Autistic Superstars host Reggie Yates

Autistic Superstars.

In the first episode of a two-part series combining insightful documentary with a highly-produced event, presenter Reggie Yates seeks out a cast of talented young people with autism to perform at a major music event he is planning to host in London.

Autistic Superstars starts on Thursday, May 13th on BBC Three. 9PM

What will the BBC think of next?

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  1. There are no lengths that the mainstream media will not go to to draw in an audience and some cash, this includes exploiting people with ailments and other conditions. They will always be looking for a laugh aswell when the autistic person stops in mid performance to start bashing his head against a wall or starts convulsing. Pure evil and wickedness from the BBC.

  2. I am a mother of the artist appearing on this documentary. And I must say it is extremly POSITIVE! There are no children/young people crying on stage or being pushed to something they do not want to do and the film crew and parents were very understanding and to be honest we all had a brilliant time and are very proud of all our children.
    The programme is called ‘superstars’ and these kids have exceptional talents that even Reggie Yates couldn’t belive!
    I take great offence in what you have said because this programme does not touch on their disablties as much and touches on the jounrney that they take in the documentary to make them to their achivements.
    Thank you!

  3. @Fiona:

    Ok, well if you are being genuine there are a number of things to consider here.

    If this is actually the case that their disabilities are hardly touched upon, why did they even bother to mention the fact that they have disabilities in the first place? Many people with disabilities have talents, this is nothing new.

    Another point here is that this is a mere distraction from the real issue, that most if not the majority of these children got autism from the vaccines that they were given. These vaccines have been pushed by the big pharma companies through the same mainstream media(BBC and others) that encouraged and still encourages parents to rush out and inject their children with. Why isn’t the BBC telling you about the children having convulsions from vaccines in Australia?

    And we all remember what happened to this poor woman, Desiree Jennings:

    And what about these poor lads:

    Why isn’t the BBC showing parents the link between the start of the vaccine program and the sharp rise in autism?

    I’m sorry Fiona but I am not programmed like the rest of the sheeple in this country, I have to look past the “not required to know, convenient” reason they have given you for airing this program. This programme I predict will just be a circus side show for big pharma to laugh at the children they have damaged and destroyed through their drugs, to equally laugh at the parents for exhibiting their children as animal acts and to distract parents from asking the real question, what caused the autism in the first place? Psychopaths enjoy viewing the fruits of their destructive works. Also, this could also lead to parents with autistic children becoming apathetic to their children’s condition and just accepting their children’s crippled state for life without investigating the number of remedies out there that can reverse the autism damage caused by the vaccines to a significant degree.

    Remember the programme hasn’t been aired yet so we don’t know what the finished product will be but knowing the same mainstream media that hasn’t stopped lying to us from day dot(WMD’s in Iraq, The Brazillian ran onto the train at Stockwell to escape police because his visa had expired, suicide bombers carried out 7/7, when all the evidence and eye witness accounts show no muslims with so called back packs were present at the times that the bombs went off, fluoride is good for teeth etc, just to mention a few of the without number fables, lies and fairytales they have fed to us over the years.

    You talked about being offended at my comment. However you should be offended as to why the mainstream media is not covering the causes for your child’s autism and how big pharma is heavily invested in the same media that you say are here to portray disabled children with talent in a good positive light.

    Remember, there are always two reasons for something, the convenient reason that is given to the public and then the real reason that is never disclosed but kept in the circle of the few in the know.

  4. It makes perfect sense to tell a mother how to feel about their child’s condition that they cannot reverse. Think first. If it were me, i would punch your jaws and teeth out.

  5. Verbs, u got a problem, i think fiona knows her child better than anyone else, so get off your high horse about pharmaceutical companies(by the way thats how you spell it). I have watched th eprogram and it ahs given me a warm glow looking at these people being given the chance to mix and celebrate the gifts they have

  6. As a mother of an autistic child, aged 6 I find these comments by ‘Verbs’ offensive. There are many reasons and causes for autism. You seem to have an ignorant view and I suggest you educate yourself before airing your ignorant and offensive views.

  7. Dera:

    A typical programmed response. Who told you that autism cannot be reversed and why did you believe it? Yes, the same media that told you that 80% of crime is committed by black people and Tony Blair is a man that can be trusted and never lies. Keep sucking in the media propaganda and lies, you’ll do well in this emerging Orwellian state.

