Up until this point I had successfully avoided listening to the much hyped remix of ‘5 Star Chick’ and the female “rapper” of the moment Nicki Minaj, but I finally gave in today. Curiousity got the better of me.

People Stateside seem to be going crazy over this Nicki Minaj, and after listening to her “spit” I am baffled as to why anyone would give her props.

Has it really come to this on the female rapper front? Trina refuses to disappear and now we have this Minaj bird. The situation right now is just tragic!

Lauryn Hill PLEASE COME BACK!!!!

Anyway…….the “rapping” on this track in general from each of it’s contributors is atrocious, but I do like the beat.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. Popcorn hiphop, is that what they mean, hip hop for our young microwave generation today who don’t really know any better, or care to want to hear something better than ‘Drop it like it’s hot’, ‘Money makes me cum’ or ‘…Boots with the fur (the Fur)’

    where is RAH DIGGER!!!!! I miss her badly.

    anyway, I ain’t heard the track yet, but once I touch down at home will be playing to give my 2pence on the track, artists etc.

  2. @ Fr The young generation don’t relate to the previous music era that much. Some do like the the old music but how often do they get to hear it in clubs or at school with peers? My parents up to this day do not understand what rap is? Every generation claims their music to be good. lol

  3. I hoping that these Trina’s and Nicki Minaj chicks open the doors for much more skilled rappers like La Femme Nikita, Mae Day, & Unlady Like (Def Jam)! I do give credit to Nicki for gettin to where she’s at!!! I guess there is a place for everything each one of these female rappers will contribute something different!

  4. I was caught of guard by Gucci’s teeth. It’s ok, I also enjoy the noise that is Crunk, so I’m definately not to be trusted.

  5. @ Rowetta, thats a good point, I guess they don’t get to hear it enough and even if they did it would probably sound sooo foreign lol.

    as for this track I think it’s rubbish, sure they maybe a place for this kind of hip hop, but it’s oh so over the top… as for Nicki Minaj I don’t really now what to make of her, is she a gimmick?

  6. Foreign is the right word. lol I remember an artist who said that, people are so used to bad music and would not know good music if they heard it. This track is bad for sure. Aren’t people tired of hearing about flashy cars and money, paying bills, the flashy jewels. And it is not like it is a struggle kind of story, it’s more showy. lol

  7. I dont care what nobody says! That Video was sooooo Hard! Specially the part with Trina, and Nicki Minaj! They picked the right females for this video! Both girls did a good job and gucci and yo gotti! This shit is hot, of course if you dont listen to their music, then you may not think its hot! Believe me its a hot video! All yall haters just mad!!!

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