Today I watched new afternoon BBC2 show No Hats No Trainers, and rapper Skepta was a main feature on the show.

He is an attractive man. I hadn’t really paid that much attention to him before, but that all changed today!

Anyway check out Skepta’s latest single Rescue Me which actually sounds pretty good.

It also has that mainstream appeal, and will probably go on to become his  first UK number 1 single.

The video – Is he supposed to be in an insane asylum?

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. This reminds me of the film 1984 where Winston is tortured and gets his brain fragged by O’Brien at the finale, hmmmm I wonder what the producers of this vid are trying to tell us. Other than that the tune is very good, I liked it.

  2. I REALLY didn’t think I’d like this song based on the current trend of mcs-turning-pop…but I actually quite like it! I dunno if its because the video is interesting and I was all caught up lol. I definitely think this song will do well! And yes he is HOTTTTT!!

  3. OI, this riddim is up there, I do like a bit of Dubstep, and skeppy is alright with the vocals / lyrics, not amazing, but I like his delivery.

  4. someone rescue skepta.. he been falling off since rolex sweep..

    dubstep? dubstep this isnt and skeppy is all charisma none of which is coming through on this marshmellllow track,
    ghettz, p money, even wiley posess that UPS delivery…. check em for some comparative grounding

  5. @ ¤ucH! – r u referring to my comment?

    I think you have me confused with somebody who isn’t grounded, I’m fully aware of the delivery of Ghettz, P & Wiley -Fully!

    With regards to your other comments ‘dubstep this isn’t’ ‘…marshmellow track’ etc… well I guess thats your opinion I will respect the fact that everybody has one and is free to air it,… I actually also haven’t been feeling his recent staff, I prefer the older skepta, but it is what it is, I think this track is alright, better than most of his recent stuff.

  6. Sorry but this is dubstep …on a pop tip yes, but it certainly bears all the traits of a dubstep track. Your too kind fr..eveyone has a right to opinion but there also has to be a level of rationality and FACT- lol!

    My opinion could decide that this comment has been placed on a CNN news site but the FACT remains that it is on Mad News…u feel me?

  7. Fact / Opinon… Views / Truth -I most Def’ feel you Reclaimin’… I’m with you 100%,… in regards to being Kind, just trying to keep the balance 😉 we can’t all be hammers, some must be pillows too (if you get me).

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