Noel Clarke

Actor/director/writer Noel Clarke will release his highly anticipated new film 4,3,2,1 in June 2010.

Check out the poster below.

Brown Eyez has asked this question and now I’m asking….

Why is actress Shanika Warren-Markland the only woman featured on the poster wearing just a bra and panties???

The other women are fully clothed so what’s that all about???

Care to enlighten us Mr Clarke???

Watch the “unofficial trailer” below.

Click HERE to visit 4,3,2,1 website.

🙂 🙂

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  1. Hmmmmm.

    Okay so firstly… there are three reasons she is dressed like that.

    1: The characters are all wearing costumes that they where in the film at some point and that is one of her costumes, although we’ve changed the colour of it on the poster.

    2: Her character in the film would wear that and if you’d seen the film/when you see the film you will see that. She doesn’t leave her house in those clothes.

    3: Because she looks really good and can pull if off (jealous?) and why shouldn’t she be in that outfit?

    What I have a problem with is how the question is asked as if it was a negative thing.

    “Why is Shanika Warren markland the only girl in her bra and knickers?”

    Then the comment “what’s that all about?”

    How about a comment like. “it’s it great to see a beautiful strong black woman on a movie poster in a leading role with hollywood actresses, where her part is equal to there’s, what other director over here is doing that?”

    What about a comment like that?

    Yes my films are multi cultural but I’ve pushed girls like red and shanika with big roles in them to get more sisters up on the big screen… and then what happens? Other people don’t give them films even though they smack up their performances.

    So that means I gotta give them another job and keep pushing them because they’re talented deserve it and we need more black girls as stars. Cos movie wise. After Thandie and Naomi there is a big gap in clout before Zowie and Shanika, red, and the others… but who else is pushing them bar me… You tell me.

    Or… just pick holes in what I’m doing, and pick out the one thing you deem negative because she is in pants and a bra.

  2. The overall poster doesn’t look so good to me. There seems to be waaay too much going on! The HUGE numbers, too many people, the London and New York sky line and the bridge!

    But yes, Shanika being the only woman featured with her underwear on brings me back to the Marks and Spencer adverts featuring the French Model Noemie Lenoir , she was the only one who would be running around with no clothes on…In all of the adverts in that series.

    Check out the links to see what i’m talking about;

  3. ‘Jealous?’ lets keep it strictly professional, what WE look like is neither here nor there. The issue is to do with the portrayal of the black female in the poster. It seems as though unless the black woman is half naked then they’re not recognized, it seems like she is screaming out for attention that she wouldn’t otherwise get if she was fully clothed.

    I don’t really expect you to like what is being said…but TOUGH! This is the harsh world of critiques ;0)

  4. The reason Noemie Lenoir is in her underwear in all the adverts is because she is a underwear model. Made famous by modelling for Victoria Secret, and let’s face it who wants to see Twiggy or Erin running around in their underwear. Noemie is beautiful and I for one love to see a beautiful black woman on my screen. (As it was completely unheard of in the past.)

    Until we have actually watched the film we cannot judge on why Noel has decided to use this shot. However if she was turned around with her ass pointing to the camera, then we could have an arguable debate. I’m not a personal fan of Noel’s films as I feel I could just sit on my corner wall and watch the kids passing by and get the same experience.

    But I do rate him for his amazing success and support in his work. I just hope that he shows a different young London this time.

  5. I’d have to agree with S.H.E here.

    Without watching the movie, it’s impossible to judge what a character is wearing in it’s movies poster. It’s like looking at the ‘Alice and Wonderland’ poster and saying “er, but why is the Red Queen’s head so big?”. Watch the movie. I am fully aware that the argument here is much deeper than that – I just don’t agree with it.

