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Last year I dedicated a post to UK singer Tiao Cruz, and asked him why he refused to feature black women in his videos. Where is the balance?

Well our resident ‘equal opportunity’ employer has now finally addressed the issue…..

Via Filing The Void

“I like to put girls in my video that I think are hot. If a really hot black girl came to a casting, she’d be in my video. I think that people even focusing on the race issue in my videos is a problem. And I would almost react by never putting black girls in my video, because I’m that type of person – rebellious. I’d be like, ‘If that’s how you’re gonna be, I’m never gonna put black girls in my videos.’”

Oh so now you want to act “rebellious” Taio? OK -I wish you the best of luck with that move,  because you are going to need it.

Hilarious! 🙂

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. now you know the dude looking for attention!!!!
    he wants the controversy!!!
    good luck !!
    i am puting this with the mobo’s..( out of my mind!!)

  2. Wow, he actually said that? I never liked this dude’s music anyway, but this is a bit much. To go and say that you possibly would respond by never putting women who are the same color as you in your videos demonstrates the bigger problem a lot of us have with out own skin color..

  3. this makes me smile!!!
    cos now i know its not all in my head!!!
    this is a fail on so many levels…
    but goood luck to taio cruz!!!

  4. I like taio, but there’s only so much one can take. Producing and writing songs is his bigger strength. This statement is straight dumb and discriminatory.

  5. Oh hell. Being humble about a weakness is one thing, straight forward arrogance and nonsense is another. Kmt

  6. chile please, this is like saying ‘i’ll hit a woman just cause they tell me not to’. What utter foolishness. I hope this gets a big response from the public and isn’t just looked over in typical UK style… let’s make a fuss like the Americans would! lol

  7. I am trying to get my head around this concept. Rihanna did this in one of her concerts in UK. Her back up singers were black and all her dancers were white. She has not done this in the US. What is the logic behind this foolishness? SMH

  8. he has exposed is true colours – and they aint black.
    he’s a wasteman and i think his statement may or may not backfire on his career badly, i dont care for him as an artist or a person…so good luck!

  9. WHAT



  10. damn fool….he aint gona but black girls in his videos dont understand why he made that statement…what gets on my nerves the most is that I know people who went school/college with him where there was lots of black females, and they always tell me how he had a personal hygiene problem kmt

  11. I cannot stop laughing but to be fair, many boys at that age have hygene problems. I am trying to hold my laughter here.

  12. you girls have memories like an elephant. Now i know what not to do to avoid this embarrasment. lol

  13. They used to call him stinky Taio i think…when I see my friend I will ask her just to clarify LMAO..But yeah once the fame has got to him he seems to forget where he comes from. But I clocked from time that he doesnt put black girls in his videos, and thats when my girls were telling me about his BO problem back in the day lol.

  14. There you go ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first. Taio was a stinker. Pepe Le Pew would have been a good companion for Mr Cruz. Could even possibly be that he still is a walking skunk. Well we know for sure that his attitude stinks.

  15. his music is rubbish, I am not felling pop music, he is not my type so I am not bothered about him not putting blk girls on his low budget videos.

  16. What a twat. He is insane, and you know what if he went to the US he would not get away with this

  17. What this guy is trying to say is black women are not attractive which is why he has not put any in his videos!!! which is utter bullshit!! This guy needs help!!!

  18. taio – you are a defeated black man – i for one will not be buying your cd Your video and music is at best is mediocre and at worst a sad reflection of black british culture.

  19. He is a sad, unattractive man with a chip on his shoulder due to past rejections. It’s his family that I feel sorry for, how must his mum feel knowing that she’s produced a confused creature who doesn’t think anyone who looks like her is “worthy” of being in one of his budget videos. It is a sad reflection on his character that he doesn’t mind peeing on the impressionable mindsets of this generation of young black women to prove his manhood and status to white society.

  20. We been talking about this on our site and youtube channel, his a race traitor and we should boycott his music although to be honest I never bought his stuff and NOW never will.

    Same thing goes for JLS check this vid on youtebe and join the debate

  21. what a fucking statement.
    whatz your problem with black girls?
    Beauty has got nothing to do with colour.
    Blacks and whites are all beautiful.
    you need to apologize to black girls.

