Singer Amy Winehouse attended the 2009 Q Awards last night (26th Oct), which took place at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Waste Woman Winehouse also showed off her recently surgically enhanced breasts and was accompanied by her protégé/”god-daughter”  13 year old singer Dionne Bromfield.

I question the sanity of Dionne’s parents.  They are just asking for trouble and a visit from Social Services (if they can be bothered).

I’m sorry but all I see is warning lights up ahead.





Amy with her 13 year old “god-daughter” Dionne Bromfield who looks a lot older in this picture.

Photographs: WireImage/Hogan

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  1. “I question the sanity of Dionne’s parents.” Exactly. Who lets their daughter hang out with a known crackhead?

  2. Nobody’s said it out loud so I will.

    I question the parents sanity! Her parents must both have screws loose! Or are just blinded by Amy’s stardom.

    Dionne has already been photographed going inside a nightclub with Amy… she was 12 then…. WTF????

    How can you have a minor hanging around Amy a hardcore drug abuser?

    Pure foolishness!

  3. Did I miss her getting a boob-job?? I think I must have, cos those puppies look like they are trying to escape! Anyhoo, I though Dionne’s parents/mum was an abuser too…..AW be killin’ me with those ballerina pumps too! WHY??

  4. thats what i think, perhaps her parents are in the clouds, a smokey heaven / hell. and them boobs are not really helping amy she should have done somthing about her knee caps, ankles, and feet first, whats up with them crazy lines, her legs are screaming out for some fried dumpling and cornmeal porridge!

  5. This is sad. Children want to grow up so fast these days. When they are 20yrs, they have lived lives equivalent to a 3o year old and do not know what to do with themselves and end up depressed and self destructive. If her parents are desperate for her to be a star, then she is going to pay a high price for it. What image is she hoping to have that will reflect her as an individual? This one does not look good at all.

  6. She sounds like amy, now dressing like amy. Where is her identity? She looks like she is supporting amy and not the other way round. If there’s an age limit to club entry, why is she even allowed in, even though it’s influenced by amy’s status? Amy wants to go larger katie price style.

  7. I like her boobs they look better, so what are we going to do about the rest of her ugly ass??

    What crack head parent let their daughter run with that nut? Oh Hell 2 the NAW!!!

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