War Song is the first video clip taken from the up and coming film 1 Day, which is set on the ‘mean’ streets of Birmingham.

1 Day will be released in cinemas on the November 6th 2009. However I am guessing that this film will only be released in “select” cinemas… but I could be wrong. Please feel free to correct me producers if I am in fact wrong.  

Via Pbleepd Blog

What is this scene depicting…. gang banging on the streets of Birmingham???  

The UK just loves to follow fashion! LOL!!!!

The Bloods and Crips have a lot to answer for……………..

Click here to view the official 1 Day website / trailers.

So who plans on venturing out to see this film?

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  1. the actual film is actuallly quite funny!!!
    i went to the premier fffing and blinding and i came out actuallly impressed
    theres a message in there its not all about glorification of gang culture
    but its starts from an honest basic level!! of yes the idolisation of american street culture but theres a few twists and turns in there that make it almost a musical version of boys in the hood!!!!
    ( you lot know me i will speak my mind and cuss or ignore this type of thing … but this film goes deeper ( it actuallly depicts black street culture in a way I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE ON BRITISH TELEVISION)
    THERES SOME BITS THAT WILL HAVE YOU CRACKING UP WITH LAUGHTER if you are open enough to see it for what it is….
    i think this film far far far outshines any of the recent ( uk street films i have seen) including the series on tv that i cant remember… check it out peeps ..

  2. its one of those… i think some of the characters and actors in this film may get work.. if it blows up sufficiantly!!… the main guy the main character actuallly looks like rodney p younger brother … .. its one of those ones … far outshines the things ive seen on tv lately….

    theres scenes in church…… scenes in different places… it kinda give you a typical backdrop of ghetto normal life too….
    theres a twist.. and a kinda moral to it.. but you got to watch it to see it……
    i actuallly want this film in my house….
    and i dont want none of the normal stuff i’m seeing on tv…

  3. @Tyisicloser: you’re right it’s just like a musical of Boys In The Hood

    I went to a screening of it and at first I was like ‘WTF?’ but it’s quite a good film, even though I believe it certainly does glorify gun culture

    There are definitely some bits that will have you laughing hard – the Jamaican granny is so funny.

  4. This film was selected for the Times BFI film festival, which is currently running and they don’t accept NO rubbish believe that lol,… I think it has a few respected people from the film making industry behind it as well, I remember reading up … the producer and diredtor If I think.

    anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing this, quality black cinema is long over due in this country!

  5. Read about this film a few days ago, and to be honest kind of dismissed it – a hip hop musical set in Birmingham? Made by some old white lady??
    But by the comments above it seems I was too quick to judge it without actually seeing it. I’ll have to check it out now!

    @FR how would you define Black cinema?

  6. @ Pheva… I would define black cinema, or maybe not define -but I see Black Cinema as… films that were made with mainly a black crew, or mainly a black cast, or films that cover what are thought to be issues that mainly arise within the black community, and comedy / drama type films that the black community on a whole can strongly relate to…

    not so much ‘kidadulthood’ and ‘adulthood’, but more ‘bullet boy 2004’, ‘Babylon 1980’, ‘Babymother 1998’ & ‘Fallout 2008 (by Roy Williams)’

    How would u define, or how do u see / understand black cinema???

  7. @FR.. kind of agree with you – films written, directed and produced by black people, about issues within our community, from our point of view. A film with an all black cast but written & directed by a white person for example is not in my view a ‘Black’ film, whether it is good or not. The only reason I asked is that your comment about quality black cinema made me think.

    @Janice yeah, filmmaker Penny Woolcock – nothing wrong with her making the film if it is as good as they say, but it’s another reason why I asked FR the question above!

  8. @ pheva – ok, fair point, … but… I know their isn’t a so called genre for ‘white cinema’ lol… but if there was this film might qualify -it’s called ‘A way of life’…2004

    has an all white cast… minus 1/2?

    filmed in wales, following a story many white folk could probably relate to, but… was written & directed by Amma Asante… a black women, from London? what does she know about the life and times of white folk out in wales>? lol

    I think their are a small amount of special people that are ‘in tuned’ to whats going on around them, and what to speak on it, regardless of their colour, class etc… I think, maybe Penny Woolcock maybe one of them?

    maybe , either that or it’s something each, but I’ll keep that to myself for now LOL.

  9. also just saw this video on Youtube, thought some u might wanna see…

    it’s a clip from 1 Day, little insight into how the musical thing comes across, it looks good still, if penny wrote all this she’s on point LOL

  10. There are lots of examples of writers/directors who depict areas of culture that don’t come from the said community and do an excellent job as long as they research and respect the medium…if i was a writer i would hate to think that given the one-dimensional stereotype of black culture this film depicts (good or not) that i would be relegated to a life of writing about only this style of life.

    One example: The No1 Detective Agency -Alexander McCall Smith- Scottish

  11. True points from FR and Reclaimin’…I see where you’re coming from. I guess it’s like music in a way. Respect the medium and the story you’re telling and if you do a good job it’s all good.

    But – if I was to curate a season of Black film at the BFI, I would still use my criteria above.

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