  22. the dude is an idiot, got nothing against white chicks but he is just helping the media portray black people as ugly. look at every advert and tell me how many good looking darker skinned black actors / actresses feature in them? next 2 none, but when there is a crime drama 2 be made they find loads, what message does this send 2 young black kids who already feel out of place in society. the media (adverts soaps & drama) is now casting entire mixed raced families & calling them black, yes they are black 2 I’m not saying they aren’t but if they are black then what are we?…….or even him lol

  23. taio is gay anyway. hes not looking for any women in reality. but he highlights a serious identity problem with black men in the UK. its their perspective and their right to choose who they like or find attractive.

    when you hear him speak in real life, you wonder what kind of woman would want anything to do with him anyway, apart from hanging on to some fame and some fortune, (while it lasts). he’s a complete sissy in real life and sounds like one.


  25. This guy is a fake anyway.
    He is Nigerian, but claims to be carribean. his name is Tayo ( nigerian name) and he changed it to Taio Cruz to sound exotic and hide his roots.
    so if he is ashamed to be nigerian, then of course he would hate black women too..
    i hate fakes…

  26. Honestly I always sensed he had an identity problem, jst never thot he wld come out an say something as ignorant as this. But honestly I applauded the fact that he came out and say the problem most black men are having with having anything to do with black women especially when they become rich and famous. I mean look at the whole celebrity circle how many black women do u find amongst them…None!!! And Taio or Tayo as ur birth name, I knw a gud psychologist who could help u appreciate who u really r…I actually feel sorry for u, nd honestly I do.

  27. I think a lot of people are completely missing the point of Cruz’s statement. He is not saying that he’ll never cast black girls in his videos because of the fact that they are black. He is saying that he wants hot girls in his videos–period, no matter what race. In fact, he thinks that people are making too big of a big deal over race. He said that his response to people accusing him of self-hatred will be to not cast black girls in his videos (and yes, I do agree that it’s not the right approach, but it’s still his approach)

    So yeah…he has no problem with any particular race of people (including his own), he’s just saying that race shouldn’t matter and that he is only intentionally not casting black girls as a “rebellious” response to the accusations of him being racist against his own kind.

  28. @kendall

    just a quick question….

    how much rent do you pay living in Taio’s Arse?

  29. @The Real NV
    I’m not living in anyone’s “Arse.” Unlike everyone else, I’m actually reading what he is saying. He is simply saying that he casts girls in his videos based on how hot they are – not how black or white they are.

  30. Issues with identity – check
    Issues with sexuality – check

    He seems to be a man uncomfortable with his true self… so he denies everything he comes from to try and get away with his own self.

  31. Kendall,

    With respect, I actually think you missed the point. He has NEVER had any black women in his videos. So what I can conclude is that he has NEVER seen ANY attractive black women come into his casting sessions…. I find that HARD to believe.

    Though I can imagine now though that he won’t be having any black women give him any positive attention. I don’t think any sensible black woman with integrity would EVER want to be in his viedos now. He’s quite pathetic in my opinion.

  32. None of you guys have mentioned that he’s HALF BRAZILLIAN and yes half Nigerian as well. He doesn’t look mixed though. He lookss 100% black. I think he’s insecure and he’s not even good looking so I don’t think any black girls are worrying about never having the chance to be in his crappy music videos.


  33. Even if he is half Brazilian he doesn’t have to look mixed as there are fully black Brazilians too…

    But that’s beside the point, I agree with Annaleisha, I too find it hard to believe that no attractive black girls have showed up for his video castings. And fair enough, he may say he’d be ‘rebellious’ by not putting any black girls in his videos, but let’s face it, he probably wasn’t going to anyway so this would be an excuse for him to hide behind.

    It’s unfortunate, but he isn’t the only black artist to do this, maybe just the only one dumb enough to actually SAY it aloud! It’s fashionable to have white or mixed looking girls in videos, that’s nothing new, but it is a shame because the younger black kids are looking at that and the boys think they should have mixed girls and the girls don’t feel pretty because all they hear/see are white and mixed girls being lauded for their appearance.