    I think Noel Clarke has every right to portray his characters however he feels fit. As a director and a film writer, he creates the parts and if feels the character should be wearing underwear – then so be it. Forgive my ignorance, but I just don’t see the problem. I think anyone who has an issue with it is looking way to much into it. Suggesting that Noel Clarke is doing anything other than giving a whole heap of minorities (NOT just Black actors/actresses) is crazy to me.

    Am I fan of his movies? Yea, not the biggest fan but I enjoy em’ – but more than that I recognise what he HAS done. I’m thankful we can have this conversation, but sometimes I feel we have it for the sake of having it.

  6. hummm ok, ya point about picking out the one negative my hold a little water, but not much, as it’s not a little thing (imo), the one sister didn’t need to be in a nicka’s and bra did she?, or was it completely necessary for the marketing of this film that she be in her knickas and bra on the poster?…

    I don’t know, u tell us?

    Also, do u see it as a positive thing???

    Really?? so now I’m wondering, where exactly does her character wear that costume? to work? to the gym?, to pick up her kids from school?, to rave? to sainsburys? do any of the other female characters in the film wear an outfit like that? humm, interesting…

    To be Fair to Noel, he asked her, and she must of agreed to be seen like that in the movie poster, and perhaps it WILL all make perfectly good sense once we all see the film, who knows, but from where I’m standing, it seems like it wasn’t needed, and it seems to me, to be, a little bit, of an exploitation of a hungry actress?

    But I could be sooo wrong, …… even though, we all know sex sells, and I know sisters are gonna be looked at as sex objects more than they are taken seriously as an talented actress, (halle berry??? monsters ball???) and this is not helping.

    Ps… I’m happy for Noel, gald to see a successful black film maker, lord knows there ain’t many lol, especially in Britan, (hence the likening to spike lee, which I still struggle to get past lol) but there is a greater responsibilty, representation is important, and shouldn’t be over looked but should be given careful consideration. *thats all*

    and I now look forward to seeing this film…lol


  7. “and I know sisters are gonna be looked at as sex objects more than they are taken seriously as an talented actress”

    …Come on!? Whoopi Goldberg, Angela Basset, Naomi Harris, Jennifer Hudson, Sanaa Lathan, to name a few. Ok, in terms of British actresses – there may not be a lot (but then generally, compared the US, we kinda flop in actor exports). The point is your statement is completely false and inaccurate.

    …Name a British Indian actor/actress, or a British Turkish actor/actress, name me one British Middle Eastern actor/actress. This argument is endless. The point is, if Noel Clarke had an all white cast, he would have been criticised, he’s consistently pushed minorities in his movies and bravo to him.

    The fact that this girl is in a bikini in the movie’s poster is not an issue. Watch the film, then come back and say “damn, that girl was not ONCE in a bikini in that movie”. Until then, this really is counter productive.

  8. oh and if you want to talk sterotypes, tell me the last time you saw a middle eastern or indian actor/actress portrayed as anything but a tortured terrorist or someone attempting to cause harm in the name of their religion.

    This poster is so not about race lol, ya’ll just made it into it. Like I said previously, love that we are able to have this conversation, but sometimes we have it for the sake of having it. Which then makes kind of redundant when it really matters.

  9. This ‘argument’ is highly irrelevant. I get this blog is about celebrity news, controversy etc etc, but why start such an irrelevant argument?

    First off, why would YOU point out that the only lady in the bikini is black? Why should it even be an issue? Are you not glad there is a lady of ethnicity on there (not saying there should be)

    I HIGHLY doubt Noel is trying to degrade her by putting her in a bikini doing so, which is what your argument is essentially trying to say without saying it.

    Alas the media can’t really play the game of ‘lets put an ethnic person in so everyone can be happy’? and i say, why should they?

    Also i must agree with what Speakz (especially re other ethnics in film) and She have pointed out.

    I don’t want to say any more, but i will add i think it was a completely pointless point and so silly for you to call him out.

  10. The comments Noel made are all relevant – but what stood out was him saying “because she looks really good and can pull if off (jealous?) and why shouldn’t she be in that outfit”.

