I might pick up this issue. I could do with a good laugh.


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  1. @Linda

    I couldn’t agree more , i men at least a retrospective , interview from the loved ones, just like they did with Saint Toopac.

  2. very good point Linda and lechatnoir but then that would mean that they would have to do a credible piece and that would set them back a few years i suspect, nah better to stay with griddles and hoochies

  3. Is that magazine still going?!! Mo Money Mo Problems! Isn’t that statement about a zillion years old? One day P Diddy actually might grow up before his kids beat him to it!!

  4. HIP HOP MOGUL??????????? that shit should say: CAREER KILLER!E

    He hasn’t been or seen HIP HOP since Biggies’ death! And even then he wasn’t HIP HOP he was the wanna be hype man singing hooks and shit GTFOH

    Singing and jigglin around in videos and shit! Uggh and whats good with the gold fronts? And Jesus Piece? That shit is so 90’s!

    I am not feelin gthis cover at all~ MAJOR EPIC FAIL!

    Diddy is a business man and star extinguisher! I have never liked him in anyone’s video or singing… I won’t be looking at or buying that issue o_O

  5. Co sign Divakattgurl 10000%. He was the the main character behind the lotionisation and softening of Hiphop which in turn has made many of its male artists effeminate.

  6. I struggle to take Diddy Seriously, (imo) he’s just a puppet for the machines, the system, the powers that be, swelled up on his own ego (don’t get me wrong, he is talented, and has an eye or ear or mind for business, but his ego is just not justified in my opinion) I swear at times he goes on like he IS hip hop, and he ain’t! he’s the other thing, that young people today think hip hop is, but it ain’t! lol

  7. Let me guess everyone that commented is probably broke and will knock any Brother/sister that make s money one thing for certain two things for sure…you’ve danced to his music..Now really I’m no groupie, what I will say Diddy keeps Hip Hop relevant..So stop hatin’ “broke ones”

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