This brought on tears of laughter last night.

Those of you familiar with British “actor” (and I use the term loosely) Danny Dyer will like me find this absolutely hilarious.

For those of you out there who aren’t so familiar with Danny Dyer, he hails from London, has been acting for YEARS (since he was a child), plays the same character in every film (cockney rogue) and over exaggerates his off-screen persona by over doing it with the East-End ‘wide boy’ swagger and cockney slang/accent.

Danny recently threatened to attack film critic Mark Kermode after taking offence to Mark’s hilarious impressions of him.

Check out the ridiculous sounding Danny Dyer ranting below.

Via Whoa TV

Popular film critic Mark Kermode takes no prisoners when he reviews films, actors and actresses. He does not hold back. I think I’m in love with the man. (lol).

Anyway Mark cannot stand Danny Dyer, and tore the “actor” to shreds while reviewing his latest film Pimp.

I don’t know how host Simon Mayo kept a straight face throughout.

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  1. HILARIOUS!! Jan, that impression is the funniest thing i have seen all week!

    And Ty, i totally agree with you!

  2. HAHA

    “Danny Dyer” Mark gave me so much joke. Danny picks the same old “Cockney” roles thats not acting – theres no challenge in his work

  3. caught in the middle with this one… I think Danny Dyer is alright still, Mr Kermode seems to have a point, even though Danny doesn’t sound like that, but still, shh was funny!

  4. mark kermode’s impression may have been unjust but why would danny dyre respond by saying that? what does ”put something across your canister even mean?” the only people who applaud this man are binge drinking, boy racing, dole’ites who adhere to the woefull ”lad culture” that provails amongst the wannabe hardman chavs. besides when you get back to the point mark kermode was correct in what he said, danny dyre is a terrible actor.

  5. haha, one of the best impressions ever. I don’t mind Dyer’s films, I think Kermode is wrong in his treatment of the subject. If you go and see a Scorsese film and you find Dyer in it, you’d have a valid reason for objection, but this is a British gangster flick he’s talking about.

    If you watch a British gangster film starring Danny Dyer, and your main objection to the film is the performance given by Danny Dyer, then you’re the fool for watching it.

    Kind of like ordering a cheeseburger and complaining that it’s cheesy.

    John Godwin
    Photographer in Guildford, Surrey

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