  34. Taio is such a waste!!! All the people I know, who love his music are my white friends lool pronouncing his name wrong LOL.
    But the girls in his videos are butters too, He doesnt want to be nigerian, He said he’s part Brazilian on a US radio show but when asked about his Nigerian side he said, just say im British. he’s half Brazillian yh but his mum wasnt dominant enough when it came to the name giving… Adetayo Ayowale Onile-Ere now thats his real name, he cant hide it!!!


    He is a PERVERT!
    He CHEATS on his girlfriends
    He has a SEX ADDICTION!
    stay away from this guy seriously, he has STIs…

    He comes across sweet and sissy (his way of TRAPPING ladies).
    He is REALLY HORRIBLE when u get to know him! Its not funny coz he actually does SMELL too.

    He makes out he is 24 when he is actually in his 30s!

    He is RACIST against his own race!?? C’mon Taio its people like you who make race an issue in this world!

    This guy should not be in the public eye.

    What a BAD INFLUENCE to our kids!


  36. @jade
    seems like you got the inside scoop straight from the donkeys lips.
    Wow, more than one STI! Lol thats a big accusation.

    Theres not a male singer alive thats not addicted to sex, and acts younger than they are…. That probly applies to most men. Lol

  37. @The Real NV — Not true, I’m female and hot stuff and i can get whoever i like, whenever i like… but i would never take no man like a Pop/rock star serious? Coz they lie… the real men in dis world who aint in that music industry are the best guys we know dat girls we know dat 😉 we hot girls use the pop/rock stars just like they use us, for sex hahaha! We treat our real men good coz they treat us good..

    i feel sorry for anyone who actually get caught up with someone like Taio Cruz coz he’ nat even capable of keeping no girl by his side… coz he dont even know how to treat one good lol! It quite sad really coz he gone be a lonely bastard later in life, i mean who’s gona want him when he like 40 years old, all he’ll have is a bit of money but there plenty younger good looking rich guys out there… only some fat whore who aint got nuffing going in their life and dont have respect for themselves would stay wiv a waste man like Taio Cruz coz he ugly fat old and just gone treat dem girl like sh*t pfft — i love my man coz he a real man, he buy me flowers n write me poems coz he know i like dat and make me smile he just der for me in day and night n he hot so ha! that betta than anyfin u pop/rock shitty star got lol… an hell yeah my man wif me right now cuddling me. fuk u Taio! Treat ur woman right.
    – No infact Taio man keep doing ur fing an see how happy u r in a few years when u see what goes around comes around u STI smelly pri*k!!

  38. Oh yeah and aint it funny how dem man like Taio Cruz is always single?? haha all dem pop/rock men are single cozno gal gonna put up wiv dem shi* bags for long dem girl move on and find themself a real man they can call their hubby… they probably so stupid they aint been brpught up right how to hold their good girl down.. man dem listen to rhianna once you turn a good girl bad she gone forever so learn how to treat em right before we loose all morals in dis world!

  39. @Jessie
    you sound just as bitter as Jade lol. If I didn’t know any better hmmm….
    Its nice to know your man gives you flowers and was hugging you while writing the post too.

    I don’t understand what your actually disagreeing with in my last post?

    Your reply talks about you being “Hot Stuff” getting anyone you please (ok :roll:), and real men treating you better than pop stars.

    What exactly does any of that have to do with “MOST” men being sex addicts, and if a man is past his prime acting younger? This is a simple statement evident everyday you walk out your door 247.

    if you’ve used pop stars in knowledge of them using you for sex that’s no better than Mr Cruz so stop the moaning about how pop stars treat you.

  40. Cmon this is a joke. So because we don’t have black girls parading around half naked in Tayo Cruz’s videos we think that’s wrong ? I’m glad. I don’t like to see black women over sexualized, like the way white girls are. Black women is the mother of the earth.

  41. The Real NV :@jadeseems like you got the inside scoop straight from the donkeys lips.Wow, more than one STI! Lol thats a big accusation.Ps.Theres not a male singer alive thats not addicted to sex, and acts younger than they are…. That probly applies to most men. Lol

    Justin Bieber.

