US shock jock Howard Stern and his co-host Robin Quivers are cruel beasts.

I’m not  even surprised. I expect this from Howard. 

Listen to what they had to say about Precious star Gabourey Sidibe.

Actress Gabourey Sidibe

But Gabourey is having the last laugh because the actress has signed on to play a recurring role on Showtime’s upcoming series The Big C and will also star in the forthcoming movie Yelling To The Sky.

Congratulations Gabourey.

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  1. I respect this girl alot, because she has had to put up with alot which i am pretty sure she saw coming but took it on all the same. Her weight earned her that role, we never see people like her on screens, for how long is hollyweird going to push out and ignore plus size women. You know what, it happens in modelling and so on, i expect it to happen for a long time to come, but they need to back off of this girl. No one would ever have cast her, the movie was never going to be seen on big screens, it was to go on DVD straight, it is not her fault that many got to see the movie and it won an award or got nominated and got too much publicity. I really hope she gets the last laugh.

  2. i dont expect nothing less from stern, he’s always said blatantly racist comments and digs on his shows from back in the day like the easy-e interview.

  3. Howard’s cruel, but that doesn’t make him wrong. Hollywood requires young (she’s got) and thin (doesn’t have it) and beautiful (doesn’t have it.) 1 out of 3 ain’t bad? The only movie she could do is Precious 2. Let’s be honest here people.

  4. Not when they are hiring skinny people and fattening them or putting on them extra make up and costumes, when there are actually people of that size. All they have 2 do is create the roles bse people will still see the movies. As 4 Howard, he’s as biased as the rest.

  5. Gotta side w/Howard on this one…

    Like it or not, what Stern says is true, USUALLY. Not in this case, (thank God, as Gabby seems like a genuinely talented young lady) but it happens exactly like he said more often than not.

    I’m not saying it’s right – just saying it happens.

  6. I know it happens, most people are only interested in seeing surgical enhanced beauty basically fake people, fake everything, its nowonder some r on drugs and out of their damn minds. Howard is fugly 2. lol

  7. He is right but I just dont like the way he talks about black people in some of his radio shows in general. For donkeys years he’s had no respect. you just have to laugh at some of the things he says with his arse-licking sidekick.

  8. ..and thats why A LOT of the films that come out of the USA are SHIT….
    because Hollywood thinks we should sound the same, look the same and have the same crap sense of humor.

    Thousands of people didn’t come out to see Precious because she’s a fat ugly black chick, they went to see a different kind of movie, well I did anyway. If Precious never works again, SO WHAT, she’ll be added to the many other out of work actors/actresses that don’t fit the Hollywood criteria, annnd what…

    Stern & Quivers are just f–ked up, because they went beyond ..”she’ll never work again”….It was OTT, they both need a brain transplant.

  9. Imagine shopaholic hits the screens and Precious nearly didn’t? Smh. Hollywood has really lost the plot.

  10. Howard? You dont look in the mirrow often, do you? Nor do that bat (your side kick) Do you honestly think the two of you are worth taking a second look… Come on, if you didnt have that radio show you wouldnt have that piece of eye candy you have… Shes only with you for your money, Because it sure as hell not for you look.. AND robin ( I wont even with a small “r” get your nose out of howards a$$…you have your nose stuck so far up his A$$, you can see his colon…


    Tell ’em how you REALLY feel~!

    Anyways, just to play Devil’s Advocate…

    Howard Stern is NOT to be taken seriously. Half to two-thirds of the ish he says is just jokes.

    Cruel, coarse, harsh jokes, sure, but just jokes nonetheless. I personally found the entire clip hilarious. Some of the ish he and Robin were saying was actually quite funny when you step back and look @ the context in which it was delivered and who was delivering it.

    As most of you already pointed out, Howard Stern criticizing someone’s looks is the epitome of Kettle/Pot Syndrome(TM)…LOL

    I’m going to pose a question, and I personally believe it is valid in this particular thread. The subject is touchy, but I gotta know, as it would explain/define some of the vitriol RE: criticism of those who speak out about heavier weighted people…

    Are any of the women posting above (or in response) fat?

    When I say “fat”, I mean F-A-T, not P-H-A-T, either. I mean, you weigh more than the average person your height…

    Sorry, but I need context.

    I promise not to ask such a question again~! LOL

    By the way, I am very much in shape-my Fiancee and I go to the gym weekly-she much more than I…

  12. By the way, let me state for the record:

    I do NOT discriminate based on weight.

    I personally would never date a woman who was considered fat in the classical sense. Thick? Hell yes, preferred, even. But fat? Naaahhh, no thanks.

    I recognize there are many, many factors that comprise a given person’s size and weight, some of them very well could be outside the person’s control. Personally, I refuse to be out of shape as it’s not healthy (regardless of what anyone tells you-extra fat does you no good unless you’re a polar bear or a whale or seal), but I wouldn’t say someone’s ugly just because they’re fat.

    Just wanted to put my own personal preferences out there for anyone asking.

    Or wondering “who the f–k does he think he is asking for context” w/o giving my own.


  13. What has anyone’s weight got to do with Gabby being dismissed and told she can’t have any career prospects? Where i come from, plus size women are not stigmatised, infact if you are thin, most likely men will be running the opposite direction. So really, i don’t get it why Gabby’s weight should affect her acting chances if given the opportunity. Her health is her business, i want to see her be good at what she does (acting).

    What is your side of the story?

  14. And the fact that she is big it does not mean that she is dumb or unaware of her situation, or does it?

  15. @ Sundance you’ve got some front and back man lol.

    “Are any of the women posting above (or in response) fat?

    When I say “fat”, I mean F-A-T, not P-H-A-T, either. I mean, you weigh more than the average person your height…” ……. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeky 😦

    For me the answer is no, but my point is, YES Gabourey is not easy on the eye, helll there were a number of close ups in the film where I had to look away ,buttttttttttt their criticism of her is just RUDE,OTT and serves no purpose at all but to ridicule !!!

    If that’s what Howard is about then he needs to take a good look in the mirror,… brother looks like he’s repeatedly rammed his face into a wall FUGLY mccchheeeww 😦

  16. Howard is an expired pig, he played his game and lost so know he’s reduce to talk crap. Hollywood do featured size 0 woman and act as if a person is not size 0 they don’t have a career, however they’re acting role for plus size woman they might not be the main star but they’re there. That could be the reason why the industry is not doing so well they’re choosing appearances over talent.

    Kudos to Gabourey no matter what Howard say she’s a winner, she got an award you have people who has been acting for years and they never get nominated let alone win an award. I wish her much success.

  17. LOL!

    I had to ask.

    It’s always interesting to hear what Black Women’s perspectives are on such topics. You all come w/such varied shapes and sizes, and while some of those sizes and shapes may not be attractive to everyone, it’s certainly nice to know that the choices are there.

    @ any rate, I wish Gabby much success!

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