Who is in charge of advising Rihanna these day?

I find the 21 year old’s sudden “transformation” since receiving two kicks and a box in that lambo back in February a little disturbing.

She has turned in to Miss Dark Priestess/”rude gyal”, who now likes to pose topless and rubs her crotch area during performances.

Look just put them away Rihanna. It’s just sad, desperate and actually quite seedy luv.

Click here to view more pics.

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  1. She is not a singer or artist anymore she is a “product” – like a shiny watch or tin of beans. And like a shiny watch or tin of beans the owner of the product will display and market it in the way it thinks will sell the most.

  2. Well said Pheva, I can’t even add a thing, u summed it up lol, co-signing! 😉

    ps,… Click here for more pics, lol, (thanks Janice)

  3. I am not feeling it…. if that is what it takes to sell magazines and albums even tho them shits was like .99 cents…. O_o This is a sad time!

    Besides she leaked her goodies on the internet already, so we have seen her… those pics were nice she photographs well, we get it, we got it now lets move on … lets focus on the music… oh wait she can’t sing, she can’t dance worth two shits and she didn’t finish high school because she got busy… uhm moms whats the deal? How the hell are you going to let your daughter drop out of school for the music industry? I don’t think this is going to end well, but hey maybe she will be one in a trillion who doesn’t need school, but you know everybody ain’t no Richard Branson… I mean look at him… some how I don’t think that is the path she is going down… next thing you know she is going to come out with her own fragrance…. *side eye* and what then her own line of make up and skin care? GTFOH!!

    Hold up maybe she will go into tattooing?? I heard she has tatted up a folk or two…. *sighs* Oh Rhi Rhi SMDH

  4. Oh dear, good girl gone bad is way over the top, she need some divine intervention, it’s a shame how these people in the industry exploit other peoples children for money. Hand on her private, tits al fresco, that behavior requires a good old fashion punishment.

  5. I doubt when she left home at 16, she and her parents understood the full nature of the contract. As long as she makes the money, everyone is happy. How she makes it, that is another story? She is still a child fast tracked into an adult without her parents. Well, it was a dream to die 4.

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