  8. I think this program was brilliant and very educational. It’s nice to see these young adults having their genuine pure talents put in to the light as opposed to them just being shown for a disibility. I know people have stereotypes of autism, and I really hope that this program has helped to shatter this view.

    Verbs, I think you should keep your opinions to yourself. This isn’t a discussion about how children become autistic, but to show their raw talent. For you to state things as you are, trying to make these mothers feel guilty about having their children immunised, is appalling and extremerly disrespectful. If you want a debate on what causes it, find a forum for that, this is one to focus on some talent. The media is trying to shatter the stereotype of autism, not glorify it or make people look like freaks.

    All of these young people should be congratulated for coming so far. They are pure innocence and could teach people a lot. These parents very obviously put their children first, before even themselves, they live FOR their children, and they most definately love them. I wish all the families and young people all the best, and I hope this program brings good things to them.

  9. Andrew:

    I think you ought to look at the spelling in your own paragraph before you start pulling punches at me abbreviating the word “pharmaceutical”. What is “ahs” and “th” please sir? Also, I’m not stating that I know the child better than the mother, I am merely stating the most common cause for this condition called autism which is vaccinations, something which most parents do not know or have terminal denial about accepting when it is mentioned to them, without even doing the research. You have merely accepted your perception/angle on the documentary, that it is exhibiting the children in a positive light. With the notorious historical reputation of these mainstream media outlets, I strongly beg to differ.

  10. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT

  11. I too am the mother of a young person performing in this show, who has struggled with so much in his life, especially other people’s prejudices, wanting to put him into a box labelled Autism. My son was delighted to be invited to take part in the programme, he wanted an opportunity to showcase his talents and show that he wasn’t just a person with Autism but a person with struggles, who is dealing with them and living life to the full. He loved every minute of the show, wsa treated like a star, and it has given him a massive boost which he will never ever forget. it has also lead to other opportunities for him. We are delighted to share our pride with the nation and sincerely hope that it breaks down some barriers.

  12. Jojo:
    Many causes for autism???? Another media spun fable to keep you in the dark. Before you begin to spout your uneducated non researched rubbish response, perhaps you ought to read Ecoscience by the current science advisor of the Obama administration called John Holdren, perhaps also flick though some of the UN white papers where they openly discuss sterilising and reducing the Iq of the public through the needle and the water supply or what about going through Carroll Quigley’s book called Tragedy and Hope. I have been studying this for 10 years, I don’t just rattle off fables, I know my information and I know the history behind this condition. Get over the offence. Perhaps you haven’t read the UN papers that call for a reduction in the population by at least 80%. Better still google “The Georgia Guidestones”.

  13. Don’t worry people… according to his Myspace Verbs is also an “expert” in cancer, and because someone didn’t go by Verbs treatment of using Vitamin B17, they died because they had chemo… and then he blames the family of the deceased because they didn’t listen to him.

    Hes a know it all.

    Verbs is a serial moaner who comes on places like here sprouting his views believing people will listen to him hiding behind a screen, as he knows if he did it in real life, people would mock him and tell him to get back to playschool… ruining his totally inflated ego. He is a “hip hop” artist without any tracks loaded… obviously very jealous of the talents of these young people.

    If he had any brains he would realise that measles mumps and rubella kill more people around the world, or caus disability, than the immunisation ever has. He would also realise that there are people with autism who have never even had the injection that he speaks of… alas… he is just assuming that these children have been immunised. He also commented BEFORE the program aired so is obviously just an attention seeker… so here is your 5 minutes of attention, well done. Is this because your mother didn’t hug you enough? Does no one ever listen to you?

    I pity you. You obviously need a reaction, whether it be positive or negative, as long as you get the attention. Well, you’ve had it, so go to bed now little boy.

  14. Andrews’s errors were genuine and i can see how they happened, yours on the other hand are frequent. You want to pass yourself on as an intellect and educator, you might as well make an extra effort and get it right. The rest of us do not claim to be what we are not. We keep our feet on the ground.

