The United Nations has announced that singer Craig David is to become their new Goodwill Ambassador.

The singer will be lending his support to the global fight against the spread of tuberculosis – and appeared at UN HQ in New York yesterday to make his appointment public.

He  said,

“Music is a universal language. I believe that through people’s love of music we can increase knowledge and understanding and support people affected by TB.

“I hope that people who feel inspired by my music will also feel moved by what I have to say about TB.”

Judith Mandelbaum-Schmid of the Stop TB Partnership “helpfully” explained why the UN chose Craig.

She said,

“He’s a young, successful pop star with millions of fans all over the world.”

“Craig David has all the qualities needed to make a great goodwill ambassador. On a recent visit to South Africa to find out more about TB he revealed to them all, intelligence. deep curiosity, openness to new people and ideas. Empathy.

Is that the best explanation you could come up with Judith???

I fail to understand how Craig’s “celebrity” is going to help people living in the developing world affected by tuberculosis.

Why not appoint individuals who actually care and don’t have projects to promote? (e.g. new film, new album etc).

The UN has this habit of appointing famous faces to fill the coveted position of Goodwill Ambassador, but what do they do???

Do they just fly out to visit the povety stricken with cameras in tow, look concerned, shake hands with government officials who are only to happy to stand in the presence of  a celebrity, and then fly back home in the UN private jet?


Anyway I look forward to hearing what Craig has to say about tuberculosis.

This should be interesting.

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  1. he’s gonna tell you what it does on mondaythen tuesday….. all the way to sunday.

    Whoever comes up with this stuff must be someone funny. Im guessing athe proper speach is on 1st April.

  2. @ The Real NV …funny….

    The music route is obviously not working hence the new look/approach to appear more serious and delve into such serious matters. I say this because i saw him, Craiggggggg Davidddddddd on the political program called ‘This Week’, with Michael Portilo & Diane Abbot.

    I only managed to see a snippet, as I was far too tired, but when he did speak, he didn’t come across that great. There’s always room for improvement, so rather than knock a brother good luck to him as a UN ambassador.

    Check the link – http://www.freewebs.com/dyttaa/news.htm
    and scroll down to ….’CRAIG DAVID IN WIFE SWAP SEX FLOP’

    Comedy gold !!!

  3. “He’s a young, successful pop star with millions of fans all over the world.”

    Just what the UN needs and just what he needs.

    Just my thoughts. lol

  4. sometimes it feels like the fight is over eh Craig? i wonder if Sting helped me out?
    UN is a scam, and i cant fathom why still gain notoriety and use celebrities as puppet. Does CD even have a career anymore.Can you fill me in?!?! ( get it)
    The UN is detrimental to the well being of the African Continent. I do not support them.
    *sighs* What would jesus do?

  5. I think it’s a FANTASTIC thing! Craig D is very popular in the developing world and his message about tuberculosis could reach very far in those countries where it is needed.

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