Rapper Jim Jones has announced that he will teach high school students in New York City.


I’ll be teaching for eight weeks, I’ll be teaching a real curriculum, right now they’re actually going back and forth with the Board of Education to see what goes on and sh*t. I fully don’t know the whole logistics of everything — it’s definitely going to be fun…I’ma have to go home the weekend before and write out my lessons — this will be the funnest class you can go to and sh*t but you gonna learn a lot. We all went to school, n*ggas didn’t like homework, but we knew every single song that was out. Word for word, ad libs, all that…I think they’ll get this common sense. Music 101 I guess [is the course title.]

When it comes to education I am serious like a judge!!!

Read Jim’s quote and then watch the video.  Does this look/sound like a man who is taking the role of educator seriously???

Does anyone know what the man will be teaching because he doesn’t seem to know!

Why would the public school system encourage this foolishness???

Is there a shortage of qualified teachers in New York City???

This really is dumbing down at it’s finest.

If I was told that Jim would be coming in to “teach” my child  I would be appalled!

I would demand to know from the Board of Education why a rapper whose lyrics, lifestyle and attitude are questionable is coming in to “teach” my child for 8 weeks and not a qualified educator. 

I would want members of the board to explain to me how they think Jim’s classes will benefit my child in the long run.

And then I would remove my child from that school and work my fingers to the bone to send her/him to a private school.

The Board of Education obviously don’t care about the kids who are being educated within the public school system. If they did this would not be happening.

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  1. LMFAOO!!!!!!!

    LOL! I completely agree. I thought he was your boo though, but I definitely agree. LOLLLLL.

  2. NYC public school sucks, he would have never been accepted in a private school, I feel sorry for the public school kids but as they say beggers can’t be choosers they have to take what they get and be thankful because it could have been worse, hope the kids can overcome this tragedy.

  3. They have to be joking us, right?

    *sighs* and they were wondering why Oprah decided to open up a school in South Africa instead of America?

    This is what she said when asked why,

    “never encountered in all of my experience, when I go around talking to kids in inner city schools, where children are this hungry for learning excellence, where they understand the value of it.

    How will they understand the value of it with this foolishness going around? Anyway, some parents are not any wiser.

    There are some sites that promote the idea of university is not for everyone. Providing alternatives and all (more like providing short cuts if you ask me, let them find out for themselves when they get there, wether it is what they want or not and then find an alternative, what have they got to lose?)

    As for Jim Jones, he should sit his broke ass home and find something better to do work wise. Like he is a symbol of success or something. kmt

  4. “Like he is a symbol of success or something.”… @ Lati…

    he shouldn’t be, not through my eye’s, but I think he is seen that way by many, and that is quite sad indeed.

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