  42. Tayo Cruz….. is a idiot and is ashamed to be black. SAD THAT TAYO CRUZ IS SAD TO BE BLACK…..PS THE GIRLS IN YOUR VIDEO, ESPECIALLY YOU FEATURE GIRL IS NOT HOTT BECAUSE SHE IS WHITE. Get it together idiot wanna be white boy.

  43. taio who? that guy aint hot mate, he needs to relax. I can understand why he might be bitter with black girls, he clearly dosent look like the type black girls like. He dosent have that ‘swag’ infact, if he wasnt a singer i could imagine him being a GEEK thats the type of black guys that date white girls and thats a FACT. This is why i dont care if black guys date white girls, the ones that do are usually GEEKS that black girls dont want anyway and have you realised most tend to be darkskinned and look ugly? hmmmm enough said lol but then again there would always be some ghetto loud black chicks who would complain even if they know deep in their heart they aint into the particular guy.

    With all that out of the way, why is anyone shocked?black guys aint been known for not doing things like this. Their the only race of men who do stuff like that looooool it looks pathetic because what their really saying is: ‘the white man creates more beautiful looking sperm than us black men do’ lol.

    and to the person who said ‘how comes in the UK they have whites as back up dancers the most’ its because in the UK white women (especially) RUN the media, so they arent looking to put any other race of women in there. Ive realised it with the latest ADIDAS (WE ARE LONDON) advertisements. Its funny how they have all the black male artists etc and then when it comes to the girls they have white girls???when we all know for a FACT that black girls are most likely to rock that ‘chavy’ look than anyone. But once again, its white women who make up the percentage that works in the media (you can look that up). Another one, is the X-FACTOR…when cher lloyd is rapping/singing you see that all her backup dacers are WHITE loooooool whites are basically trying to steal black culture and the thing is, blacks (especially black guys) are silly enough to let that happen! look at justin bieber! is usher telling me he couldnt get a young black guy like that? looool black guys suck ass especially the white mans ass lol

  44. @tati You’re seriously going to need to read over what you just posted and look at all of the stupid and racist points you made. There is nothing wrong with being dark skinned and there’s nothing wrong with dating out of your own race just as long as you don’t refuse to date your own race because then you’d be a self-hater. I really hope you’re not black because you’re making us look bad.

  45. LoL
    Justin bieber
    your taking the biscuit!
    is that supposed to make my point invalid? LMAO!

  46. I’m Jamaican and Chinese mixed, and I live in the US. I don’t know how it is in the UK but a lot of black people I see here, especially the women, are not very attractive. They always look really manly, and not hot. So, if he’s wanting to put only girls he thinks are hot in his videos, I guess he doesn’t find them hot. It really doesn’t have anything to do with skin color, but more facial features/body. Maybe he is just more attracted to other types of features.

  47. @latoya just because there arent any attractive black women where you live doesnt mean ALL black women are. you have a television to see other black women so you dont have any exscuse so dont make comments like yours it doesnt sound very clever so sit your half chigga ass down

    taio doesnt find us hot because he is a sellout, bounty, a disgrace and showing no self-respect whatsoever. its not black women who look bad, beleive me, men like him who everyone is disgusted with. its going to catch up with him one day and i will be laughing GOD ISNT SLEEPING

  48. So you mean to tell me that NOT 1 very active black has ever shown up at casting. I like how he tries to flip the script.

  49. He has a few black girls in Dynamite. I think that the UK probably doesn’t have very many black women to choose from.

  50. @Dina the UK have plenty beautiful black woman to choose from. I’ve read over the post and they are all opinionated but true, he has said he doesn’t find BLACK women attractive. It has nothing to do with facial features or body type but skin colour. You can get twins (identical) – one black one white- who have the same body type and facial features, and tayo will very likely choose the white twin

  51. He’ll never last in USA wit those thoughts. Beyonce, Nikki, Rhianna, also Katy Perry, Pink, Gaga etc, they’ll be laughin at him. Nothing cool about hating your own.

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