If the abusive women featured on this show were men the audience would be baying for  blood and Tyra’s line of questioning wouldn’t have been so “gentle”.

You can just sense an air of sympathy for these women throughout their interviews, especially when they put on the water works.

But I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for those disturbed monsters (who both deserve to get their faces slapped off) and I’m glad that both men saw sense in the end and dumped them.

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  1. wow! I did sense the sympathy for the ladies in the audience too, few minutes into the video, I was almost screaming, SHE is the monster! I guess if you feel the need to hit someone to get your point across, you do have a problem and people should be sorry for ya!

    I also felt the first lady seemed to enjoy listing the very many harmful things she does to her man. (Maybe it’s the way she came across)

    It was painful to watch, same way it would have been painful to watch if it was a man on woman abuse.

  2. I hear tyra hires actors and actresses 4 her shows. Am not saying women don’t beat men but this looks over the top 4 a show kinda jerry springer(artificial like). God help the men if it’s 4 real. What is wrong with tyra’s eyes? She blinks like a doll.

  3. @ Lati, Hmm that crossed my mind too, There seemed to be someone standing behind when the producers said they were leaving the interview room for a bit! Oh! maybe it’s my eyes.

    LOL@ tyra blinking like a doll.

  4. Tyra is not the women she was when she starred (badly) in higher learning,… now she is lost forever, american model u know that show got to head.

  5. The beast kicked him in his face full force, so Tyra did the intro in front of her shoe closet…. I think we know what shoes look like !!!

    Did it lay more emphasis on how hard the kick was, by standing in front of the shoe closet !!! drama queen yes..

  6. Tyra’s shows are drammatic, even the way she dresses sometimes. Some people go on these shows for their five minutes fame. How many of these people that go to these talk shows are genuine? It becomes meaningless when it is supposed to be real and it turns out it was all acting.

  7. I don’understand why you are saying that it is a joke, this is NOT,,,This is unfortunately life, women beat their man…i am very ashamed that people say that it is not real….thanks to tyra we see another really bad part of the world because the media and newspaper are speaking about only the abuse of men to women but we have to focus to abuse of women to man too…because it is really really bad

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