  15. Verbs, i too am a mother of a young person with very high functioning Autism, i have never responded on sites like this before but feel compelled to comment in your ignorance. you really should do your research before making the comments that you have! how many parents do you know with children on the Autistic spectrum so that you are able to pass an informed comment that many parents are in ‘terminal denial’ that vaccines caused their children’s condition. there is an enormous amount of research at present the indicates a genetic cause and that the autistic brain is ‘wired’ in a different way which can account for some of the issues such as sensory overload etc. Where is the absolute conclusive evidence that the MMR causes Autism? please dont tell me to read as i am very well read. do you not think that the parents of the young people on the show have not questioned theirselves a million times as to why? but the truth is that at precent thier is no confimed answer despite years of searching. i know families who have a number of children with ASD who were not vaccinated…… wheres the ‘terminal denial’ with those families to originate? you obviously have some kind of angst with pharmaceutical companies as well as the media. believe me there is no way those people would be singing if they didn’t want to! the families are doing it for their kids and the stereotypes are hopefully lessening as people watch and learn. Maybe you should spend your time researching more recent literature. the vaccine debate is old news and families really don’t need an ignoramous such as you passing comments that could add to their more than likely already stressfull lives. children with talent, whether disabled or not should be given a platform to shine and that is exactly the opportunity that is hapening here. the parents should be overjoyed at the achievements of themselves and their children!

  16. Xlair is correct, we shouldnt feed your ego. you need to broaden your horizons in your research.

  17. This just has to be the same clown writing under different names. As usual, non of these “aliases” can disprove the information I have presented, only have knee jerk emotional reactions to the truth.

    As for you Dera, I still see that you are bitter at that burial I gave you a while back. I do not think of myself as an intellectual educator, I have always said it is not about me, its about the information. If you can disprove the info that I have brought forward, then do it, but I remember I challenged you on this same issue before and you severely derailed your rail wagon trying.

    As for you Xlair if you are anybody different from the rest of the brainwashed mainstream media coolaid drinkers here, I cannot be bothered with ignorant non knowledgable comments. I am still waiting for somebody to refute any of the information I have presented. It’s always the same pattern from the mainstream media coolaid drinkers, attack the messenger because you cannot refute the message.

  18. Not bitter at all, but feel compassion for others. That is what separates me from you and us from you. Something you lack in your life and will never have. The approve and disprove confirmation tactic is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay old and dusted. We did not buy it then, we will not buy now. Hype yourself up. I am going to say this again. Are we laughing with you or at you? Do your research on that.

  19. Kath:

    Wake up, the world doesn’t revolve around your world view, the facts are the facts. Standing on a train track and not believing that the train approaching you at 125mph will do you damage will not prevent you from becoming a past memory.

  20. Just because no one is bowing down to your ignorance you have to cast untruths. Everyone seems to think you’re a… well… I can’t even find a word I could actually put on here.

    It is you who is ignorant. It is typical of people like you to cry because nobody cares about what you have to say.

    It is quite obvious that you have been smoking a bit of the green stuff and have paranoia because of it. You probably also believe, because of this reason, that Elvis Presley is in fact still alive, and that we have never really been in to space. You also probably believe that the American government is listening in to all our conversations and reading everything we type. Maybe you should check your house for hidden cameras? Oh and start pulling people’s eyebrows as some are really aliens, and thats how you get their fake skin off.

    You are totally alluding from the main point here. This is a comment form for a program about young peoples talents. It is not somewhere to discuss your theories of your deluded mind. You are so jealous of this pure talent that you have to cement over that talent and make the disability the main point of the discussion.

    Just like you attacked someone with your theories when their child was DYING of cancer, on their personal MySpace, you are now trying to pour rubbish over these young people.

    Everybody has a right to have an opinion, but somebody with intelligence will realise when there is a right time and place to express their opinion, and neither this, nor to parents of a child dying of cancer, is one of those opportunities. Somebody with intelligence will also accept that everybody has their own beliefs. If you truely believe in the things that you say, good for you… but just like people do not like someone knocking on their door preaching while they’re eating dinner, they also do not like someone preaching their opinions in a place where they are not wanted.

    Stop throwing your toys out of your pram, and do something productive.

  21. Verbs you have bored me, you are most definately more effective than a sleeping pill. I cannot be bothered to be within your presence any longer, so goodnight…

    But I do pity you Tunde… and I really do hope you can get some professional help. Maybe see a doctor? or contact Mind, I am sure they will have one in your local area. That, or wait until the government track you down as you “know too much” and I am sure they will implant a chip in to your brain to erase the obvious knowledge you have on all of the subjects in the world. Oh how I wish there was a sarcasm button on here.

