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The staff over at XXL towers are desperate and have run clean out of ideas. There can be no other explanation for featuring the talentless Gucci Mane on the front cover.

Why didn’t they feature the legendary Rakim on the cover?  Why opt instead to feature this complete and utter waste man???

“Rap’s Next Big Superstar”

Why lie XXL? Why lie?

*shaking my head*

Check out “rap’s next big superstar” folks!

They will probably feature a crocodile on April’s front cover with the word’s “Rap’s Next Big Superstar” underneath….

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  1. “Rap’s Next Big Superstar” Really?…. this just shows the state that mainstream hip hop is in, in regards to rakim not being on the front cover, I don’t know if he would sell enough magazines?… do the youth of today know / care / respond to Rakim (probably not) I feel it for them, duked into believing the Bullshit being thrown around in todays hip hop. they know NO better! smh!

  2. I thought that, but then I thought the sort of people that would buy that issue because of the cover, probably Stopped buying XXL ages ago due to the content, I can’t speak for everyone, but I did lol, who is their target audience?? is it general? our teens of today?, older more mature followers of hip hop? I don’t know, I would like to actually see how many people actually still by XXl? lol

  3. *on a side note*

    ‘Does getting locked up hurt or help rappers?’ What kind of question/topic choice is that honestly? SMH

  4. @ Janice, I agree, downhill, never to make it back up, like alot of hip hop related material and resources lol (sadly)

    @ Lati its the sort of question that only further highlights how the lines of Right and Wrong have been well and truly blurred for the up and coming generations, SMH Too lol.

    as another side not, Janice, I just noticed the Rakim : Greatest Interview Ever! with that headline and rakim on cover I think alot of folks would have brought that cover, but not the type of folks that would be interested in any other article that XXl has to other lol,

    Hip Hop is breaking my Heart – Free Max B! lol

  5. @Fr

    ” I just noticed the Rakim : Greatest Interview Ever! with that headline and rakim on cover I think alot of folks would have brought that cover, ”

    Exactly a lot of people would have purchased the mag. Rakim still has a loyal die hard fan base. Even the artists within today’s ridiculous world of Hip Hop would have picked up the magazine just to read the interview.

  6. thats true,

    funny enough, I haven’t really heard of lot of his material (put the stones down lol) but to me he stands as a living representation of when hip hop was ‘Real’.

  7. I havent bought xxl in years. I’m not taking the piss here but who is this guy? seriously i’ve heard his name but havent heard a single track. Why do all these new rappers all look like crackheads?

  8. i actuallly went to listen to him recently on yourube and i was disgusted.. HE CANT RAP!! HE’S JUST A HUSTLER.. who makes SOULJA BOY FEEL LIKE PHARAOH MONCH

  9. forget the content, whether a rapper can actually rap or not is no longer relevant, it’s all about image these days! 2 words to sum it all up! ‘Culture Creation’ thats the aim! and they doing it!

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