Melissa Bell and Alexandra Burke

Melissa Bell and Alexandra Burke

It looks like Alexandra’s ‘explosive’ interview with Marie Claire hasn’t gone down too well on the home front!

Via The Sunday Mirror

Melissa Bell, a singer with Eighties group Soul II Soul – spoke out just days after X Factor winner Alexandra, 21, attacked her in an interview.

Alexandra claimed Melissa was filled with jealousy after Alexandra won the ITV show and then went on to have a Christmas No1 with Hallelujah, her only hit so far.

But seriously-ill Melissa, 45, said the hurtful accusations are totally untrue.

“It’s all very upsetting,” she told the Sunday Mirror. “And she’s not even a success herself yet. I hope she is, but we don’t even know how her follow-up single is going to do.”

Melissa, who suffers from kidney disease, has also rubbished Alexandra’s claim that she was kicked out of home at 16.

She added: “I have certain rules. In Caribbean families you have to respect your parents. She needed to experience life, to see if the grass is greener – and she did. I don’t know where she went but the door was always open.”

Soul II Soul had a British No 1 with Keep On Moving in 1989. They were also a huge success in America, where they won a Grammy Award.

But last week Alexandra claimed mum Melissa, now living on benefits in a council house in North London, was finding it hard in her shadow.

In the interview with Marie Claire magazine, Alexandra said: “Soul II Soul didn’t last as long as she wanted. Then I get this big new show, I win it and it’s weird for her.” Continue Reading…..

What a sad sad state of affairs.

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  1. wow thats very sad and this part

    It’s all very upsetting,” she told the Sunday Mirror. “And she’s not even a success herself yet. I hope she is, but we don’t even know how her follow-up single is going to do.”

    Seems like she’s not really in her corner at all.

  2. Her Mum only said what everybody’s thinking. Alex broke the black family rule – airing your family business out in public!

  3. Co sign vexinthecity.

    What a fool she is. What was she thinking? Now she is too ‘famous’ to rubbish her mother? Yes, and her mother is right, her follow up single i doubt is going to do that well. She needs to pick a leaf out of leona’a book(who really can sing and has done well), i.e be humble. SMH

  4. this is aweful. wasn’t alex going on about wanting to win to help her mum get the medical help she needed?

    and now she’s doing this, doesn’t matter what goes on between alex and her mum, keep it in the family woman. she’s no leona yet, someone should remind her.

  5. Exactly neesy, she cried buckets and used her mother’s sad story to get votes and now she is acting a fool.

  6. Oh im pretty sad to read this, Alexandra has talent but she needs to remember that success and this whole celebrity thing is so fickle.

    Plus did she not win X-Factor just a year ago,is the minimal one hit success thus far worth rubbishing her mum or family. Come on now.

    There was no need for her quote in Marie Claire especially seeing that her mum is sick. Even if her mum is jealous( I cant see how as SoulIISoul were successful both in the UK and U.S.A but lets give her the benefit of the doubt and believe her mum is jealous of her career thus far,DOES SHE NEED TO AIR that to the press and media who normally have no loyalty and make and break a celeb in secs?

    I know the whole fame game is overwhelming and most times you cant make the forest from the trees but one thing i would not do is rubbish my family in press. Even if there has been bad blood with the family, the DEVIL YOU KNOW is always better than the ANGEL YOU DO NOT KNOW!

  7. im really beginning to go off her, its going to her head. As boring as leona is at least she never got sucked in by the glitz and glamour.

  8. I REALLY hope she was misquoted and did not say in a very high profile magazine that her Mum is jealous of her, whether it was true or not. You did not air your dirty linen in public and attack your mum like that in such a public arena. I am very sad about this.

  9. She best mind herself or she’ll go back to sharing a single bed with her sister! The press don’t care about you love, they just want their headline.

    You only have one family …

  10. now what i wanna know is what song did her mum sing for soul 2 soul!!! cos i’m scrathing my head here..
    there was rose windross, caron wheeler, do ‘reen and then… who~~

  11. @ Ty

    It had the following members, but i do not know whether it was a collective group or just the lead singers were considered as Soul 2 Soul.

    Jazzie B (born Beresford Romeo, January 26, 1963, in Great Britain, of Antiguan parents), founder, leader, producer, DJ, rapper; Melissa Bell, vocals; Penny Ford, vocals; Philip “Daddae” Harvey, DJ/vocals; Nellee Hooper, producer/arranger; Charlotte Kelly, vocals; MarciaLewis, vocals; Kym Mazelle, vocals; Courtney Pine, saxophone; Sensi (born Nikkolai Daniel), vocals; Caron Wheeler, vocals.

  12. SO WHICH SONG DID SHE SING! or was she in fact a backing singer.. or was she the singer that went on the road and sang the songs that other songers wrote…

  13. Soul II Soul created a different type of organization with their second album. “We’re still using musicians as an architect would use different tradesmen for different tasks,” Hoop-ertold Sandall in Rolling StoneaiXer the album’s release. “But this time there are only two featured artists: [saxophonist] Courtney Pine and [singer] Kym Mazelle. The rest are all signed to the Soul II Soul label. All these people will have records out before the end of the year. The new album is more like a sampler for the new label.”

    I wonder if those words ever came to pass. Alexander is at liberty to do and say as she pleases as long as it does not harm her career, i hope she will say the same if she does not become as successful as she hopes to. Karma is terrible. I hope she did not do it out of spite.

  14. I bought Marie Claire last week and thought the cover story was brilliant. Alex didn’t out and out say her Mum was jealous of her, she said she felt her Mum may have felt pangs of envy when she was going through the X Factor experience, because she wasn’t able to fully pursue her musical ambitions herself, due to starting a family. It wasn’t a judgemental statement; it was an honest response to what the journalist asked her. I also liked the interview because it dispels the myth that everything is hunky-dory post X Factor glory. I’m tired of all the honey-coated, media-trained snooze-fest interviews that pop artists regurgitate these days. So boring. Give me an interview with honest outspoken people like Estelle, Adele and that La Roux chick any day.

  15. A daughter thinking that her mother may envy her or be jelous, does not sit right with me. May be she does envy her or is jelous of her success, the media will play her against her mother and vice versa. If it was a plan between her and her mother and her mother had backed up her story, it would not look as bad as it looks, yet she used her mother during the competetions. It’s too early in her career to play silly games.

  16. If music success was entirely based on talent, we would not have the kind of artists we have now. It is about creating a relationship with the crowd and that is why they have the PRs who tap into people’s needs. The image Alex portrayed during the competetion and now is parallel. She can say whatever she wants to say but in hope that it will not damage her image. Readers like a good story which is usually a bad story but what will her fans be looking for? Artists who have been there and done that can enlighten us.

    If she was looking for people to talk, i hope they see it as a good thing and not run the other way.

  17. I have not read the Marie Claire article, and do not know exactly what Alex’s quotes were, but like most people I do hope that Alex is very careful in making statements about the ones she’s suppose to have love for. Her mom was at the X factor cheering her own and yes she could have been thinking about the old day. But Alex must be careful as the media is always looking to mud sling someone. You have talent Alex, no doubt a gift from your mom. Love and cherish that and always, always keep a level head and be humble. What’s here today can be gone tomorrow.

  18. melissa is not jealous of her daughter
    money changes people thats all i gotta say…i should know
    i’m seeing this situation from first hand because melissa is my sister

    btw melissa was LEAD SINGER for the band not backup

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