Pete and Kaye

This has got to be the funniest article I’ve read so far this year!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Via The Daily Mirror

Pete’s story

If someone had said to me in the 80s that I’d marry a black woman, I’d have said “Never in a million years!”

You see, I dread to think how many years I’d been active with the BNP.

I was in my late teens when it all started. Growing up I didn’t really have black friends or know any other cultures apart from my own.

I was always looking back to the “good old days” of England. I was worried about immigration and I couldn’t see where it would all end.

Then I read a BNP magazine called Identity, and I thought, “I agree with that all the way.” That’s when I got active doing leafleting for them, and eventually I progressed to regional organiser.

I was blinded by it. They said what I wanted to hear. I was involved right through the 80s, when BNP founder John Tyndall was in charge before Nick Griffin, who I also became friendly with.

I wouldn’t go on marches, I couldn’t see the point. But I’d go to Red White and Blue conventions.

Then in the summer of 2005 I was working as a manager for Royal Mail in the Northampton depot when I met Kaye. She’d just taken a part-time job and I thought she was beautiful. Continue Reading….

I have a sneaking suspicion that the journalist responsible for this article has made the whole story up. Something just doesn’t ring true here.

But if I am wrong and it is true, then I think Kaye is just desperate to gain permanent residency/British citizenship, and Pete’s her ticket to achieving this.

There can be no other explanation for her level of naivety.

And Pete probably wasn’t getting any action before Kaye came along and grew tired of pleasuring himself each night.

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  1. Judging by the sounds of it, she already has leave to remain in the UK. she came over to care for her sick uncle. She would not have been able to work especially at (lazy/slow) Royal Mail if she did not have her status in order.

    I find their relationship bizarre, It is a Hollywood movie in the making. When misguided peoples eyes are opened up I like to read about it. This guy went from hating people to loving people and loving life. His own daughter thought he was an odd ball.

    One less rascist in the UK the better. afterall the UK is in denial about their inherent racist thoughts ethos etc etc

  2. Thats what I’m saying, when I read half way through, I said “Hold Up A Minute” looked at that picture and though, nah, I’m not convinced, not that it couldn’t happen, I just have trouble buying this one, then two together, bring her Daughters over from Jamaica, I think the story is dodgy 🙂 and abit of a piss take.

  3. @ Ty ” It seems a little contrived”. Check the body language in the photo. He He!!

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