Shenise Farrell photographed after receiving corrective surgery

I thought I had seen and heard it all…..

Via The Daily Mail

When Shenise Farrell read on the internet about a £5,000 operation which could turn her dark brown eyes light blue, she wasted no time in heading off to Panama.

Less than two weeks later, British surgeons were battling to save her sight.

They had to repair a hole in her iris and remove implants. It is unclear whether she will suffer long-term damage – and her eyes are still brown.

‘It was the biggest mistake I have ever made,’ said the single mother of three from Perivale, West London.

‘To think I could have never been able to see my children again. It was totally reckless of me.’

Miss Farrell is taking a community studies degree at Goldsmiths, University of London in the hope of becoming a social worker.

She is believed to be the first person in the UK to undergo such an operation, which involves inserting a coloured lens inside the eye, over the iris, and is not licensed in Europe.

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After surgery

Did you ever think about purchasing a set of blue CONTACT LENSES Shenise????


And it sounds as though the government has increased unemployment benefit and child benefit. How else could an unemployed young mother of three in full time education afford to fly out to Panama and waste THOUSANDS of pounds on this FOOLISH procedure????? 

(Shenise also flew out to Bulgaria and had her breasts enlarged)

I think I need to pay Prime Minister Gordon Brown a visit? We need to have a serious talk Gordon!

As for Shenise, she’s studying to become a social worker…….

But Shenise I think you’re the one that’s in need of a social worker and a psychiatrist!

What an IDIOT!

[Thanks Keisha]

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  1. Your black, u have brown eyes. And she’s at uni studying what? You have a low self esteem and think in that manner, what good r u in your field of study. And 2 think that foreign students pay 3 times the home students probably funding her education. Smh. Utter foolishness and selfishness.

  2. chhhopidnesss!!! ladie!!!!!!!! if this aint a sign of the times…. i dont know what is….
    us men are fucking up ( for sure)
    but this here!!! is frightening as welll!!

  3. I’ve been hearing about this procedure. What is wrong with our people? Somebody somewhere is always trying to look more Aryan. My eyes are brown, they look just fine, they work just fine and I do not need a trade in. Indoctrination at its highest form, must be the fluoride and lead in the water.

  4. “It was the biggest mistake I have ever made,’ said the single mother of three from Perivale, West London.”…..YUP !!!

    The lost ones…

  5. Sí, el amor por favor a vosotros mismos y dejar de beber el agua del grifo de fluoruro y teniendo cáncer de lleno las vacunas, que son malas para usted.

  6. What is going on with black women today? First it is the makeup that crept in by stealth(believe it or not you do not need make up black woman, you skin is beautiful and can hold its own), then the weave reared its ugly head(I’ll have you know that in certain countries women force their daughters to shave of their hair for the money so you can get to put on that wig. Also note that the majority of your hair product stores are owned by Asians, mostly Pakistanis who view you as sex objects and whores. They cannot even tell you what you need when you have an enquiry), then the nail extensions and now fake eye lashes seem to be trendy amongst my sisters. Now the fashion is to actually start changing the genetic make up of the body. These are definetly the end times. Wake up black woman, stop being indoctrinated by Eastenders, Corrie, Hollyoaks, Desperate Housewives, Big Brother, Neighbours, Home and Away, Loose Women and all these other programmes that make the Caucasion race look superior and the way to be. I thought we were over this stage ages ago. It seems like we have been in these western countries for too long. Switch off that tv once in a while and read a book.

  7. *claps hands @ Verbs*

    Well said, Homie!

    Black really is very beautiful. This woman almost lost her eyesight because she forgot all about that immutable tenet.

    I really, really REALLY hope she has learned her lesson!

    Probably not though…


  8. i wonder why she didn´t come up with the idea of changing skin color. nature gave what you got and your duty is to make it look good for what it is!

  9. She aint learned a damb thing! She’ll still try to change somethin else.

    Even micheal jackson wasn’t stupid enough to do that. I hope all this dont rub of on her kids.

    well said!

  10. Its true, black women are so special but many of them do not see it any more because of that one eyed devil called television which has indoctrinated many black women to view themselves as inferior and erode away their uniqueness and put on the characteristics of another namely the European. That television in many respects can be more dangerous than a gun for at least with the bullet you feel the pain instantly and you can deal with the wound on the spot but tv injuries come with stealth and many a time at the end, the mental damage is beyond repair. I said it before, when our parents came here they were friendly towards others but did not adopt their practices or beliefs seeing they were clearly backwards.

    The education system has also played a big part in this brainwashing process particularly with the teaching of Evolution as if it is proven fact as well as other nonsense topics. We must shake ourselves out of the trance that we have been put in, return back to basics and put of the foolishness that we have picked up from western society, me included. As we can see, they cannot run a bath here yet alone a country. We need to take our children back also as they are suffering at the hands of these skull duggerous beasts 5 days a week in the government training camps…….ooops sorry school system. Here is another reason why we have to make a concerted effort to ground our children solid for the battles of the outside world. Look at what they want to teach 5 year olds in school now:

  11. SMH and moving on…

    The imperial war museum in London is going to host a film and documentary screening this month about black women leaders throughout history, on 27th, 1pm-4:30pm. Admission is free, if anyone is interested.

    Contact number is 02074165446, for further information.

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