    Yes she does look good and so do all the other girls in the poster, but why does it have to be the black girl who is sexualized? I thought that was the work for MTV?

    Having not seen the film my opinion can only go so far, but after watching the unofficial trailer (which does not tell the story), it does show many scenes of Shanika in a sexual nature .

    There is no denying that Noel Clarke is very talented man and he has created many opportunities for the likes of Bashy, Aml Ameen and Shanika. My comment was not geared at criticising his creativity as a director/actor/writer! But the image that he used for his publicity needed to be questioned, as I am sure all the other woman look just as attractive in their knickers and bra as Shanika! Why not use them?

    I will be watching 4,3,2,1 with my critical Brown Eyez!

  11. Jan,
    You can’t expect every black person in every framework to have to represent a racial agenda in their work-that’s a lot to ask for. LOOK at the poster, it’s hardly gonna be HURT LOCKER now is it? Every one on the poster looks chavtastic so work with the brief. (no pun intended!)

    Respect for the comments but you also take the bait for trying to argue your case for a ‘charachter’ who clearly doesn’t look lke she’s gonna be spending much time with Maya Angelou-why evend defend? Your film looks like a film for people that support the ‘endz’mentality are 15-25 and want a bit of entertainment-it has it’s place-good luck but don’t argue that the image is ‘positive’- that just took your comments 100 paces back son.

    Over sexualisation in mainstream media is frankly dissapointing for ALL women. That is a debate worth talking about but choosing to critise this is like choosing to criticise a T Pain video for not addressing the Big Bang Theory …sooo not relevant.

  12. @ speeakz… which statement is ‘COMPLETEY false and Inaccurate’?? this one…

    “we all know sex sells, and I know sisters are gonna be looked at as sex objects more than they are taken seriously as an talented actress”??

    I know it seems strong some of my words, and the angle I’m coming from my not seem relevant (in these times), but it is to me and I stand by it, my point was in regards to THIS film and I used Halle Berry as an example as imo, I think people see her sex appeal before seeing her ability as an actress, this may not be the case for some black actresses, but even Sanaa Lathan, I went to see ‘cat on a hot tin roof’ and that was quite sexual indeed, her ability to act well, seemed to be an assured bonus, the play was pinned on her sexual lure, there is much more to it, but I was quite surprised as to the extent to which her character was sexualized…

    come to think it even, Queen Latifah, in that film with Steve Martin – Bringing Down The House (2003) slyly sexualized her, when their really was no need.

    anyway, we all have our different points of view, but IF you want to understand further were I’m coming from, you can read these articles and peep the video links below…

    and to conclude, I will again say…

    “but there is a greater responsibility, representation is important, and shouldn’t be over looked but should be given careful consideration.”

  13. I was saying the same thing to some friends today. Why is that actress in her baggy on the street in broad daylight? I agree with Noel’s assessment of the fact that he is employing black actors, but what good is that if they’re only there to reinforce dodgy stereotypes. And I still don’t understand his justification for featuring Shanika in bra and knickers.

    But anyway I will reserve full judgement until I see the film.

  14. completely off topic- is that bashy i see?? can he act! lolz

    erm noel u still didnt really answer the question?? she can pull it off my ass- is she the only beautiful woman there?? bringing me to another question- why is her character the only one in the movie that doesnt dress well?? I smell another taio cruz fiasco (blk women included!)

  15. She looks like a typical stunning bond girl along with the pose which I have no problem with. if she resembled a trashy looking booty shaking dancer i’d see a problem.

    On the other hand she is without a doubt singled out to the contrast of the poster, as she is the only reason for me looking at it for more than a couple secs. I can def see why some would question it.

    I think this will have a positive affect on her future personally. If she becomes a bond girl/charlie’s angel she gets the last laugh.

