Check out the brilliant Erykah Badu’s new single and video Window Seat.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

Check out Erykah’s tweet’s about the video below…

Erm…there were children present….. hmmm okay….. 

“Controversial exploits all done in the name of art”.

But I have a feeling that Erykah is telling porkies about the making of this video….

I love the track though.

 Via PunchBowlBlog

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  1. I love this video, the J.F.K references with the Lincoln car, radio broadcast and the assasination as well as shooting this in Dallas (the x near the end marks the actual spot where he was shot) she recorded this in one take, guerilla style and the whole message at the end about “groupthink” makes this a classic video in my books.

    I give her props for this especially crediting Matt and Kim which is where she got the idea for the video from (they did their’s in Time Square)

    Oh it doesn’t hurt that she is looking proper hot too and I guess many will miss the point because they’ll focus mainly on her booty lol

  2. I nearly missed the point when she started stripping(was thinking wth does she need to strip? still wondering why she had to strip ,lol), but after the assassination bit when she started speaking, i just could not miss the point.

  3. Bravo! She is the only women that I know that will do a 360 to a guy. From jeans to kilts

  4. I never knew her trunk had junk in it like that, wow, now I’m back to watch the video again (I had to comment lol) but I wanna see what ya’lls is talking about, the message!

  5. I love this video. The singing and especially the message at the end makes so much sense because being different or having an “abnormal” way of doing something in America is looked down upon and that should not be the case. Well done Erykah!!

  6. This video is phenominal in its message! I couldn’t help but notice everyone’s expressions as she removed her clothing (Guys especially, LOL!). I probably would have been equally as shocked if I didn’t know it was Erykah Badu performing in the artistic way she always seems to do. All of the reactions (including mine if I didn’t know her art) solidify the message she intended to advocate. Anyone who understands the sociological theory of “Groupthink” can only appreciate this video’s significance, as well as its artistic vulnerability. You go girl and I love your music! Keep it comin’!

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