I have just been informed [thanks Creamo] that a 15 year old UK ‘Hip Hop’ artist going by the name of Fugative (real name  Harry Byart), is receiving some major industry backing. Click here to read all about it.

On Fugative’s YouTube page it says,

Presenting a brand new and genre defying style of hip-hop entirely of his own invention, Fugative calls his music Hip Hop with a pop twist Hip Pop. Ahead of his game, Fugative is not only a stellar performer, but also a fantastic songwriter, instrumentalist and the producer of his own material. Couple this with his very own production label, Runaway Productions and record label to boot, he is a man in charge of his own destiny.

Are we really expected to believe that this boy is presenting us with a brand new, genre defying style of hip-hop entirely of his own invention? Hip Pop?

Is this a JOKE????

This is what they call original?

US music mogul Kirk Burrowes co-signs this…*huge sigh* I just know that old Harry here has some serious industry connections.

There can be no other explanation!

Your thoughts please….

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  1. *cleans out ears* Did I miss something?

    That use of the auto-tune is really genre defying. As are the expensive car + club scene + skanky chicks videos. Clearly, this twat’s genius knows no bounds. *eye roll*

  2. Guess it had to happen. Tinchy, Chipmunk and them hit the top of the charts, so then the industry just has to go and create a watered down and white version of them.

  3. From the YouTube stills alone, his originality shines through. He’s created a whole new genre, that Flo Rida might even consider, after he’s done with his serious music.

  4. WTF. is he hip hop pop tarts version of Lady Sovereign. lol. I hear no originality at all. just a white industry desperate for one of their look a likes to do something like this. did they not pay attention to the likes of eminem , bubba sparks.

    this guys has no original talent and the whole hype in his videos is unbelievable. it does not fit.

  5. I thought it would only be a matter of time before this kid would be signed up, and it seems to be moving that way. He has taken over from the target group of the 11-14 year old girls that n-dubz used to have in 2006.
    They need a bubblegum hip pop act that will appeal to that target group (ultimately the people who actually still purchase music legally), and he is that, he will earn record companies money.
    He ain’t nothing original at all, just another flo rida/chipmunk, yet if i was a record exec i would sign him up straight purely for his appeal not his music.

  6. fugitive is cool, buff nd has a lot of good music and a lot of teenages girls would love to meet him

  7. Rightt, don’t go slagging him off, i don’t see any of you getting famous and doing something that you really want to do for yourself.
    He obviously wanted to do this, that’s why he’s done it. So what if he isn’t the most original person. He’s still doing what he loves and getting money out of it.

    Girls want to meet him. Boys want to be him.

    He has talent and I think most of the people who are slagging him off are just jelous because he’s doing what he wants and getting paid, whilst you’ve probably got a job which you dread to get up in the morning to go to.

    He’s doing what he wants, and if he wasn’t any good why would someone sign him up?

    And the industry needs new talent like Chipmunk, Iyaz, Kid Cudi.
    We don’t want to be stuck with Madonna for another 10 years?!

  8. Mightyyy finnee songg but..
    Ooofttt – He is SO FiTTT!! 😉
    ❤ Him 😀 😛 :3 xx

  9. i really don’t know what to make of this dude,
    but i guess we need more up and coming artists
    he’s not that HOT but i love his eyes,
    shit they are so sexxxxy XD!
    Hope he does well.

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