    I still aint got no clue to what this film is about though…

  16. I’m still waiting for a movie poster with dudes in thongs, boxers and/or briefs. They must be tight… Next time I see a scantily clad bond girl in a poster, I expect Bond to be wearing (at most) those swimming trunks next to her. **Taps fingers**

    Oh & the same applies to you Noel, you could always have the costume in your next movie…The ball is in your court.

  17. wow this poster is peng hehehe look at the girl in panties and bra! She’s looking at ME i can’t wait to watch this film and drool over her endlessly. Thanks for putting this poster up!


  18. @The Real NV

    I think this will have a positive affect on her future personally. If she becomes a bond girl/charlie’s angel she gets the last laugh.

    my fingers and toes are crossed for her!

  19. you blokes must be crazy! the most rubbish excuse i’ve heard is ” watch movies first, and then discussion”. why can’t she have clothe on?

    Just because you are black director does not mean you are going to depict black people in a positive light. Lets not act like the entertainment industry is not run by white elites and house niggers alike chasing for fame.

    Besides that, the movie looks cheap, just judging by the trailer, she is fully clothed in all of them. so what are you are REALLY trying to say.

    This is a negative portrayal of a black women, weather she is doing the infamous pussy pose, or half naked. If this was a victoria secret ad, i would understand.

    Black people wake up, just because there are a few black actresses, does not mean when one gets the slightest opportunity of fame or attention, it is good publicity. are we that desperate?

    I dont know what goes in the UK, but movies like this in the US go straight to DVD. thank God for Mcdonalds Red Box.

    There is no excuse, they could have at least put her is tight shorts and tank top.

    A black director does not mean he will do BLACK PEOPLE JUSTICE!!

    Its 2010, start thinking forward and not backward.This house nigger syndrome supersedes celebrities , i seem some symptons on this blog.

    Black women are the face of this earth. the mother of all civilization and she deserves respect.

    I rather not see black women in movies at all, if this is the way they are trying to be portrayed.

    Whatever the directors excuse is rubbish. why didn’t he have her in the front of the poster if he wanted that much attention.

    Whack film. Whack marketing. The white men wins again. It shows that black celebrities will settle for less. we need to also be weary of our fellow black people. just because our skin match it does not mean shit!

  20. her being naked does not serve a purpose because judging by the trailer, and my own personal research the attention is going to Emma Roberts. this is black expliotation at its finest. black people always settling for less. Why do want to be potrayed in such a negative light? thirsty!!

    and you don’t have to watch the fly to know that .rubbish!

  21. just watched that trailer, I still dont know what the films about :S

    i hope thats not the proper trailer though it makes the movie look boring. i’ll still give the benefit of the doubt till i watch the movie though. Thought kiduldhood looked like a bad film but was surprised when I watched it, thought it was cool.

  22. @hybrid snicks
    are you a member of the nation of islam?
    From what im gathering, your saying ‘Black people must wake up and only act in positive roles to move us forward’
    *eating honey roasted peanuts* good luck with that dawg!

    @ Janice
    toes will help too, I’ve been trying for a minute but I cant pull it off.

  23. This is simple. The people behind this film are simply showing us their philosophy that black women should be viewed as sluts, trash, play things and sexual objects only with no intelligencia to boot. However most black women will accept what they see and go back to watching Eastenders, Corrie, Hollyoaks and the rest of the trash that is dished out to them and many won’t even notice at all. When are black people going to learn that we are not welcome in any lands where the European man reigns?

  24. I am soooo Jealous!! Noel Clarke felt so passionate about his film and its promo and posted on your blog. Who Mad!!

    But seriously, I do see the point of the knickers and bra thing. Its something you have to deal with. Black women are forever sexualised from the days of Hottentot and beyond. So people will raised a freshly shaped brow on occasion when they see the same thing is offered.

    I think Noel does a great job with his films. He produces the films the toffee noses do not want a black man producing in the UK. His response to this blog post shows he is passionate about his craft. Though it must be excepted that the reactions to the films poster is based on what they see. After all who sees a film before the promo shots, unless you have a good link from the studio to hook you up. The poster implies what the film will be about.

