Former Destiny's Child group member Farrah-Franklin

Former Destiny’s Child group member Farrah Franklin (remember her?), who along with Michelle Williams replaced Letoya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson back in 2000, has revealed to Vibe that she would be open to reuniting with her former group members.

Apparently there has been talk of a Destiny’s Child reunion which I missed.

Anyway Farrah  said,

“Right now, I’m kind of hearing about it with everyone else. It hasn’t been presented to me yet. When it does or if it does, I’ll deal with it as that. I’ll have to see if it’s something in real talks or if it’s fake.”

The singer, who last spoke to Beyoncé ten years ago, added: “I’m really a personable person and I would just want everyone to get along. Little Farrah has a lot on her shoulders and all I ask is happiness in return and for it to be fun. There’s so many different personalities and it’s been a long time, so you just don’t know. I would be cool with everyone, I have no problems, but it’s not about just me. There’s five other people.”

If this reunion does happen then I can almost guarantee that Farrah will not be included in the line up

Farrah was in the group for less than a minute and I don’t ever remember hearing her sing a note.

Also I will never forget the time when Destiny’s Child were being interviewed by MTV Europe in the back of a limo. Farrah sat with her bottom lip pushed out and moaned throughout, about not feeling well.

Towards the end of the interview a VEX Farrah  was sat at the other end of the limo staring out of the window in silence, while Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle just continued answering questions.

Not only was it awkward, it was also very unprofessional on her part.

Not long after this incident it was than announced that Farrah had been dropped from the group. And rightly so!

She wasn’t mentally prepared for the onslaught of work that was about to come her way. In other words she was lazy.

I really don’t see old Matty Knowles giving her a call anytime soon.

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  1. I remember a DC interview I watched on YouTube last year. Basically Farrah was doing most of the talking and the interviewer asked her how they were getting along and she said they were all best buds & some other BS. B responded with an epic side eye of death.

  2. @melissadelicious

    That is what I’m thinking. But it sounds as if the talk is to reunite with the former members. But that would just be with LeToya and LaTavia. I don’t know who put it in to Farrah’s head that it would even cross their minds to include her as well.

  3. Perhaps she got word and is using it to confuse people since no name was giving she’s just cashing in on the news after all she’s a former member. It’s a good way to draw some attention to her and have the people who don’t remember her to look her up.

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