Ruff Diamondz are London-based trio — vocalists Troy (20), Martika (18) and MC Chronz (19).

First off group member Martika looks a bit like Aaliyah (Rest In Peace).

They sampled the classic Dead Prez track Bigger Than Hip Hop, so Do It Like Me sounds really good, however they should have left out the rapping.

The video along with their image/style is very American (late 90s / early 2000s Hip Hop/R&B).

Via Brown Eyez

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. Martika looks white. Any comparison with Aaliyah ends right there.

    Tune sounds retro. At least the rapping made the tune sound more British than just a 90s USA R&B/rap rip off. Video looks like they spend their lunch money making it.

  2. Its okay – Though these days that ded prez beats make me think about an advert thats about to come on for something. That is what it gets used for in the uk these days now.
    The styling is so dated indeed. It reminds me of Xscape single and video Just Kickin It not the baggy clothes just the vibes and Aaliyah and TLC heck yh the 90s I see what ya mean lol.

    On a brighter note they sound like they can sing and the potential is there.

  3. lik’in this tune alot!! not sure about the rapping think we might have a weak link in the group (kinda like the original suguar babes line up)!! Stylist aint that bad ..its only there first video. Also that troy looks a little butch. This would totally rock in the us think dance routine would have to be more tight.

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