    I am just waiting for Parenthood to complete the ‘hood series of films (hint hint)

  25. We have to remember that there are always 2 reasons for things, the reason the conspirators view is good enough to give to the public and the real reason which never leaves closed doors. Remember that the poster is supposed to leave you with an initial impression, regardless of whether you follow through and watch the film. The vision of a black woman in bra and panties will immediately bring a person back to seedy hiphop videos where black women are openly exploited, exhibited and promoted as whores. It is no accident that the only woman in her draws and bra in this poster is black. The designers of this poster knew exactly what they were doing and what impressions would be imprinted into people’s minds. The good news is that people are wising up to these subtle jabs quicker than in times past.

  26. Parenthood- lol!

    That I would want to see- enough of the blaming the system u get me and turn to the dickheads who spawn these endz fools!

  27. cut a brother some slack, yes she’s in underwear with sam swords but this doesn’t look video hoeish. Soon ya’ll be saying his a high degree mason worshiping the devil and all sorts. How about, he just didn’t give it that much thought and didn’t analyse the race issue because he didn’t see the problem some might find it offensive or sugestive.

    Its a fair argument but no need to jump any guns and blame the industry, system or call a man a house slave at that. He’s put bashy up in it giving a brother a shoot, (i’ll be judging his acting skills not if the role is positive) and is doing a lot in my books for black people.

    Its like some of you dont appreciate there is one of us making films moving forward. Like you’d rather do without. And then have the cheek to say ‘we got to/we aint moving forward’

    parenthood – I hear that too. The trilogy box set 😉

  28. Cut a brother some slack????? Why is it when a black person obtains a fluid position in either in the music industry of the film industry, the themes of gun, drugs, sex, foul language, violence and death are always perpetuated? What, is this all black people are know for?????????? Well, silly question because in the minds of people that see this poster and watch this film and others associated with it, that is all we know in their minds. Remember what I stated before, it is the initial impression a person takes away which is the key and they know it. I still stand by my statement before, this design is no accident!

  29. Verbs, I hear and see ya, with ya comments, (The two reasonings behind the poster design) at one point I thought it’s all Noel, but thinking about it, he may not be in charge of the marketing, thats all distribution, now if he’s in charge of the distribution then, more the fool him, but if not, humm, err, maybe, he isn’t ‘SO’ much to blame…

    but ya last comment got me thinking, we’ve been here already, the street ting, we had two hefty doses of that not to long ago (thank you Mr Clarke, I’m not gonna lie, I did enjoy his first two films) but, surely there are other things he wants to speak on now he has his foot well and truely in the door???

    lol, or maybe not

  30. its not even abt callin him out
    someone was just wondering why the blackl one has her clothes off i mean if it was a swimsuit or a body suit well understand- shes in her undewear for christ sakes??!!??!!!
    eurgh im soo sick and tired of all this rubbish #reasonwhyimgoinbacktoafrica!

  31. @FR

    I agree, I don’t think that he had anything to do with the poster and the marketing(or at least I hope not), not that he could have changed anything that was already decided even if he had been involved in both processes. Remember the frontmen run nothing. This poster is probably full of hidden subliminals that I could find if I took the time out to look, the bra and panties is I believe just a surface jab. Guaranteed that this poster is full of occult symbolism. I could even go into the trailer itself and break that down.

    I’m like you, sick and tired of the same street thug portrayal of the negro. If a film is released that shows us in a good and positive light, I would be one of the first in line to back it, however I am not going to back thuggery, lynch mobs, violence, death, sex and drugs. I’m done with it. Can somebody please release a film which shows black people in a positive light?

  32. Look at his comment and you will see he said “we’ve”, so im assuming he had some input into the poster design rather than no input.

