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Psychic medium Derek Acorah will attempt to contact Michael Jackson in a live séance on Sky1.

Two newly commissioned shows, Michael Jackson: The Live Séance and Michael Jackson: The Search For His Spirit, will air in November.

June Sarpong will host the events, which aim to give fans “a final chance to connect with their hero”. The séance will apparently take place at a secret location which was once inhabited by the ‘Thriller’ popstar. Continue Reading

What in Obeah/Juju HELL is going on here???

Sky 1 is this how low you will stoop to generate ratings???

And as for you June Sapong – you should know better!

I cannot believe she agreed to host this madness.

Just leave the man alone to rest in peace!

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  1. madness, get the whole of the UK to watch and and transport demons into thier living room, ah! No Thanks!…

    June what u doing girl, I’m sure your mother told you not to play with spirits.

  2. @FR

    This are the dumb clucks this country Fr, they think talking to and playing with devils is all funny and great. Using the one eyed devil to usher in other devils. A sucker is born every minute in this land, these people just revel and wallow in stupidity and foolery.

  3. if your reading this june…
    DONT DO IT.. even as celeberities we can see when people are taking the piss with our icons… dont let them do that pay your mortgage another way……!!!
    please!! i wish we had more outspoken celebs that could STAND UP TO THIS SHIT.. DAMMIT UK WE NEED OPRAH!!!SAVE US OPRAH!! FROM THEIR FOOLISHNESS!!! SPEAK UP AND MAKE people see sense!!
    i dont see no body speaking to elvis via no seance!!!
    ( they’re taking the piss)

  4. @ verbs, … this sort of tom foolery is in now, the ever increasing interest in the spiritual is perhaps a good thing, but this is totally the wrong way to go about things, contacting the dead, not on my TV,… as for me and my house hold…! lol

    @ TY, thats an interesting point, what u saying there, racial undertones, … surely elvis would be first , why Jacko????… as for Oprah she would probably give up her house as a place to host the event, lol.

  5. @FR

    Agreed, they are certainly going about this in the wrong fashion. As for me and my house, hit the nail right on the head FR. It will be interesting to know how many fools get zapped/hexed tuning into the darkside!


    Lol, its the first thing that came to my head when I saw the title.

  6. Considering that EVERYONE apart from the BLACKMAN is a fool, according to your satndards verbs, why bother limiting fools to just television watching.

  7. @Dera

    What the heck are you rattling on about now Dera? Is it smart to play with devils all of a sudden, it is smart and trendy to talk to the dead all of a sudden?

  8. Dera

    Again, I just don’t see your point. The majority consensus here is that this is foolishness, stupidity and quite possibly racist. If you have beef with me on this topic then I suggest you also direct your debate to others here as it is clear that I do not stand alone on this subject.

  9. oh verbs I think, Dera was referring to ya comment at 9:17 on the 14th???

    perhaps thinking in regards of ya comment… that u view this country on a whole as ‘soley white folk land’ so when u refer to the dumb clucks of this country, u couldn’t possibly be including the tons of black, asian and other blends of cultured people that will be tuning into see this spirit wholesale (watch some, get some free)?

  10. Fr

    The chips fall on all races in this country FR. Predominantly it is white folks that like to dabble in this kind of thing but there are foolish blacks, asians, orientals and other races that have jumped on this band wagon. Look at who is hosting it for starters.

    “Considering that EVERYONE apart from the BLACKMAN is a fool, according to your satndards verbs”:

    Where have I said that there aren’t foolish people among blacks? The comment is just out of place FR. It just seems to be an empty bone of contention and a red herring in my book. The majority consensus is clear here, it isn’t smart to play with devils, regardless of what culture you stem from.

  11. The ATR(african tradtional religion) is full of this kind of antics. And it’s not really about devils in other cases. Some people in grieving tend to do this kind of thing not to literally contact ‘devils’ unless you are saying that MJ was a devil and it’s risky to contact him.

    My problem with this is that people have reached to a point where they think that MJS fans loved him more than his mother and children and that they are the ones who need badly to contact him, for what reason exactly???smh Hell, some committed suicide. smh

    I would tune in to see how exactly they are planning on playing the crowd coz i do not believe they will actually get in touch with his spirit/ just a fraudulent show. If Uri gellar is apart of it, then it has FRAUD written allover it.

    And dera had a point. LOL

  12. I totally agree lati!
    Contacting “spirits”etc can be used in a positive or negative way, just like any tool.

    Classic TV 2way profiling as usual black man Evil black magic vodoo, white man gifted six sense spiritually connected. Grave digging/excavation project. if that ghost hunt guy was black he’d be in homerton mental hospital and would’nt see the light of day.

    They love to dig up, extract, examine, move, spiritually disturb, rob, saw and slice up the dead.
    RIP = Rest in Peices.

    I will be watching most definately, there is more chance the devil comes out your toaster than this disrespectfull show.

  13. The problem is are you connecting with the real person or a spirit impersonating that person? Even channellers like Nostradamas and Swedenborg in their writings stated that spirits do lie and deceive people. They even attested to being deceived by spirits themselves.

  14. It might not even be a spirit at all 4 all we know. For starters, MJS life has been public apart from his thoughts, the producers know exactly what they are tapping into from the so called vulnerable fans and will say and do to suit their needs/make believe, 4 their financial benefit.
    There’s nothing new they are going to say that people don’t know.

  15. They aint connecting with nothing will be as fake as a Paul Daniels magic show with june replacing Debbie. His life was an open book.
    @verbs its not a problem and its not deep. if its really him or not or just fake, same outcome which is piss taking bollocks.