    Also, I would recommend maybe getting some social lessons so that you can venture outside again in the sun, meeting other human beings (yes there are some, this IS life away from the computer), as you obviously have no social skills whatsoever and do not understand the human concept of compassion at all. Your lack of common sense is quite frightening.

    Well, until you reveal all of these secrets of the government and overthrow the world, becoming President of Earth, I will depart. Goodnight and I wish you luck.

  22. What a retarded rant and after all that, you still couldn’t disprove any of the information I presented, you’re such such a waste of gas. A word for observers, if your opponent resorts to ad hominem attacks(attacking you personally), it usually a sign that they are loosing the debate and that is all this muppet has done.

    I hate it when 1st time idiots come on this blog site and think they can make a name for themselves off the backs of others via slander and empty ridicule. Save your breath Xlair, the people on this blog site are informed folks, not muppets suffering from delusions of grandeur like yourself. Keep drinking the main spin media cool aid, your fluoride water and take your steroids and vaccination shots, the government loves you, everything is going to be ok.

    I perfect understand that the programme is a red herring and a smoke screen to distract people from the real issues, of course you cannot and will not ever see this. I would just also like to point out for folks who are reading these comments to notice that even though “Xlair” called the information I brought forward “untruths” and “theories, this “Xlair” character could not once in all the insults launched disprove the information I presented. In fact nobody who attacked me could, typical.

    It is also noted that what this character called theories, I was able to show you via the links that the governments of the world are openly announcing these things making them no more theories but factual statements.

    As for your compassion statement, how can you have compassion on ignorant parents who either refuse to get a balanced education on vaccinations of just follow what the “trustworthy” government tells them to do without asking questions, thinking it is all for the best for their children. How can you have compassion on parent who inject their children with poison? When I was at school mercury was a known highly toxic chemical. Now it has been drafted into vaccinations for at least the last 100 years, it is now safe and ok?????? It is time for parents to get educated, stop living in denial and definitely stop blindly following government instructions without investigation first.

    If I am a sad man for not trusting a government that has been caught lying to me more times than can be numbered, for doing my own research and coming to my own conclusions from the clear evidence and not from pre programming via the indoctrination box called television, for asking questions and not trusting what I am being told by the main spin media who are also on record as perpetual liars and for bringing information forward supported by evidence that lays out a different view than the common one we are encouraged by the media and government liars to look upon regularly, then so be it.

  23. By the way Dera, it has nothing to do with “tactics”, you only have a problem with proving me wrong because you never have been able to, therefore you have to negatively labelled a process which is standard protocol in educating one’s self as a tactic in order to dismiss the process as relevant and make yourself feel better. If you cannot conduct constructive research, that is not my problem, if you cannot disprove information presented, that is also not my problem and if you are uncomfortable with any information presented to you because it does not fit into your world view bubble and makes you feel emotional, then that is certainly your problem, not mine.

    Perhaps someday you ought to look at the ingredients for a typical vaccine and then tell me that I should have compassion for parents who choose to inject their children with this crap. Here, I have already found a list of the typical ingredients for you because I know you are a lazy slob and won’t do the research yourself:

  24. Did anybody bother to read the links Verbs posted? I understand the need for compassion etc but at least lets get informed from as many sources as possible. I work in a medical centre and when the DOCTORS AND NURSES refuse to have vaccines, it just goes to show that there are people who will happily hand them out knowing exactly what is in them and not wanting it for themselves or their own children. No matter how much anyone dislikes another person here, the person didnt write the articles, have a read at least.

  25. *shaking Dera’s hand* “Not bitter at all, but feel compassion for others.”

    there are times when it’s so not a matter of right or wrong, Like this here is a sensitive subject and should be handled with a little compassion, come on Verbs, you do have a heart beating in your chest -don’t you? lol

    I understand you seek to inform folks about the truth, but if you go about doing this in way that is lacking love, compassion etc… you will not effect many with you truths and will be a benefit to hardly anyone.

    my £5 worth.

  26. SooperwOman:

    I think it is too hard for many to even read links that have readily been provided for them. This is exactly what society is made up of today, people that watch television all day everyday and do not bother to read books or documents anymore. If I lied to folks here and told them everything was going to be ok, I’d be exhalted to a god like status and be worshipped like a hero or king. Young children are contracting cancer regularly which was a rarity 60 years ago and mostly linked to the elderly and people still won’t put 2+2 together.


