The mother of 800 metre world champion Caster Semenya has come forward with a birth certificate to prove that Semenya was born a female.

However the world governing body for track & field sports (IAAF) is still questioning Semenya’s gender and are currently conducting genetic tests.

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  1. Oh dear. If she was born with a vagina and not a penis, sorry 4 breaking it down, she is female, regardless of her masculine appearance. I hope they r not taking advantage of the fact that she’s from africa and taking the piss.

  2. I think so 2. They had better have their definition of female at hand and pray they gave her a copy of it b4 the competetion. If she is a born she, she should sue their asses to the last penny 4 their foolishness. These tests they are doing, is she a guinea pig now? Smh

  3. so jan .. you think it never occured to the south africans themselves!!!..
    like they wouldn’t ask that questions themselves..!!
    i think fatime whitbread always looked like a man to me..
    but the way this is being done is like athtletic association man hunt…
    its not guilty until proven innocent.. its innocent until proven guilty!!
    if she is i will put my hand up ..
    but what i dont like is… without any evidence 9 substantial evidence… she’s been villified!!
    she looks like a man… fair enough
    opinions are opinions.. but this is her job…. my cousin is in athletics.. and she has more muscles than me or any of us…. but when your a sprinter that happens…
    the way the authority have acted is bad , they could have done this privately .. now they’ve ruined her career over something they cant prove yet
    its a shame

  4. Yes I agree that the way they have gone about this is wrong. But nothing we can do about that now.

    At this point her career hasn’t been ruined. It will however suffer if it comes to light she is actually a man. All we can do now is hope it all goes in her favour and she receives an apology and compensation.

    Yes when your an athlete you do develop muscles etc but this is the first time I’ve seen a female athlete look as if she should be part of the Jamaican mens team.

  5. If she was born with female genitals and her hormones went wrong, she is still female. Will they then put her in male category because her homones r male? Hope not. All they had 2 do was check her genitals. How hard is that? Even a transgender would not be able 2 hide their original sex. All these tests r a waste of time. Imagine a full print describing her genes and what went wrong if she’s a she. Humiliating. Too much unnecessary drama, its like an experiment now in the lab.

  6. As long as she did not take any treatment to enhance her appearance and strength, she will be fine. The situation has not been handled well. They had enough time to make sure the situation did not reach this height.

  7. I still cannot believe that this is happening all because she beat the pants off another competing /team country and I still cannot believe that they are entertaining these insipid accusations!!

    GTFOH I would love to hear and read the complaint:

    Dear Blah Blah Blah,

    That girl that won yesterday is really a man. We swear on our stupid selves that she has a penis!!

    Sincerely yours,

    Sore Losers, Bigits, Idiots, and all Around Dumb Dsses

  8. Exactly. It’s because she won by miles and according to records of all time, she does not even hold the fastest running record by a women. She was fastest in this year. And the fact that she does not look and act like a typical female. And this is going to be broken down to genes and so on. So, what about all other females that look like her. Will they never compete even when they want to or are they going to put up a competetion for them separate?

    As long as she is all natural, this is alot of BS at the moment. All i want to know is, has she got a penis or vagina? Ok, as long as she has no treatment of any kind done.

    And if they are going to base her femininity on genes or hormones or whatever biological and psychological tests they are carrying out, if she is found with male hormones or genes, there’s a chance that she might never compete with the typical females again, because apparently she will be having an advantage other typical females do not have. Sadly.

  9. IAAF are taking the piss and taking it seriously bse some people complained. She has competed before and what did they do about it then? Nothing. Now, it becomes very important. Anyway, i await their report and excuses for not dealing with it earlier. Apparently someone confronted semenya and said, ‘rumour has you were born male’, really? I would like to have seen them do that to their fellow white counter parts who looked liked semenya. that alone would have seen them to court. But because it’s an african who they have no respect for, they had to easily open their mouths and disrespect her.

  10. Having said that, i am not blaming IAAF alot bse it looked like it was not so much of an issue for them, it’s the insecure fellow athletes who could not tollerate the fact that an african had kicked their feminine asses, that made a fuss of the whole issue and humiliated her intentionally.

