Entertainment show E! News keeps telling it’s viewers that they will be the “FIRST” to “EXCLUSIVELY” show the new Lady GaGa video featuring Beyonce.

Erm… not quite E! News.  Like always I think the BEAST that is the Internet has beaten you to it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. This video is silly. Two grown women acting like some f**king weirdos. And whats that lesbo prison scene all about? Not my cup of tea.

  2. I got 3 mins in, and all I know is that I’m gonna be Pissed if this video airs before 10pm! preparing young minds for kinky sex, mad max style, theres just no need, No fence on this one people! lol

  3. I, finally, know why the mainstream video has been delayed for so long. It’s going to be heavily edited/censored* or a more PG friendly one will be made. Basically, this makes Video Phone, with its weird use of guns & archery, really tame. Oddly enough, I found B’s “very bad girl” bit really funny.

    Still love the song though.

    *How many of you guys know about the proper ending of Bad Romance with the “sparky” bra?

  4. Not much really…Remember the guy – who won the auction – that was burnt to a crisp? Well the show his crisperty ass on the bed, with GaGa lying next to him, then her bra goes all “sparky sparky boom boom*” like those magnesium stick things.

    *Good old Avatar, not the blue people, the kid with the arrows.

  5. All that stylisation for a Eurotrash tune…I know I’m in the minority being a lover of music first and foremost. I realise that that is no longer a necessary requirement today.
    Adaobi man, you seem so intelligent, why ..why???! It seems everyone is tuning out…..*Reclaimin’ goes back to her corner rocking, gnashing teeth*

  6. I’m only human, there are things that I enjoy, that I don’t understand why.
    @ Reclaimin’, you know you’ve got things that you like/love/enjoy against your own better judgement…

  7. BTW, Viva just showed the full 10 minutes, they censored Virgin, other brand names, the profanities & off course the pussy wagon, shit my EPG says “Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce”, they actually scheduled it. I missed the lesbian bit, got in just right at the beginning of the actual song, so don’t know if how much they censored from it.

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