    Regrettably most folks are completely gone, have been completely brainwashed and cannot be helped now. As with Christ and the seed parable, the seeds were not the issue, the ground upon which they landed was the issue. Due to the time being very short, there is no time to modify the truth to suit people’s emotions. Backlashes and emotional knee jerk reactions I expect from those who want to continue living in lala wonderland. This kind of information isn’t for them, it is for the men and women out there who clearly see that something is very wrong in society and the world and who want real answers to their questions, realising that the people who were supposed to have fed them the truth(government and mainstream media outlets), have been lying to them all along and purposely keeping them in the dark.

  27. I posted a comment on here last night and have been thinking soem more overnight. I am th emother of one of the performers and wanted to say that I find Verbs comments strangely unsettling. Not only becasue of the way that they are expressed but because of the discrimination within them. he accused teh BBC of exploiting these young people with autism and being sick and evil. It has struck me that nobody would make these comments about ordinary, talented young people performing/ There seems to be some disability discrimination in this. Does Autism mean that you cannot appear on a tv show and demonstrate your ability? Does it mean that you are not allowed to fulfill dreams? “Normal teenagers” have dreams about wanting to be a star, why shouldn’t my son have them too, and see them come into fluition? Is he not entitled to the same rights and oppportunities as others without someone crying accusations of exploitation. He made a choice to appear in this programme, an informed choice and was delighted to do so. He loved every minute of it, as did all of the performers. Contrary to opinion no-one cried or head banged, however, there was a lot of fun, laughter, kindness, encouragement, and enjoyment. Staff were very supportive and respectful, and treated our sons and daughters like superstars, making it the experience of a lifetime. Even now the programme has finished (we did see before it was aired), friendships made with camera crew and other professionals have continued. Just the other day we got an email from Reggie (who genuinely formed friendships with the young people and was sincerely very caring). The BBc has strong ethics and will continue to support the performers for as long as needed should that be necessary. They even employed a consultant for that very purpose. Trust me they were not exploited in any way and I really think that to hurl this accusation is discriminatory and unacceptable.
    It is good to question the government, media and health professionals, however, be careful that you don’t swing the other way and become close minded to all the good things in life and read more into things than is actually there. Cynicism jades life and corrupts the soul as much as deciept.

  28. I think you’ll find that Xlair did not respond to your theories as this is NOT the place to debate such thing. If you are so unintelligent to realise this was a TV show and not a political broadcast, then you need help.

    You need to get a life………. seriously dude!

  29. Wow! I honestly did not expect any comments about this when I saw the thread.
    Admittedly, I felt pretty cynical about the show and still do for a completely different reason to the alleged exploitation of autism, but rather that people seem to think across the board that to validate ones worth in todays society you must venture into reality tv and talent contests..
    I am happy that many of you have viewed the show and felt it was lovely etc…but you do have to consider that these shows are geared to increase viewing figures ULTIMATELY. I’m glad this show has not lended itself to car crash entertainment this time.

    I can’t even briing myself to comment on the deep deep deep valley that Verbs has plundered himself into this time, take time son *awaits response rolling eyes expecting inevatable charachter assasinations*

  30. It seems that all the mothers of the performers have all of a sudden come out of the woodwork.


    Sideline police are not required here and this is a place where a wide variety of topics can be discussed and are, so stop trying to bring limitations here, they are not welcome. Xlair can respond for himself, your help isn’t needed. It is an exploitation and a mockery though shallow thinkers such as yourself won’t see it.


    I have to strongly disagree when you talk about the BBC having strong ethics. Remember the BBC told us that building 7 in the World Trade Center complex had fallen 25 mins before it actually fell. In the news clips you can actually see the building in the background behind Jane Stanley’s head while she reports to the viewers that it has fallen:

    Lets not us not forget them and other news networks telling us the lie that Saddam could attack the UK and US in 45 mins:

    Let us not forget this same BBC that kept changing its story on the innocent Brazillian man shot dead in cold blood at Stockwell Tube station:

    Remember the same BBC and other media outlets that told us the porkie that Dr David Kelly committed suicide. Lets see if the paramedics on the scene were satisfied or surprised with the fixed outcome inquiry:

    I could carry on and on showing you how the media are a pack of cunning deceivers. A restaurant owner will smile with you because you are bringing him business, in the same way the BBC will smile with you and befriend as long as you are bringing them a viewing audience. However, when the children’s usefullness has expired, do not be surprised if you and the performers are dropped to the pavement like a hot potato. I know people with autistic children. Autism is not a joke and regardless of what talent these children have, it is not to be televised by devils and snake oil merchants such as the mainstream media, they will take advantage under the table but make everything look a ok on the surface.