  16. NV

    Lol @ Paul Daniels. Lets just hope it a fake as if they seriously go through with this, some folks will not come out of this the same again. Here is an example:

  17. Yo Verbs, had a little look. Got to half way cant wait for loading using phone.
    Its not deep like that, its tv sky1 primetime entertainment home of simpsons and southpark, will be comically funny at the greatest pop stars expense, im expecting it to fool me too else it wouldn’t be a good magic trick.

    verbs give satan more credit where due. the devil is gods EQUAL conterpart. Would he use a little snotty nose girl with the outcome of screaming and cursing at worried parents. And you can bet on your nelly an old fat white guy splashing tap water around is no match for the devil.

  18. NV

    The question is can they(the media) be trusted? In my experience they cannot and thinking that we know what this is really all about is a recipe for lining yourself up for being suckered. It will be funny but that is because it is going to be viewed by people who in my opinion know little to nothing of the spirit realm, they will be used as experimental rats.

    That possession is a true documented account and not the only true account that the media have reported on. There have cases of women being raped by devils in the site of other people, scratches and injuries suddenly appearing on their bodies from nowhere aswell as people being thrown about rooms and objects being thrown at them especially after “playing” with Ouija boards. Google “True Accounts Of Demonic Possession” or “Demon Possession True Stories”.

    The Devil is no equal to God, it would be more accurate to equate him to one of the chief angels like Michael, Gabriel or Uriel. Devils use anyone and everyone,they are not discriminate.

  19. It’s not about IMO knowing much or little about the realm of the sprit world but about the belief in the spirit world. Trust, when you believe you hallucinate and see and these spirits come to life(paranoia as a result), when you don’t believe, you see nothing.
    And there are some illnesses that have been conveniently associated to the devil possesions for whatever reason (having a fit) and foaming at the mouth and so on, people hearing voices and so on. Paranoia is a powerful tool in these cases.

  20. And while we are at the topic of these demons and so on, i have my reservations on these miracle performers in churches, they are the equals of these spirit seekers IMO. They play the same tricks.

  21. @verbs
    The Devil whispers in the ear of the Shepard unnoticed, he has no use for little girls who drink coco and go to bed at 8pm.

    Im not saying possession isn’t real, your right it is, along with the dangers and after affects of a ouija board, but to say its the devil (Satan) is something else. Its like seeing a UFO and saying its the leader of the martians.

    Nature, positive:negative, love:hate are equal counterparts of a point of view. Both biblical characters represent the absolutes.
    To pluralise and say Devils is to say Gods. Just like Angels and Demons.

    We wont see eye to eye where religion is concerned.

    I totally agree about the miracle healers!

    Back to the subject.

    Everyone will be safe at home the Devil(s), God, spirit of MJ etc cannot be converted into binary code.
    The audience (actors) will be fine.
    if someone did experience anything ghoulish sky would be in a lot of ish. I dont think they would risk it.
    All except kreed kafer who bought a hot VIP queue jump ticket to Hell a long time ago.

    Im expecting this trick to involve a tank of helium.

  22. NV

    You are right, this wasn’t THE Devil(Satan) possessing that girl, it was A devil possessing her. That is why the exorcist asked the spirit possessing her if THE Devil exists. Agreed, Satan represents the totally opposite principles, moral standard and position of God but he is no match for God in terms of power, not by a long shot. Im not sure about not seeing eye to eye because nearly all of what you have stated I agree with. Again, you are correct, devils can be translated as gods(small “g”) in certain contexts. Most people call them demons, I just call them devils.

    As for you conclusion on the forth coming show, I will have to disagree with you on that. The man is a medium who consults with devils, that is what mediums do. No one is safe around this kind of man, the audience should give him an extremely wide berth. They shouldn’t even go or tune in to the show but curiosity will always get the better of some people, many times to their own detriment.

  23. @Lati

    What are you saying, that people cannot see spirits or they do not exist? Seeing “fake miracle performers” on television or in mega churches does not in any wise discredit/write off sober people who genuinely claimed to have seen spirits or the documented factual cases of devil possession. How you conclude that belief in something automatically leads to hallucinations and paranoia is nutty within itself. Again, your non belief in a subject/issue doesn’t all of a sudden make it fact and the fact we have recorded cases of live possession blows your “belief” out of the water. Your belief is just called denial.

  24. It’s not denial coz i have never experienced it, do not know anyone who has been possessed and those that have supposedly been possessed seemed to be acting it for money. Untill i get possessed, i will still maintain that it’s hallucinations and make believes and illnesses.

    Anyway, this show is just a FRAUD, we all know what MJ’s words to the world were if we listen to his music and see the charity work he did, for people to act like there was more he would have said for financial benefit and to make a joke of him, is a joke, and literally acting dumb.

  25. Its denial because regardless of your non experience, evidence is available of genuine possessions for you to look at. Truth just is. Truth will conform to the evidence, not with your unbelief.

    I totally agree with you on the show, it is going to be a load of crap and they are making a mockery of Michael. This world always seems to capitalise on dead people and merchandising their legacy.

  26. Verbs, i believe it’s a skill that ‘clever’ people can use 4 their benefit or against others. They just feed into people’s needs and insecurities most of the time. The spirit world is no diff’t to religious world. But anyway, i’ll agree 2 disagree.

  27. Verbs you’ve misinterpreted what I meant to say, reading back I can see why, I’ll go more in-depth tomorrow.

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