Up and coming black British film Find Her Keep Her (God Son Pictures) starring comedian Kojo and video model turned actress Rachel Ritfeld.

Via The Guardian

It’s a Sunday afternoon in Notting Hill in west London. People are milling around the foyer of the Coronet cinema, in anticipation of the film that’s about to start. It’s not the latest Harry Potter or Hollywood action blockbuster, though. These 300 people – mostly black British men and women age 25 and upwards, with some young children and teenagers in tow – are there to watch the first offering from Rapture Film Club, a new monthly club dedicated to the screening of black films.

Twenty years ago, during the heyday of black British film, clubs of this kind were common. Now, it seems, they are returning. In recent years, notwithstanding a handful of critically acclaimed films such as 2006’s Kidulthood, the number of programmes and films aimed at black audiences in the UK has fallen. Priscilla Igwe, the brains behind Rapture, does not believe this was due to a lack of audience interest. “I think there is a gap in British audiences seeing films that reflect black experiences,” she says. Her audience is “hungry for black film”. Continue Reading…

This is very positive news.

And I look forward to watching Find Her Keep Her. It has black British film classic stamped all over it.

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  1. I think I went to that cinema way back in the day, cool place. This is exactly what we need.

  2. this film is terrible Janice, and if films of this quality is what the club is gonna have to offer, then I’m not really interested, I can’t believe 300 people turned up to see it, they were probably disappointed, or worse, they liked it, ;( lol

  3. Oh no the film club didn’t showcase this film – they will feature faith based films etc.

    I just posted that particlar film to show peeps an example of the types of black British films that are being made here…

  4. Oh faith based films huh?… umm that could be interested, Black britsih films do def’ need a boost, and this could be it, but I thought not if that film was a part of thier schedule, ok I see now,

    I’m going to look into the club 😉

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