  11. Janice, they have taken her to the lab literally, even just a vagina and drug free or treatment free is not enough, they r looking 4 a reason to discredit her speed and strength. That’s the sad bit. They want to prove that she is not woman enough. If they r saying it’s not about cheating, that is worrying. South africans r furious at this, but still proud of the achievement.

  12. A name that came up from some people that makes interesting reading, SAARTJIE BAATMAN. I can now c why they r very unhappy. Smh

  13. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

    Being born with female genitalia is no guarantee that one is female.

    People with 5-alpha-reductase 2 deficiency syndrome are born looking somewhat, mostly, or completely female. But they masculinise later, ending up looking somewhat, mostly or completely male. Some can even father children.

    I’m Intersexed – born with a body that matches neither male nor female stereotypes. I wish I wasn’t, but there’s nothing I can do about that. I look mostly female (now), and that’s good, as I consider myself to be a woman with an unfortunate and distressing congenital medical condition.

    In 1985, I was (mis) diagnosed as an intersexed male, with a fairly common Intersex condition, PAI syndrome. It was only when I had a partial female puberty in 2005 – something that astonished everyone – that the same kind of batteries of tests this poor girl is being subject to determined that I had a much rarer condition, and was a severely intersexed woman.

    For most people, the question of which sex you are is simple, common sense, obvious. But not for everyone, and for some like me that causes immense social, medical and especially legal problems.

  14. In africa, it’s as clear cut as that. May be that’s why semenya has viewed herself as female. This is one big cultural shock she has experienced. Anyway, i hope the public don’t even get her full results.

  15. Lets not be too emotional here. Looking at the issue in a purely patriotic prism does not help anyone, not least semenya or the sport. If she is female, the tests will proof. If she has a medical condition that gives her undue advantage, then we also need to decide on that too. It would be like a sighted person being entered in a race for the sightless.

  16. Fancy going 2 a foreign place and having people running 2 the press about how weird u look? Really? Even people who have had positive drug tests have been treated with more dignity. Yes, i cannot help but feel 4 the way she’s been treated with such bigotry. And i mean the ones who started the malicious gossip.

  17. And this is someone who has seen herself as a she, and all of a sudden news headlines questioning her gender altogether without considering homonal imbalance or whatever biological problem. It was ok 4 that tennis player who had a sex change 2 play with females bse he had no threatening advantage but 4 semenya they create a media circus like she comes from another planet? Anyway, what’s done is done.

  18. NEWS FLASH!! They had to have know in South Africa. The leaked report says Caster has no breasts, no ovaries, no uterus. That means no menstruation. Besides the obvious masculine appearance, voice and mannerisms, we all saw at the race, the report also indicates Caster has internal testicles… and OH YEAH a PENIS! I think it is terrible what Caster’s family and South African athletics have done to this athlete, but it is ridiculous for anyone to think it fair for Caster to continue to compete against females. Let Caster keep the medal, but remove the time from the record books and do not allow Caster to compete as a female.

  19. James in Texas – could you give a URL for that info? As far as I know, there was no question that she looked normal externally. Oh yes, do you have a penis, and if so, what size? It may not be long enough to count.

    That’s not a serious question, by the way, it’s just to show you how it must feel like to have other people discuss your genitalia.

    Here *is* a serious question. Have you had a karyotype? You could be “genetically female” with De La Chapelle syndome, or CAH syndrome. Or 47XXY, Kleinfelter syndrome, so “not really a man at all” according to some.

  20. Point well made zoe. When it comes to females in sports, there’s alot of double standards. As long as one is not faster or stronger, play on. It could be a weaker man 4 all they care who had a sex change and it would be ok. Just don’t run faster or have more strength and female boxes will be ticked.

  21. Caster was labelled a man from the word go which is the issue. It’s not about letting her compete with other females, it’s the treatment and label given, yet they know they will never have conclusive answers on what a woman should be. Why are they going public with her results? How dare anyone turn this on her family? If you are a parent, you can only see your child for who they are and raise them accordingly. We accept people who had sex changes for their preffered gender but not Caster?

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