Alleged terrorist Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

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Put this together with new focus on Yemen ‘in the fight against Al Qaeda’, including calls from Sen. Lieberman to pre-emptively attack, the media’s immediate hype of the event, and the ready-made Body Scanners and other ‘enhanced’ Airport security, it is clear that this is a contrived incident intentionally unleashed to goad renewed support for ever-expanding terrorism-related warfare in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and now Yemen.

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The authorities allowed Umar to board a plane flying to the US without a passport???

This all STINKS to high heaven!!! 

I wouldn’t put anything past the US government. It would be just like them to pull a stunt like this to justify the “War on Terror”.

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  1. More excuses for more control. This has now given Homeland Security the excuse to use the new cancer causing full body scanners which also alter the DNA structure of the body aswell as taking a full naked picture of your body, buttcheeks, breasts, penis, vagina and all. Take a look for yourself.

    Manchester airport has one of these already, expect it to come down to Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and other soon. I am not going through one of these machines, not even for money.

  2. This is just another step towards total surveillance and no privacy. First it was 9/11 and the increase and encroachment of face scanning cameras at airports aswell as around the country coupled with licence plate reading cameras. Then that nonsense with the ‘shoebomber’ to make people take their shoes off at airports not to mention the limit of liquids to 100ml per container(so you cannot buy and bring your own water through which you purchased for cheaper outside, but as soon as you get past security, you can buy their water at extortionate rates. What kind of scam is that?).

    Now we have the ‘underpant bomber’ which has ‘conveniently’ given the governments of the US and UK the excuse to take pictures of your breasts, penis, buttcheeks and vagina via full body scanners(which by the way also cause cancer and alter the DNA structure of cells) which they now are going to set up at all airports. People’s rights are being shaved away left right and center but all they want to do is watch fluff on television and think others are dealing with the problems. People need to wake up, the conspiracy that you are looking for on the outside is right before you, you are living through it.

  3. Investment in corruption is the business.

    Thank God no one died this time round.

    I wonder what is going to happen to Umar now. Free him years down the line like the Libyan “terrorist bomber”?

  4. The one who got him on the plane with no passport. and said we do this all the time. which all the time? hmmm

  5. He had no passport but he knew which nationality? I didn’t know that some countries got a pass to travel without a passport. I will try it with any luck.
    The choice of country was not random either. Hmmm

  6. ive seen at some airports people travelling with visa.. and not passposrts
    that i have seen… but from all accounts the guy rocked up the flight desk that you pass before boarding!!!
    now you gotta go thru at least two checks before that happens….
    the first check point you dont get thru without a ticket the second time you go thru the xray machne and your possessions are scanned and the third time just before you board!!!
    but you dont get thru to the plane with out your passport or some special circumstances….

  7. @ Ty, yes.

    The boy had no power or means to pull off anything. He is getting the shine though. Yep, under the rug it goes.

  8. I knew it!!!

    I was having an “animated discussion” w/a Facebook friend about this…I tried to relay to him that the US government is COMPLETELY capable of this kind of stuff…not that they necessarily did it. Just that they’re capable of it.

    Good looks, Verbs…

  9. People must resist and refuse to go through these full body scanners. It is time to wake up out of sleep and admit that we have serious problems that we as a people need to deal with. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, YOU ARE THE TERRORIST according to the governments of the world. They as tyrants fear you because you out number them by millions to one. They are afraid that people are going to wake up and rise up against the tyranny that is being pushed against them……and it is happening because the elites are moving too fast to put their military gridlock in place. More information on this staged event:

  10. I was reading things about him but it seems blurred and non- convincing. I wonder how he really got into this. We will never know. One thing is for sure, he has gone down in the list of ‘american terrorists’.

  11. As soon as I about this I knew it was staged immediately. The question is always the same, who stands to gain? Always the same criminals who claim that we need to give up all of our rights in order for them to protect us, to whom we gave up some of our rights to in 2001 and look what happened in 2005, a few more rights sacrificed and look at what has happened in 2009? But wait……our rights are our protection and by giving them up, we leave ourselves open for attack.

    YOU are the cow to be milked by the government and run dry and until people stop being in denial and watching endless fluff on television, the tyranny is going to increase and get far worse. The bully will keep returning until you punch him/her in the nose. This is all about power and control, the governments of the world want you bankrupt, homeless, weak, undernourished and on your knees begging to them for your provisions of food, shelter and clothing. Then, if you have children, they’ll CPS them and say that you are too poor to look after them.

    It is sad to say that many still won’t wake up until they receive a knock at the door from foreign troops telling them that they are taking them to a relocation center aka concentration camp.

  12. Adaobi, looks like he has been allover the world and back. He even had to snick back into his country? Wow…That was funny. LOL

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