    Wasn’t Adulthood positive?
    Didn’t it show a man changing his perception in life thinking more positive?
    Or was it negative because it showed gangs and guns?

    Its his third film thats why im saying cut him some slack, his still learning and still young and passoinate. He’s definately moving and its definately forward, his giving some black actors some much needed up-front roles in this country. Isnt this creditable enough for support? Isn’t he a positive role model for aspiring black film makers/actors. Cant the young make mistakes and learn no more? No pleasing some!

    Letting him know this poster is questionable is one thing. Calling janice a waste gyal/a f-ing hater and noel a house slave/ a negative film director is another, none should expect or deserve that. Both are respectable positive black people to me.

    this looks like a pretty straight forward poster to me.
    if you find any devilish subliminals do tell, touching on it with probly, if I, i’d spot loads holds no weight. This just says you’ve been pre-judgement on it.

  33. “Can somebody please release a film which shows black people in a positive light?”

    I’m on the case lol!

  34. @ the Real NV…. “Wasn’t Adulthood positive?”…

    not in my opinion, it wasn’t overly negative, but I think the positive message (the man who learnt and was about change, being older / wiser) was lost amongst all the hype, thats what the viwers take home, especially those within certain age groups and those with certain mind sets = His target Audience!

    It’s like with ‘Boyz in the hood’ I don’t think the main story of that film or the way the film was made was meant to be negative in anyway, it was just a realistic portrayal of the life of many in S. Central, L.A. , but their were shootings at screenings, and all sorts of madness that went down and gave the film some really bad publicity and it stuck to it, but the film is far more positive then it is negative imo.

    what I use to judge a film in regards to this is …How necessary the violence / sex / aggression / hype / tom foolery is to tell the story that is being told -in a truthful way, no sexing up, no watering down, and also does it even need to be in done in a graphic way, there are so many angles / approaches that can be taking when one is involved in ‘show and tell’ film making…

    I found with both his previous films (Adulthood & Kidadulthood) that they were sexed up, and had (imo) unnecessary levels of hype, but thats me and my views.

    I think he would have been cut some slack, but his response was poor, and the jealous part was just not cool at all, I understand that he may not be aware of certain things (or worse does’t care) but still, if he showed a little willingness to understand why it was being questioned then maybe some slack would of been cut, but no, things went the other way instead lol 😉

  35. @fr…
    “tell the story being told in a truthful way” ? Arnt all films fictional or exagerated/twisted along with characters? Adulthood/boys in the hood same kind of movie imo + charecter, – surroundings. I cant lie though I dont really think about whether a film is pos/neg to be honest just if its good and will I enjoy it. I enjoyed Boys in the hood, manace II society, the spoof version, new jack city, CB4, im gonna git you sucka, coming to america, how to be a player, house party, friday etc im glad they were made regardless of pos/neg portrayal.
    Anyhow, our opinions differ on the old positive/negative stuff so I agree to disagree.

    Im glad to hear your opinion too makes a nice change to the fence! Lol

    although Noels comment seemed through anger and the heat of the moment. i do agree maybe he should’ve answered differently or take back some of the statements and answer more profesh. That I definatly agree with!

  36. Yes BAFTA Award winning Noel was upset which then led to him responding in a unprofessional fashion.

    Standard UK showbiz luvvie behaviour.

    You gotta luv it!

  37. I’d have to disagree and say that his last films have not been positive at all. What, 90% of both films contents and time is spent on the usual run of the mill favourite picks that seem to be associated with black people, crime, drugs, sex, violence, murder, death, thuggery, immorality, limited vocabulary, foul language etc and then he dedicates a small end snippet for a positive lifestyle change. Why not a 50, 50 equal slot for both sides of the coin? Its seems to me that after being saturated with negativity, a small snippet of a positive life change at the end of the film somehow will not make an impression to inspire change in an young individual’s life.

