When I first heard this track on the comedy extravaganza that is Kojo’s Comedy Fun House, I didn’t think much of it. The live performance sounded chaotic.

But ‘Your Wish Is My Command’ isn’t actually that bad.

As for the video, well it reminds me of Snoop’s video for ‘Sexual Eruption’.

Only Snoop could pull off a video of this nature. He has charisma something Bashy lacks at this point in time.

And for those who don’t know H-Boogie is singer/rapper Estelle’s sister.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. WOWOWOWOW! Great video. Quite brave to do really. Bashy is cute AND I love the track AND I love H-Boogie’s look. Anyone know who styled this vid? Or how to get in touch with Bashy/Mgmt?…….This guy is one to watch I think

  2. Pyramids and ting, HUmmm, anyhow,… I like the way bashy is moving, he is def’ doing his thing thing out here, keeping it fresh, not ya regular, girls, club, cars, ass shaking, champagne bottle, brandy bottle, wet-tshirt comp’ lol… something different, I guess I do appreciate that!

  3. oooh HIT HIT HIT, love it, love Bashy.

    He looks good and so does H Boogie, fressssssssssh. L8rs 2 the h8rs 🙂

  4. I LIKE IT…
    AND I THINK BASHY HAS MORE WAY MORE CHARISMA THAN YOU GIVE HIM CREDIT FO.. imagine wiley doing this video and then tihnk again!!.. imagine skepta doing this video and then think again..
    its not that bad at all
    snoop has millions at his disposal.. so the comparison is tad unfair

  5. ooo i thought she looked like estelle! I like the video but why can uk artists never pull these things off as well as US artists? we need more swagger people! LOL

  6. played it more than once and started to go off it. it is a hit tho

    @ TY – Bashy has charisma, just not in THIS video. I think Skepta could do it if he also had Bashy’s personality and moves. He’s grown and beefier, like you Ty. Hehehehe

    I hear you on the pyramids fr… lol.

  7. alright ladies..>!!!! you have spoken i shall shut up !!!
    but i found my self singing the hook twice today!!!
    what i’m saying about snoop is because of money the director is able to get the correct shots of snoop spend a day spend five!!!!
    but with other artists they dont have that luxury
    bear that in mind!! folks!!
    btw cleo thanks for the beefy comment!!!. i do try to please em!!!!lol

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