Those of you who are fans of US drama One Tree Hill and fans of the film Coach Carter (starring Samuel L Jackson) will recognise Antwon.

Via CBC News

Antwon Tanner, who plays the character “Skills” in the young adult television drama One Tree Hill, has pleaded guilty to taking part in a fake identity scam.

Tanner, 35, told a federal judge in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Friday that he was a middleman in the scheme, selling 16 social security numbers and three fake social security cards that were supplied to him by an unidentified source. He was paid $10,000 US for the transaction.

The actor was charged with selling the numbers and the cards in April.

He faces up to one year in prison and a $250,000 US fine. His sentencing has been scheduled for Nov. 20. Continue Reading…..

This is just embarrassing! 

Antwon has so much potential and has appeared in some major TV dramas. Now he has foolishly gone and jeopardized his entire career.

Was he really that desperate for the money or was he just motivated by shear greed?

What a complete and utter waste!

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  1. When he comes out of prison and cannot find work, he’ll appreciate the ‘little’ he had. There’s no second chances either. What was he thinking? You have a job and earn enough but it’s not enough? Smh

  2. For him, a hustle is more than a hustle. Who was that guy who called a fellow actor a faggot and where is he now? What hospital drama is that? People don’t 4give and 4get. Especially with such things. U c here benefits is a very sore topic. Smh

  3. guys …… its the american way!!
    i dont swear by it .. but it is what it is!!!
    things were obvoiusly not that great for him if he could comtemplaye doing it.. or his entrenepeneural ghetto spirit never left him
    either way a hustle is a hustle..
    and he got caught!!!
    i wonder how many other ( celeberitie)
    have dabbled in things and NOT BEEN CAUGHT OUT
    business deals , or whatever its still a hustle!

  4. When he was doing this he was a regular starring in a successful drama.

    But hey it’s not his fault. Let’s all feel sorry for him. His ghetto entrepreneurial spirit that got the better of him. Greed and stupidity had nothing to do with it.

    Remember what Jay-Z said folks “you can’t knock the hustle”.

  5. Enterpreneurial spirit???

    *chris browned*

    When you get caught, you cannot go around saying i was being an enterpreneur. A thief is more like it. smh

  6. The ghetto spirit unfortunately never left him, that’s so true.
    He’s not the only one, it pissed me off when these guys get a chance to do something with their life and they blew it with some dumb shit.

  7. LMAO

    He probably did that prior to getting into acting… (I am thinking) I didn’t know who he was by face or name until you named the series.

    Yo do you know how many scams are going on out there right now.

    Just yesterday this brazen motha’ fucka’ reached into my girlfriend’s bag and took her wallet in a store and the clerk just stood by and let him!! He told her all after the fact!!

    Now I have to go to Brooklyn and crack heads!!!

    I am going to the store to do my own investigation, the stupid video surveillance was blurry … why do stores have video cameras that don’t work worth a damn!!! And let me just say this Brooklyn: You are on probation I am not claiming ya whack ass boro no more!!!

    No one tried to help and she was chasing him down herself!! Ridiculous!!

    Fuck Brooklyn!

  8. Instinct to get her wallet back I would have doe the same thing!

    And no the shit isn’t funny she lost all of her credit cards, checks, id’s and important documents now she has to get new everything.

  9. People have been stabbed for running after pick pockets. That is why no one bothers anymore. Unless it is the police.

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