Singer Akon has created his own scent called Konvict, and the bottle is “imaginatively” shaped like a handcuff.

Via Luxist and Rhymes With Snitch

Konvict Femme combines notes of lemon and mandarin with vanilla and almond musk. Konvict Homme has fresh notes of bergamot and lemon with an earthy base of sandalwood and cedar. Each sells for $41.95 and10% of the proceeds will go to Akon’s Konfidence Foundation which is “dedicated to increasing public awareness of the conditions in Africa.”

A scent called Konvict with a bottle made in to the shape of a handcuff….

Terrible just terrible!

And the man has the blasted CHEEK to try and deflect from the suspect marketing of this product  by bringing Africa and his charitable organisation in to it, so that it gives the impression he’s doing some good.


Your thoughts please….

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  1. This is more foolishness that makes the association between Black people and criminality. “Konvict” and handcuffs – please. Mandarin notes and earthy sandalwood my arse.

    And who remembers Beenie Sigel’s clothing line where the jeans were designed to hold your gun up in your waist without it slipping down.

  2. The link between Blacks and criminality is one thing, but I saw Slavery where I looked at them perfume bottles, I’m Pissed, what are you thinking Akon! FFS!

  3. Shakes head.

    There are times when i watch America’s toughest prisons and it comes off like being in jail and surviving in there is something to be glorified or it shows that they have a strong character or something. smh

    As for this part,

    ‘dedicated to increasing public awareness of the conditions in Africa.”’

    It is a load of nonsense.

  4. What else can you add to the above…….

    but Pheva’s comment really …LMFAO….

    “And who remembers Beenie Sigel’s clothing line where the jeans were designed to hold your gun up in your waist without it slipping down.”

    Man some people are losssssssssssst 😦

  5. but akon is no fool, lady gaga is signed to his label no?? he has a mind for business and making ‘smart’ money, so why the foolishness, it doesn’t add up?

    I guess everybody, is somebodys ‘puppet’ in the business world?

  6. but akon is no fool, lady gaga is signed to his label no??

    If I can get a penny for every time I heard that ppl lke Akon were’smart’ for being able to sell lowest common denominations in entertainment I would have my PR write this instead.

    This seems to be another slip up for black folk-making money by any means necseesary is a good thing: “Hey, at least he gets paid”

    I can think of endless things that could make me money in a second that would be morally and socially corrupt for others and to me so I choose not to (that’s the hard part) and do the daily upphill grind that will lead me to a peaceful retirement with loved ones and a few people hopefully left inspired with a decent memory of my efforts in humanity.

    If this means I am not smart or am a hater or any of the reverse psychoanalytic statements that defenders of unenlightened ppl like Akon would spew in their defence..let the hate hate on

  7. Trousers hanging of their behind, showing their undies, tattoos, and know the icing on the cake handcuff shape scent, it’s official all criminal aspect is cool, according to the cash cows celebs.

    Their is a limit to everything and Akon has crossed that limit….SMH.

  8. It is a disgrace that they are making it cool. Didn’t XXL magazine or whatever it is called ask whether going to jail helps rappers? kmt

  9. what reclaimin’ said!

    I guess black men (and women) are always sold as less than human and the demonized folk of the earth, just like in slavery, now they figure lets cash in on the negative stereotype and and keep the status quo going. So bottom line becomes the bottom line and it’s justified by the signature on the dotted line for the dollar signs.

    how sad

  10. Reclaimin’

    what you really saying? (just that I’m not to clear on what your getting at and why?)

    all I was saying -is that Akon isn’t foolish, so why is he doing a foolish thing, by putting out this konvict perfume in those awfully designed bottles, ?

    I wasn’t commending him for signing Lady gaga, I’m just pointing out that he had signed her, so must of been able to see her potential within the current musical market / charts etc.

    ps, I’m not mad lol 😉

  11. Hi FR,

    I’m only talking about saying that ‘Akon is no fool’. I think he is and this is an excellent example of his foolishness. What I am moaning about is the fact that he allegedly can’t be a fool because he happens to make money in an area of the entertainment industry which is morally and artistically bankrupt at best. He will def make money from idiotic consumers who do not see a problem with this product (probably a mixture of illiterate young black kids and middle class white [people who would buy it for the sake of irony). I wasn’t attacking u directly and I can see that u didn’t think so but I do tend to hear these accolades about minstrels like Akon etc…
    Another example was the other day I had a miserable conversation at my workplace about the fact that Jordan was ‘no fool’ because of the money that she made. I was speaking to black people who were over 40 years old…I just don’t get the reasoning..money seems to be the only idea of success to folks these days…

  12. Hey Reclaimin’

    I see your point and hear you loud and clearly now, and must say I do agree fully *holding my hand up, as I have held this idea before* I even think I have seem Jordan in a similar light to those you were speaking with, in previous times, thinking she must have some sort of smarts, but I was mistaken 😉

    “I just don’t get the reasoning..money seems to be the only idea of success to folks these days…”

    your right, when we look past the way things seem or are, to the truth, you see whats really, what…

    Just because someone ‘makes’ money, this doesn’t mean they are Unfoolish 😉 lol

    Peace and Love Fr .

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