” Definitely the high risk guys. I don’t like cream puff, corny guys. Usually they are the nice guys, the ones that won’t hurt you. They’ll pull out the chair for you and the whole nine yards. Everything is perfect and boring. I like the risk, I like the edge. That’s the thrill for me.” (Via Rhymes With Snitch)

So what are you saying Rihanna? Are you telling us that you enjoyed it when your former boyfriend Chris Brown gave you two licks and one box across the face, in the lambo back in February?

Is this the type of thrill you’re looking for? Physical abuse and constant drama?

*shaking my head*

Not only has Rihanna turned in to the dark priestess, she has also turned in to a damn idiot!

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  1. What happened to ” I couldnt let my fans think its ok to stay with an abusive boyfriend”??? What kind of low level stupidy is this nasal twanging one harbouring?!

  2. so hold up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if thats what you like rihanna !! why did you let your boy face alll this hype mass media beatdown . IF THATS HOW YOU LIKE TO GET DOWN!!!

  3. Now that CB is doing ok, she wants to embrace the image, yeah ok. Lets c how much lower her price album gets after this.

  4. well she never mentioned tht she enjoyed getting thumped,she says she likes the edge it could mean a number of things.

  5. She’s like a doll that’s been pulled, preened and moulded too much. Sad…. Regardless, it would be wise for her to watch WHAT, WHERE and HOW she says things, take her own advice and learn from her experiences.

    By the way the quote is taken from the Jan 2010 issue of ‘Glamour’ if you’re interested. Rihanna is the cover girl next to the tagline “Why she STILL likes bad boys”.

  6. If she had talent, she would not have to depend on dramma to raise her profile. She is 20 with no parental guidance and an industry puppet. She loves the bad press/bad image no doubt. I find her boring. She’s def jam’s cash cow.

  7. I think she needs to be careful, we’ve see this all before, only 20 years old, no guidance (I hear what ya saying Dera) she’s fit for a meltdown, all them devils see is dealing with, and only jayz to lean on, that is not a good thing.

  8. Fr, she is a typical example of a girl who leaves home at 16 and heads 2 the land of milk honey where she is promised all good things under the sun, only 2 learn diff’t and willing 2 do whatever it takes, literally, 2 make it, even if she knows she has no talent. But has been made to believe otherwise. I mean, what was that 20/20 all about. The dress, fake attitude. And yo right, she has jay her ‘brother’ 2 lean on, who is a business man. She has grown wings.

  9. This is why nice guys tend to finish last…

    You women PREFER bad boys. So much, in fact, that it’s usually to the detriment of a man who really does want to be your friend, take care of you and generally treat you like the Queen you are.

    One day, said bad boy winds up beating the shit out of you, and you somehow convince yourself that this is how he shows you love…

  10. Very true. And girls can be big headed. As soon as they grow breasts and a big butt, and the men start whistling, then they go wild. The last person they want 2 hear from is a parent. At that age, the parent becomes damn and dense and enemy 1, no matter how much love and material things they provide.

  11. Not entirely true, Sundance. Some of us have had healthy sexuality and relationships modelled to us by our mothers and fathers and don’t seek out drama. Take it from me, a happily married mum who doesn’t worry about where her husband is and thankfully has never experienced violence.


  12. Oh and BTW, I agree that if these quotes were indeed from Rihanna, she sure has a lot of growing up to do!

  13. Girls like Rihanna are their worst enemies. They tend to be manipulative, and behave like they have the world under their feet. May be she does, but once the rug is pulled from under her feet, then the problems begin. She seems to love the dramma. There are many girls who are her, sadly and think it is cool and also believe that if a man does not hit them, then they don’t love them. Strange but true and they will not have it any other way or even settle for Mr. Nice.

  14. Rihanna came from an abusive home, children who see their parents abuse has the tendency to believe that life is normal. She might need some good therapy, having said that she’s part of an industry that don’t care about her as a person, only as a cash machine, as long as she can deliver she’s good to go, I have never heard in an interview anyone mention her talent, but they never fail to mention her appearance. On another note I have heard and seen several interviews she’s really not that bright, she should use some of that money to educate herself I have heard 15yr old speak more eloquent than she does, hence she should focus on further her education.

  15. She is a lost sheep, whose looks are her biggest asset, and jay banks on that fact and weakness to exploit her. But she loves the hype and fame and wants 2 build an empire(whoever fed her that crap needs a good talking to, lol), and so it goes.

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