    No, Mr Clark is following an agenda whether he knows it or not to continue the demonisation of the Negro and to keep us in a perpetual war with the problems we suffer with and from as a people. As for him giving black actors and actresses a so called “boost” in their careers, maybe, but at a serious price to where they may be type casted and only called in to play the “what blud” type rolls and never be considered for any other parts bearing intelliegencia, critical thought and brain stimulation.

    On the poster, I didn’t need to prejudge because I know what kind of films Mr Clark has had a hand in so I knew that it would be an Ok Kerall, dog eat dog, every one for himself flick and the trailer confirmed my suspicions. His films have only stimulated the attraction of the fast life to the young black youth 10 fold.

    Remember what I said before that it is what a person first sees which forms the intial impression that they walk away with. In all of his previous films, what did people see first? I rest my case on that. As for the subliminals, they are in all film posters, not just this one. You ought to google “subliminal messages in posters”.

  38. verbs I’d hate to watch a film with you bro (“no homo”), i can see it now lol. what films have you actually enjoyed and got into without thinking about sublims? i wont be surprised if there isn’t one. lmao

    im not saying that SOME films dont have demonic sublims, just fill me in on this poster if there’s loads.

    off topic
    last film i watched was shutter island, is a good film with a good twist. Recomend and watch twice!

  39. @ The Real NV…

    I have to jump down every now and then, lol but I’m sure I’ll be back on fence soon, over looking both sides of arguments, unless I’m moved enough to choose a side 😉

    I think it’s cool to agree to disagree, we all have different views and opinions, …

    But , lol, I would like to point out that the messages within Boyz in the hood are quite strong, the Dad raising his son, that alone is a massive message on it’s on, the difference that has on Trays life compared to his friends, to me that is REALLY what that film is about showing us, afterall it’s called boyz in the hood, not men, … but thats what I see, and pick up from it, I understand that not everyone watches films in that way, reading into things in that way, but hey 😉

  40. End of the day, whether black women is being exploited or not, you want to see the film to see if your premonitions are right. I do agree with the whole “but WHY is SHE the ONLY girl in bra and panties” but until you see the film, then you can make a case to see if the poster is projecting the character or going towards stereotypes of race and promoting sex appeal…”FOR THE LADS!!!! [In an Essex accent]

    I think until you watch the film, you can see why the girl is dressed like that.

    Personally, I don’t like the poster. I think everything in it is relevant but looks the same as his recent films, don’t like the murky blue and there’s too much going on in the poster (like being spoon-feed) but hey, let’s see if the film can prove even more that UK films can have a slot to fill when competing against American films. (Which has been proven time an time again.)

    Have to give props to Noel Clarke, been following him for a lil’ while and he’s doing his thing for the U.K and won some achievements because of his work. However, I hope that wasn’t the real Noel Clarke but someone else because the film should do the talking. The response was on point nevertheless but unless the film is about lingerie and race issues, let’s steer away from it please?

  41. What surprises me is the focus on colour, and people immediately bringing up race as a reason for dressing a character in a certain way, if it where three White Girls fully clothed and the fourth in a bra and knickers would we even be discussing this?

    At the end of the day guys Noel has a very valid point, he has a Black woman in a leading role, that looks good, and is sexy, and most importantly is playing a “part” why not? Seriously guys there have been countless films with White female leads dressed in the same way and people generally don’t bat an eye lid…

    What that tells me is that you guys simply have got to change your view point
    and the way you see black,white women and the roles you think are suited to both, and realise that if you are right for a part regardless of colour you should get it, and praised for doing so….

    My immediate reaction to the website and poster when seeing it was… 😀 that’s right a big smile, because the film is representing the multi-cultural London, and Noel is creating a platform for more black females, and quite frankly as he says I dont see any one else really trying to do that.

    So Noel I shall well done, liking it a lot, and completely understand where your going with your films……

    Keep it up

    Much love…
    from a fellow black , female film-maker

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March 2010
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