    One last thing, remember the BBC and other media outlets pushed the swine flu hype to the maximum and encouraged people to go out and inject themselves with poison when there was no pandemic and the whole thing was a fraud, and then attacked a group that decided to read the box insert and expose the so called “side effects”. Is death a side effect?:

    Were doctors, nurses and others right to come out and warn people against a vaccine that was fast tracked and hadn’t been tested, let’s see:

    Finally when they saw people were not buying the BS, the truth slowly began to trickle out from the mainstream media outlets:

    My point is do not be a sucker and trust a smiling face from people you do not know and especially if they work in the media. You should be unsettled about the media not telling you the truth and keeping you in the dark, not at someone who is bringing raw truth in your direction. I could also go into the programmes on the BBC network which show all kinds of immorality and decadence but it would take too long to cover it all. BBC, Ethics, I think not.

  31. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

    bed time. I can’t be assed to link up. Who has read the links and can be assed to explain to me? Your time will be much appreciated.

    Yours truly,


  32. verbs, if you wanna talk about Christ, first i think you should remember that the Jesus says in John 15:17 17 “This is my command: Love each other.” it’s that simple, it’s not a matter of time.

    *just saying lol*

  33. You have a point there Fr but love comes in different forms including rebuking and reproving evil and wickedness. In this same light, the countries known as the UK and the US primarily are doomed for destruction because most people are being apathetic to the evil around them and allowing it to flourish. Ephesians 5:11 tells us not mix with darkness but rather reprove it. Reprove means to expose/ call out with disapproval.

    Look at the scriptures you referred to, Christ was talking to those in HIM, how they were to interact with each other,not those outside the body and even then, we have to go back to my first point that love also has a rebuking branch. Parents who chastise their children are a example of this. Also, remember what Solomon told us in Ecclesiastes 3:1, that there is a time and season for everything. Due to the time being short, this is a time for rebuke.

    Remember that we are told that in the last days people would look for leaders who wouldn’t tell them the truth, would feed them lies, fables and folktales, would tell them that everything is going to be alright and all they need do is continue playing and not care or concern themselves to what is happening around them(2Tim 4:3-4). Well to those people, the chorus of this song is for them. They can sing this when they are breaking rocks in the concentration camps:

  34. I see your point Verbs, but still, I believe the way you approached the situation lacks love or compassion and for me the responses to your posts only further proved this, and rather then hold your hand up you continued to carry on, fighting your point, yes there is a time for Rebuke and stiff words, but just not all the time, Jesus although his time was short he didn’t deal with everybody in this way, in fact most times he showed great levels of Love and compassion.

  35. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We’ve been through the Bible saga before.
    I am listening Fr. Preach on love. xx

  36. The people of the western world particularly in this country have had their season of love and compassion for a very, very, very long time and have simply mocked those who showed it to them. That season is now over. This is now the season of raw truth and rebuke. The seeds have landed. You witnessed people reacting in a classical emotionally driven state because their world view was being rumbled and upset. Remember what Christ told us, that the majority walk the wide road to destruction and death.

    It’s a simple observation with most people today, they enjoy and relish in lies and liars, they are today’s societies heroes and gods. People today must and will fight to protect the lies around them by any means necessary in order to preserve their world view paradigm. Morpheus explained this perfectly:

  37. Being the father of an autistic child I found the first programme gripping stuff, and I’m overjoyed to see these wonderful children being given the oppertunity to shine. The famies of these SUPERSTARS should feel very proud of them (and I’m sure they do).

    Verbs2010, You’re deeply insecure and crave attention, you need help………………….or is that “a typical programmed response”?

