Gamu Nhengu

 Via BBC News  

An X Factor contestant who narrowly missed out on a place for the live finals of the show is facing deportation from the UK.  

Gamu Nhengu, who is originally from Zimbabwe, was controversially eliminated from the ITV show on Sunday.  

Immigration officials have confirmed that her mother, Nokuthula Ngazana, had been refused permission to stay in the UK after her visa expired in August.  

The 18-year-old’s family has lived in central Scotland for eight years.  

A statement from the UK Border Agency said: “The applications made by Ms Ngazana and her family were considered in line with the published immigration rules.  

“Ms Ngazana’s application was refused as it did not meet all of the conditions for approval.  

“Her family, who had applied as her dependants, were therefore also refused.” Continue Reading….  

How convenient!  

They really did succeed in throwing Gamu under a bus.  

Up until Sunday her visa status had never been discussed. It wasn’t an issue.  

On Monday a nation was outraged because she didn’t make it through to the next round of the X-Factor and the “nations sweetheart” Cheryl Cole was experiencing some serious backlash from the public, and was effectively torn a new a-hole. 

Then yesterday reports started popping  up (no doubt leaked by Cheryl’s PR firm) regarding Gamu’s right to stay in this country. But according to the Home Office there were no issues with regards to her visa status.  

Now a day later, MIRACULOUSLY the Home Office has decided to deport Gamu and her family.  

This latest turn of events stinks to high heaven and the gullible public (Daily Mail readers) have already turned on the poor girl. 

“Send her back home” and “her mother was stealing from the country” they scream. 

Mark my words this immigration/deportation story is pure BS, designed to convince the public that Cheryl had no choice when making her unfavourable decision. That the “nations sweetheart” did no wrong, so please all go back to blindly worshipping the ground she walks on.

Anyway congratulations to all those involved. Cheryl Cole’s fake good girl image has been preserved and X-Factor gets to live another year.  

And a special congratulations goes out to Simon Cowell (executive producer) who can now continue to justify pushing through talentless wasters Cher and Katie over the other contestants who were far more superior and actually SANG!

UPDATE: It’s now been reported that Cheryl Cole is receiving death threats… so says that tabloid rag The Sun.

A quote from fellow blogger Miss Lala sums up my feelings on this “news”…

Phase 2 of PR plan to get sympathy and Queen Cheryl back on top. Its so transparent. It’s annoying.

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  1. U realise she has been exploited, and taken advantage of. All this could have happened without being catalysed by the show. But any publicity is good publicity. 😉

  2. Yeah, they take advantage of the vulnerable. Eddie Long style. No difference as far ar am concerned.

  3. This image they are painting is no good. If her immigration status is or is not an issue and its done 4 publicity or not, its no good. From all angles, its foul. She’s either being exploited due to their slackness or was set up(they MUST have known b4 hand), OR they are down playing her ability and using their usual Sad stories(enough with that already), but this image is no good. If she’s good, she’s good. She doesn!t need this crappy story behind her goodness.

  4. It’s like they want to preserve Cole’s fake rep at any and all costs. Poor Gamu. This whole thing does blatantly stink!

    Side news – saw a copy of tabloid rag the Sun yesterday. Article about Cheryl Cole working with Dizzy Rascal. An “insider” said he “had a twinkle in his eye for her”!!! Why do they do this!!

  5. They fall for her because she’s a classless Chav! I see through all that PR,veneers and fake vunerability!
    As for Gamu x factor camp fast tracked her deportation. Funny how they realised her mums been claiming incorrectly so quickly BS

  6. Let the PR machine roll on.
    In two-three weeks time, everyone would have forgotten about this whole drama
    Cheryl will reign supreme and become the undisputed face of “urban music” and the “nations sweetheart” once again.
    Let “Operation Chezza” commence!

  7. Yeah,and they are goin 2 say the black community is sending the death threats. Thats the implication really. IMO
    Who else?

  8. Apparently TraC ,ay go through as the “wild card” option. Phase 3 of “Operation Chezza” PR plan. Get a black chick in the show, so people will stop calling her a racist.
    Phase 4: Shower her with compliments during the show
    Phase 5: Become best buddies during the show
    Phase 6: Be photographed with as many influencial “black folks” as possible
    Phase 7: Adopt a black baby
    Phase 8: Take a pilgramig to Zimbabwe and become Robert Mugabes wife

    Operation Chezza complete! POW! World Domination

  9. LOL @ Miss LaLa

    I laugh but the sad truth is half of that list will probably happen.
    Been battling with people on facebook today who say Gamu should never have appeared on the show in the first place knowing her immigration status was in question..

    So the media have succeeded in turning the tables completely from hero to villan and so people continue to get sucked in…

  10. They should never have let her get this far. I don’t think these selections happen spontaneously as seen on screen. They had PLENTY of time to dismiss her and ask her to reapply 4 the show next year when her visa issue is sorted. She was set UP.

  11. Finally listened to her first performance, bloody hell, she killed it! Even with the wrong lyrics. Oh well, it’s a shame, hope her life turns out better than your average tabloid rag.

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