Uri Geller is really starting to get under my skin and seriously needs to return to bending spoons for a living.

The vulture was at it again this morning sharing his “thoughts” on yet another rumour involving the late Michael Jackson.

Over the weekend Michael’s good friend child actor Mark Lester who is also now desperate to cash in, told the down market rag The News of The World that he believes he is the biological father of Michael’s daughter Paris (click here to read all about it).

This morning Geller popped up on the breakfast show GMTV and told the nation that he believes Lester’s claims, because wait for it… “Michael told me”.

The British media should stop entertaining his theories and opinions when it comes to Michael, and GMTV you really need to stop referring to Geller as being “Michael’s good friend”. Michael cut him out of his life years ago after Geller ran and spoke to the press while Michael was fighting child molestation charges, and effectively threw the star under a bus!

And after watching Geller’s documentary My Friend Michael Jackson I question whether Michael ever really thought of him as being a friend at all.

Just leave the man to rest in peace!

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  1. uri geller is a pathetic man who doesn´t give a crap about MJ! geller just seeking for attention and money!

  2. Uri Geller is and always will be a greedy famewhore. He made a quarter million for securing the Bashir interview and he’s raking in dough every time he gives a Brit print interview. On August 9th, he said “Michael told me” about Lester being the sperm donor. Now, on the 10th, that it has been proven that Lester hadn’t contacted Michael until David Gest reunited them in 2001, Geller’s backpedaling his BS. Vultures, the lot of ’em. Lisa Marie Presley said it best. MJ seem to “magnetize…leeches and vampires” around him. Everyone wanted to reflect the glare of Michael’s sun. These “envious moons” need to shut the hell up.

  3. That documentary of uri was the most cringing i have ever seen. He is a kiss ass for starters and twisted like his spoons he bends. He’s not right somewhere. His version of events with micheal(r.i.p), is his version alone. I have never seen anyone so uncomfortable in anyone’s presence like micheal(r.i.p) was. I fail 2 c the friendship. Smh

  4. Uri was all over Michael. It was embarassing. And you’re right Michael did look uncomfortable when he was around Uri.

    Did you see the footage of him at Uri’s wedding? He turned up 2 hours late and looked as if he didn’t even want to be there.

  5. I wanted to slap micheal(r.i.p), 4 turning up to that ceremony with a broken leg. Uri gave him his rings apparently(rolls eyes). Did u see the footage in fayed’s mall and the way he talked us through it? (Cringes at the thought)

  6. He said gave Michael the rings because he wanted Michaels aura to cover them (something like that) Uri only gave him those rings because he wanted to ensure he turned up to wedding.

    He would not leave Michael alone. He’s a creep!

  7. Actually wanted to slap him 4 turning up at all. He could have sent the rings through royal mail. LOL

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