UK artist Pound Sterling reminds me of 50 Cent (circa 2003 image) and this video /track is just the UK version of Fiddy’s ‘I Get Money’.

Hmmmm.. the production isn’t bad.

Do you know what? Pound Sterling, the track, the tired video concept, the whole ‘let’s pretend I’m a rich American rapper’ vibe, and the Pound Sterling sign tatooed on his left peck, I find it all highly amusing!

I love it! LOL!

[Thanks K]

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. I don’t even know what to say. He seems so outdated
    His Ralph Lauren T-shirt?
    Do guys still wear those ugly ugly gucci shoes?
    He looks like my uncle- i could understand if he was 17, but this guy is too old for this nonsense
    His prison body( top half over worked)
    The fisherman hat circa 1996
    The chain! The random dudes in the background
    At least the women were ok
    Why must I cry?

  2. Pound Sterling is not doing nothing new, but I think he’s aiight, I’m not saying he’s a dope rapper, but I’ll watch his video if it comes on (maybe laughin, but I’ll still watch it)

  3. MISSSS!!!!!! and that video was made in a cheap studio, with cheap props and cheap backdrops and some good colour templates in final cut pro to make it look glossy….. ugh, this is what makes me lose hope in new music.

  4. Big Hit!! You lot sound like mad haters evryone i know feels this tune y not support n dem guccis r like 300 a pair i know coz i jus roped a pair. U lot aint fresh.

  5. Man told me bout this hate blog I thought they was lyingto me are you lot mad. FRESH IS A HIT!! I’l bet whatever the chick behind this blog is UGLY I know you lot are gonna remove my comment anyway but while its up. Fresh is a banger Stirling gwaan do your ting. Some people hate..especially butters girls

    Watch out for Mike The Bully Mixtape Coming Soon!!! E8 all day.

  6. Sounds like hate to me. Stirling keeps it british raps as english as anyone and ur brushin him. The road feels my man hes doin his ting, his westwood freestyle on youtube is dope just for the hustlers was dope, but your sayin Fresh is tired u shud be sayin gwaan your tryin a ting but your sayin hes fiddy. HATE!! Im droppin my video soon and its heads like you that will try brush it just coz media aint told you its whats good.

    Watch out for Mike The Bully Mixtape Coming Soon.

  7. Definitely a Hit. Sweardown your points are all true we are too quick to teardown rather than support. You shouldnt start name callin though it makes you look as ignorant. Fresh a definite banger though, everyones got it as theyr ringtone at my college.

  8. @Sweardown

    Everyone is entitled to express an opinion good/bad. If you as an artist cannot accept varying opinions in regards to your music then you perhaps need to choose a different vocation in life. Pound Sterling reminded me of 50 (this track/video). That’s my opinion! Constantly accusing people of “hatin” because they express an opinion that isn’t exactly favourable is just ridiculous and comical .

    Are we expected to lie and say a track/artist is “fantastic” even when deep down we have reservations? How does that help the artist??? Honesty is the best policy.

    As for the “butters” remark. LOL!!! Thats so old skool it sweets me. Well I don’t think of myself as being a “butters” but hey that’s just my opinion LOL . But I’m not quite sure what my hotty hotty looks has to do with Pound Sterling and his music. I’m confused right now son! LOL

    Oh and thanks for skillfully promoting your up and coming project on Mad News. Listening to your music will no doubt be the highlight of my day. I can’t wait!

  9. This can’t be life lol!

    “…dem guccis r like 300 a pair i know coz i jus roped a pair”

    This is a joke right

  10. Raa mad hate. Whats wot hes wearin got to do wid the song? N evry1 with class from biznesmn 2 man on road likes gucci loafers, the song dont sound nutn like 50s i get money apart from him sayin it this is so UK BIG HIT, STERLINGS HOT RITE NOW EVERY VIDEO EVERY SONG HE GOES ON THE SAME. TUGGY! UK STAND UP. HATERS SIT DOWN..

  11. u got jokes! But u make alot of reference 2 american moguls 50 cent, S.J.P. maybe if u studied your own UK environment a little more u’d be more up on whats hot n wots not music n fashionwise..

  12. You talk fashion/music but Pound Sterling’s whole image etc is based on what the American’s created in the 90s straight through to now. It’s hardly orginal. But if you were born in the 90s then I guess you wouldn’t know that.

  13. Hmmm. So u dont have time to care about the UK scene or wot roadman are wearin but uv got time to make a blog about an artist from the UK scene n talk bout wot hes wearin. Hmmm CONTRADICTION!! And 3 responses did i upset u? Lol. Nex time compose urself b4 u respond. U’l never become a real journalist at this rate ul just be stuk writing your lackluster blogs. N i woz born in 88 as 4 studyin i jus got a 2.1 in economics, but im still as much a road man as ever il finish the way i started. UK STAND UP JANICE SIT DOWN N IF NOT STAND 4 SOMETHING!!

  14. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Nex time compose urself b4 u respond.”

    “N i woz born in 88”

    Aww well I wasn’t far off! So you were around 4/5 years old when the whole “gangsta rap” scene kicked off… right…..

    Upset? It’s water off a duck’s back mate. LOL!!!!

    Congrats on the 2.1 result. It’s always good to know that there are some educated road men with a sense of fashion out there. Pound Sterling will be proud!

    “U’l never become a real journalist at this rate ul just be stuk writing your lackluster blogs”

    Thanks for the advice. As soon as I log off I am going to rethink my vocation in life! Do you know of any good Journalism courses that I can sign up to???

    Nah drogba this “lacklustre” blogger is gonna keep on standing .


    Your English grammer is hysterical!



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