Police haul terror suspect off the plane

What was this fool thinking????

Via BBC News

A Nigerian man has been charged with attempting to destroy a plane after he allegedly tried to detonate a bomb on a passenger jet arriving in the US.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, was overpowered by passengers and crew shortly before the Northwest Airlines plane landed in Detroit from Amsterdam.

The US Department of Justice said a high explosive and a syringe, believed to be part of the device, were found. Continue Reading…..

Innocent Nigerians travelling to the US will now have to face a barrage of questioning from overly suspicious customs officers, all because of this fool’s antics!

I don’t even want to see Umar’s face!


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  1. one step forward …. five million steps back!!!! damn this life!!!
    this is gonna have repercussions for real……
    its already a little tight when travelling with an african surname!! but this dude right here!!! just sealed it off!!!

  2. Thank God he was too much of a coward and he did’nt pull it off and the passengers got to him before he did anything. I could not believe my ears when i heard it on news. what is wrong with some folks? As if blowing up innocent people has solved any problems for anyone so far. It is just ridiculous.

    When they kept mentioning Nigerian, i was like, another stereotype created now and it will not be going away anytime soon.

  3. Thank you!! It is bad enough that we get scrutinised when opening bank accounts and taking out mortgages and now when we fly to the US we will face more than the usual interrogation. Nice one Umar!!!

  4. I think the bigger issue is one of conspiracy.

    Think about it…I can’t fly from Newark to Canada w/more than a few ounces of cologne. How in the hell did this guy get onto a plane (TWICE! Once in Nigeria, again in Amsterdam) w/fissile materials?

    Think about it…

    I trust world governments as far as I can throw their collective asses.

  5. I heard that the father had warned the US officials way before about his sons extreme religious beliefs and they had it on their files but he was not black listed for flying. How on earth could he not have been black listed when his own father warned them. It is becoming kind of a habit for US officials being warned and deliberately not doing anything about it.

    But Sundance, it still does not take away from the fact that innocent people could have died and he will still be known as a Nigerian terrorist and others are going to carry that cross. The damage has been done already.

  6. Not a good look for Nigerians is all i can say. The ones that have nothing to do with the mess are the ones that suffer. Have you guys noticed his name? Too many coincidences but either way, not a good look for Nigerians, this is the last thing they needed. Too much crap an average person has to put up with.

  7. The story is fishy though. American and all these governments involved in this so called ‘terror hunt’ need to get their shit together and stop using other people to make ends meet. It is getting absurd and sickening. How many lives must be lost for this shit to stop?

  8. Well he has an arabic name and since the major terrorist that have done a lot of destruction have arabic names that alone makes him a security target. Also any muslim country seems to be a target.

    I do wonder what made such a privaleged person choose a wannabe terror life. Its funny how the news keeps ephasising the fact he is a “prominent bankers son”.

    fact is now instead of being able to carry 100mls of liquids in hand luggage my eyeshadows and creme to powders will be banned eventually. gees

  9. He’s all over the news in the US. If he was looking for attention he sure got it. Him and anyone who fit his description.

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