  38. being a mother of a austictic child. i was moved by the 1st programme. autism shoulnt be locked away these kids should be given a chance to shine. these kids face difficulties its part of there everyday life. & people should understand that. but if they have a talent to which they enjoy doing then why shouldnt they be able to do this and i dont think that the program exploits this by using the title austitic superstar because in my mind these kids shine & being a parent of one knows this. it moved me and anyone who dosent understand this could simply switch over. using the autism, what a pointless phrase. they have this disability but they are people too , people should be able to see how hard it is for them but they can shine through. i say good on them and more programs dealing with t autism and there abilities and difficulties and what they excell in. should be more programs and more awareness.GOOD ON EM I SAY.


  40. Maybe next time you will think twice before rushing out to inject you children with animal and aborted baby parts because the mainstream media tell you to. Are you surprised that your children would get autism after being injected with all manner of animal parts, pus and baby parts??

    This is such a common dialectical tactic, get the parents awwwing and cheering over their brain damaged children’s talents, but never give them the tools to investigate and track down what triggered the autism in the first place.

    It’s not just autistic children who are brain damaged in this country. You parents are worst than witches and wizards with the sorcery you allow the government to practice on your children and potions you allow them to be injected with. How is a piece of chicken embryo, part of an aborted baby’s retina, pus, monkey tissue and cancer viruses injected into your kids going to protect them from the swine flu, polio or measles mumps and rubella? Can somebody please explain this western logic????

  41. You are a fucking retarded bastard Verbs. Throw him a rope and he hangs himself. Go work on your music you delusional idiot and let us see what you really have to offer as a person. You are living a lie. Eeediot. Imma check your myspace and laugh at you.

  42. verbs is ingorant how could someone like him fully understand. thats why he spends time posting ignorant messages here. go somewhere else to post ignorant messages. has you bore most of the people here.

  43. Verbs has been a regular visitor/supporter of this site since the very beginning back in 2008. Actually even long before that when it was originally hosted on Myspace.

    Granted his views can be controversial and shocking (to those who are unfamiliar with him), stir up intense/heated debate, and is not to everyone’s liking. But he will always be free to express them here.

    He’s not going anywhere.

  44. Coupled with abuse he will get what he gives in return. Are we ready? loool God knows i am.lool

  45. Raas!! Looks like tings have taken a very very different kind of turn.

    Dera, that last comment you made sounds more like an invitation to view a public cyber lynching of Verbs who, unless i’m wrong, has as much rights to his views on here as anyone else. Now I’m not sayin i agree with him or am his biggest fan but the conversation has fallen very far from the original post.

    Mad News, me personally, i’d close this post before it turns even more vicious cos that isn’t what your blog is known for and it’s not about that kind of reputation being started.

  46. I am not interested in a lynch mob. When Verbs disagrees with other views and mixes it with verbal abuse then it is good to go since it stirs debate. My intention is to mirror what he is doing which is the cause of the stir. He likes it?

  47. I’ve now watched the second episode a couple of times, and it just leaves me with a big smile on my face. Well done to the kids and families who made this programme possible, and to Reg and all those who helped the kids realise their potential, a big thumbs up!

    Still smiling!!

  48. I saw Episode 2 and was totally blown away, especially by Martin singing Sweet Disposition…….amazing! Well done to everyone who was involved in the making of the programme! 🙂

  49. What an amazing program.

    I was lucky enough to see both episodes.

    I loved everyone, especially Martin. What a lovely voice. I did cry at the end, for joy. Amazing. Well done Reggie. xxxxx

  50. great program, i liked what the lad who played the guitar said about, differences in who people with “disabilities and “normal” people function.
    im dyslexic, and yes i have troublewith things other people can do easily, but i can easily do other things that “normal ” people cant. for example forward thinking, rapid pattern matching, practical problem solving and being able to predict outcomes, in an almost psychic way from miniscule bits of infomation. when the world starts realising not everyone is the same and we start to gear society up the rest of us, we will shine through, just like the young people in this program. its creating the right enviroment. well done to this program for letting people see how taolented they were.


    and as for Autism is curable, please read on:

    Parents of newly-diagnosed children, however, will often ask, ‘Is there a cure?’. There is currently NO KNOWN ‘cure’ for autism. This does not mean that nothing can be done to help a person with autism. In this section of our website, you can read about some of the interventions which may be of help. Our understanding of autism has grown tremendously since it was first identified in the 1940s, and as we learn more about the condition, more interventions will undoubtedly become available.

