Mikel Ameen is related to actor Aml Ameen, I think he might be his younger brother.

Anyway Mikel, like so many others out there these days, is an aspiring rapper and recently dropped the track Tag Tag 2 Bang  Bang.

Check out the video below.

I thought we had moved on from the old tired council estate back drops in videos? And who is that guy standing next to him/trailing behind him? Why is he there? What is his purpose?

The video gets a thumbs down from me.

The track… well… it’s not my cup of tea.  In my opinion the production is weak, but Mikel isn’t a bad rapper.

He just needs to team up with a talented producer and a creative video director, who can pull off miracles on a shoe string budget.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. Mickel Ameen and his bredrins in dodgy hoods?

    And who the hell is the random dude all cotching up next to him? Keeps looking round as if he is making sure he don’t get catch!


  2. reppin northweezy gp aka gangsters paradise. im happy to see someone1 from the bits drop some motivational talk and im digging the location even if it aint no longer fashionable/trendy or disregarded as ‘so 08’ to push that block boy rapper angle.
    the blocks are a bubble and this is social commentary at its finest, he states he aint reppin endz as he swaggers thru gp.
    i dont listen with my eyes and i trust this low budget approach cos its real and organic. i dont want to see cheesy stereotyped & sexed up tower block estate senarios if i want to hear glossy conformity il pop on radio1

  3. LOL!
    I had to Facebook status the other day about these corny piano intros and computer synthed cellos…I asked ppl what they thought and someone said they must be Royalty free sound effects..why else would these sounds ALWAYS be used for tracks like this. It’s a person who can’t play instruments or produce for that matter who thinks that this kind of signature is somehow ‘dramatic’. My Nokia ringtone ‘Waiting’ has more music genius in it….but he raps ok…lol!

  4. “And who is that guy standing next to him/trailing behind him? Why is he there? What is his purpose? “.. …….. TOTALLLLLY !!! lol

    I like the track, FOR THE LYRICAL CONTENT…the brother has something to say, defo talented. He could have just easily sat on the wall and told his story, and loseeee the… ‘serving no purpose, whatsoever friend in the hoody’.

    He should release it again with another video, low budget can still be effective 🙂

  5. isnt that the beat to dead gone by t.i featuring justin timberlake!!!
    personally as an mc … listening to the brother HE CAN RAP!!!

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