A songwriting friend of mine informed me the other day that she came across Bad Boy Entertainment producer Amadeus’ (real name Antwan Thompson) website, where he encourages up and coming song writers, male/female artists and producers to submit their material to him.

But there is a catch! That catch being SUBMISSION FEES.

Amadeus who “is a multi-platinum Bad Boy Hitmen record producer, music director musician and is the CEO of Platinum Boy Music Inc”, claims that once material (and payment) is submitted you will receive  a “guaranteed video response”.

IF Amadeus likes what he hears then this could lead to the ‘super producer’ giving a budding songwriter, producer and a male/female vocalist the chance to contribute to one of his tracks.

Click HERE to read for yourselves.

Something seems a little off here.

Is inviting up and coming talent to submit their work, charging them $75.00, $100.00,  $125.00 and rewarding them with a “guaranteed video response”, standard business practice within the music industry?

How many of those who input their credit card details and submit their material to Amadeus actually go on to win the opportunity to work with him?

Isn’t this just taking advantage of the talented yet young and gullible, who are desperate to get a foot in the door?

They see Bad Boy Entertainment, read Amadeus’ list of accomplishments, get sucked in and basically just end up paying for some pointless video response.

As far as I am concerned there are other ways to get your work out there and to the ears of  producers (especially in this day and age) without having to part with your cash.

But then again I could be wrong. What Amadeus is doing could be perfectly normal and above-board.

What do you all think?

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  1. What a scam. If the names were Buchini,Celente,Rossotti etc, folks would automatically scream ‘mafia’. Dead Bad Boy Records just trying a new con to raise funds and that is exactly what this is, a straight con. Somebody “may” get signed as a result of this, that is a big maybe.

  2. I’ll just pay the local wino or tramp on the street to listen to my tunes instead, he or she will appreciate the money more. Bad Boy is dead, like you said before Jan, only the gullible will fall for a scam like this in their efforts to try and be famous. The gullible that do send their money+tunes in better make sure that their stuff is copy righted. Puffy never named it Bad Boy for nothing and numerous people haven’t complained about his extorsion tactics in vain.

  3. he’s taking the biscuit. Lol
    thats soo vulture
    Is it a personalised vid response or a no names mentioned its cool response.

    A prime example of when blatant fraud is legal

  4. I think people should set a higher price tag on themselves AND their talents by NOT EVEN GOING THERE!

  5. but do u know who owns every single record label in hip hop? universal music group

  6. Um.. why are ppl complaining ? this ain’t no robbery, look obviously he is going to get some cash off of it because the truth is listening and appreciating all that requires time this dull as hell , and time is well, money.

    Also with the submission fee being so high, he is going to have fewer junk, less BS mp3 files that wannabe singers upload left and right just get noticed.

  7. If He actually listen then the price is right, with the recession and all that these days time is money. My fear is that he might ignore them hence rob these people of their money, time and talent.

  8. It’s not just a Bad Boy Records thing, this service is set up by a company called Blazetrak. There’s a host of other Producers/Songwriters up on there too including Rodney Jerkins, Raheem DeVaughn, Bryan-Michael Cox and more…

    Whether or not they are really interested in those submitting music or if it’s just a money spinner remains to be seen…

  9. He probably recorded a single template video response, leaving space for your name to be dubbed in later. The bit where he dubs your name in does not even match the movement of his lips and the sound levels are different 🙂

  10. If you are stupid enough to send this boy your material and your cash you deserve to get got! Anything with Bad Boy or Blazetrak involved is #stayway they eat stars and leave nothing but their dust behind! What happen to those talented people on Diddy’s Star Maker??? *crickets* yeah I thought so… o_O Don’t do it to yourselves!

  11. You figure you spend more $$$ pressing and duplicating your CD and album cover and handing it off to someone who will just dump it or throw it on the floor in the club. The fee guarantees a video response with constructive criticism if your music needs to be fine tuned or can open a door to an opportunity you would’ve never had access to before. The industry has changed. Camping out in front of the label will get you no where nowadays. You don’t believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself? How else can you access Rodney Jerkins, Bryan Michael Cox, etc, etc? What is the alternative then artists?

  12. All of you complaining clearly are clueless. Is everyone going to get a deal…of course not, but no one is stupid enough to think that. You are paying for access to people who dont even know u exist that can change your life IF (and I stress if) you are good enough. This is no different then paying $500 for a flight to LA or NY just praying to run into one of these guys who will probably just use your CD as a coaster if u are lucky enough to give it to them. Think about it. If Darkchild or Diddy, or whoever called you right now and asked u to fly someowhere for a 5 min audition, would u do it? If you say no, then you dont even deserve a chance because your confidence in your work is trash. Its a guaranteed look via video. A lot can be said for getting a video back from someone of this calibur that is specific to you. What if it were Michael Jackson or Prince or Bono, or whoever. There is a value at being exposed to people like this. Open your eyes

  13. We’ve opened our eyes Dave.. we are not buying it!

    “If Darkchild or Diddy, or whoever called you right now and asked u to fly someowhere for a 5 min audition, would u do it? If you say no, then you dont even deserve a chance because your confidence in your work is trash.”

    Really Dave?? LMAO! Perhaps we are far too cynical in England!

    But whatever your entitled to your opinion.

    Continue to support the old fraudsters!

  14. Janice,

    And you can continue to sit at home never realizing your dreams because you were too cheap (or scared) to spend $50 for a chance to be heard by a heavyweight in the business that can possibly help you….for $50.

    Good Luck with that.


  15. Don’t worry Dave I’m sure the talented few who decide to exercise common sense by holding on to their $50.00 will survive. This is 2010 luv. There are other ways and means to get your music heard by millions. And once that happens the “heavyweights” will come running.

    But good luck to those who decide to send in $50. I wish them the best of luck.

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