    Autism is a ‘spectrum’ disorder and affects different people in different ways. It is very difficult to generalise about how a person with autism will develop over time: two children, both with the same diagnosis, might act very differently from one another and have varying skills.

    It is important to realise that an intervention – where intervention is considered necessary – which works well with one person may not be appropriate or effective with another.

    so back off until you VERBS have done your research properly!!


  53. I find it ironic that you are all being so severe towards Verbs for his offensive way of expressing good points. Isn’t that something people with Aspergers Syndrome are known for, after all?

  54. Michelle Ward:

    I have now left this discussion but I suggest you google “Chelation and Autism” aswell as “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Austism”. I do not think inside the mainstream media box like yourself.

    I do not do the “NO KNOWN CURE” garbage that is spewed out by the mainstream media. They told us that there was no cure for cancer but I have posted links above to cures that were known about in the 1900s.

    I believed the mainstream media when they told me that there was no cure for HIV until I watched this documentary:

    You want to prevent autism in children, stop shooting them up with animal dna, proteins and body parts in the name of “protection”, KEEP VACCINES AWAY FROM CHILDREN, that is your prevention.

    It is so easy in this world to make careers and money out of a person’s ignorance. If you believe that Autism cannot be significantly reversed then you and your son can suffer with it for the rest of your lives. However there is a cure for every condition on this planet, you just have to know what you are looking for and where to start!

  55. What a beautiful programme with lovely children and their families. I congratulate all of you who took part. I worked with children with Autism for a number of years and have always found the experience to be very rewarding.
    Good luck and blessings for the future to all those who took part and may I send my complete admiration and support to the parents who were so loving and supportive of their children. If only all parents were as thoughtful and selfless as you, we would have an incredibly lovely world.
    Sarah xxx

  56. I like how everyone dismiss’s Verb’s thoughts and don’t even bother to look at the link’s. And then leave comments insulting him and are ready to lynch the man who seems to be trying to just put his point across. Very well I might add. He’s the only one who put a solid point across. And this comment really did make me LOL!!! “WELL DONE TO ALL MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT!!” I’m sorry but reeaaalllly…. Verb your points and links are good but they do scare me a little.

  57. Rob:

    Thanks for the thumbs up, I started to post links from a while back because I kept getting told that what I was talking about was not true and I was merely bringing my own opinion to the table and not the real facts. Now, even though I back up what I say with proof, you can see that some people still have a hard time accepting the truth and still long to believe that their governments love them and that everything is ok. I’m afraid it gets worse when you actually dive in deep, we have really been kept in the dark about what is really happening in this world, the links I posted regrettably only scratch the surface.

  58. The only reason you get dismissed is because when someone disagrees with you then they are in the dark, then you diagnose them with some disillusioned illnesses like, really? They say knowledge without wisdom is like sand in water. When u learn 2 listen 2 folks, they will listen 2 u.

  59. i watched austic superstars and was moved by the families and to regie for maving
    this heartwarming story and to all the nay sayers. tihs was a story dat says down label disabled don’t be mean and just cos your different

  60. Have you ever thought that you might be on the Autistic Spectrum Verb. You do seem to be displaying compulsive and aggressive behaviour on this website.
    Maybe you should get a diagnosis? You just won’t listen to anybody elses opinion.
    I am a mother of a child with Asperger’s and I have this syndrome also. I am really connecting with your behaviour and feel you may wish to look into the matter.

  61. Was a dvd made of “Autistic superstars” if so where can I get it. I thought the show was fabulous and have tried everywhere to find a dvd. Can you help?

    Thanks Jania

  62. bbc doesnt just have none disabled viewers all my family have watched the programme and it came at a time when my family needed it u see i have 3 son 2 of whome r autistic and this programme has tought them that no matter what real life throughs at them they re not alone. and it just is living proof that our kids do have talent the parents of those children must be so proud cus i know definatly would if it had been my kids stood up there and ill tell ya what i wasnt laughing at all every week we watched cus those kids gave kids like our s hope and id like to thank all who took for that .

  63. we in New Zealand just got the show this august/ september and I must say GREAT JOB. To me it shows that there are people that can change and it seemed that it was the parents of the autistic guys that were more afraid to change than the guys themselves. Again great job.

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