim Jonsin and Rico Love, and is from Nelly’s upcoming “Nelly 5.0” album, out Nov. 16.

    “Just a Dream” sits a No. 4 on the Billboard 100, a peak for the song thus far.

    Meanwhile, the video, directed by Sanji, has received more than 4.5 million views on VEVO.

    What ever I am so over Nelly but he is so faahn he was taller I would pay some mind but he is liken to an oompaloompah so he gets no love… but the body?? Oh yes Mami likes!! 🙂 😛

  6. Majority of UK folks have issues with UK talent. She’s one among many. But they are good at importing utter rubbish, coz it’s cool. :-S

  7. um…Nelly has a song out? lol
    i don’t listen to the shit radio I wouldn’t know..but I HIGHLY doubt the “platinum” bit

  8. Nelly Furtado has a new song out that’s sould a million? How come I didn’t hear about this? I always liked “I’m like a bird”


  9. I’m just VEX at the hosts:

    Hosted by: Alesha Dixon and Reggie Yates.

    Performing Live:



    Mark Ronson

    Jay Sean


    Professor Green

    Roll Deep

    Tinie Tempah

    Alesha Dixon

    The only performance I wanna see is Tinie Tempah and even then I wouldn’t cry if I missed it.

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