This is today’s front cover of that tabloid rag The Sun.

Misguided editorial team members  seem to think that Conservative leader David Cameron is just like President Obama.

Ha ha ha ha!

*shaking my head*

They CANNOT be serious!

Anyway today is Election day in Britain where we the people have our say on who runs the country tomorrow.

So get out there and VOTE !

Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Labour), David Cameron (Conservative), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat)

I wonder if there will actually be a hung parliament……

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  1. What a cheek…..D Cam wishes he was like Obama! That paper really pisses me off….They find anyway to insult us! KMT

  2. Who shall we vote for now, Lucifer, Baal or Beelzebub? No thanks, not that your vote makes any difference to the outcome that was already pre determined and planned years in advance. Presidents and Prime Ministers are SELECTED not ELECTED, then the public are suckered/directed via the usual propaganda and pre programming techniques into voting for the person that the establishment/controllers have already decided will continue their agenda and introduce new and more draconian legislation. It would seem that the people of this country still have much to learn of this game/con. The British public regrettably still exhibit classic and typical Pablovian behaviour.

  3. This is such an INSULT to have this image of this man who is a moron with no policy. He has the bare faced cheek to steal ideas from Barack Obamas campaign, when lets face it, anyone in this country that looks like Obama (or you and me) under Conservative rule, will be classed less than second class citizen.

  4. Adaobi:

    Keep deluding yourself into thinking your vote counts as you continue your journey on the path to destruction. In case you haven’t noticed, whichever party has ruled, the people have still been continually shafted and plundered, nothing has EVER changed for the better for the common man and woman. They have simply given you the ballot box to delude yourself into thinking that you have some sort of input in choosing the leaders that have already been chosen for you. I’m amazed especially at many black people in the UK, the same people who enslaved linched, sliced, slashed, pillaged, raped and killed your fore fathers with no apology to date, you now believe that they would allow you to have a say in how “they” run “their” country?? Left and Right are 2 wings on the same bird. Maybe one day you might figure it out.

  5. LMAO don’t you just love politics?? @Verbs2010 and @Adaobi very interesting indeed and you should vote, yes, just because you can!!! We all know it doesn’t really matter!!

  6. Democrats are equivalent to Labour
    Republicans are equivalent to Conservatives
    David Cameron and Barack Obama – apples and pears n oranges – no comparison – The Sun used to be pro Labour – I wonder what media takeover deals the Murdoch family want from the tories

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