I knew Eminem would come back with a diss record after Mariah dropped ‘Obsessed’, but I didn’t think he would bury her six feet under!

For the record though, I do believe that Em and Mariah were once an item and that he speaks the truth.

Mariah must be sitting somewhere bawling her eyes out while her hubby Nick Cannon tries his very best to comfort her.

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Your thoughts please…

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  1. Someone should get Nick Cannon the number of Canibus to ghostwrite him a response.

    On the real though this is just silly, it has become VERY personal and for Eminem to retaliate like this, it means he was maybe feeling her. I don’t know why he is so mad though, I mean he started it from “superman” and furthered it on “bagpipes from bagdhad” so why is he tripping over “Obsessed” maybe he really is? hmmmmmm I dunno

    As for Mariah she needs to chill for real because this is just a warning! you don’t mess with a battle rapper.

  2. the thing i cant understand is the recorded phone calls.. what does that all mean!!
    something mariah neglected to tell us really!!!…. its all a little meaningless to me .. to be honest!!!

  3. oh dear, he’s back LOOOOOLL!

    @ Karl Nova, I don’t even think canibus can help nick lol

  4. Has rap gone so low that now rappers start beef with singers??

    WOW a rapper attacking an R & B singer… this is the lowest of the low… Why not pick on somebody your own size?? Jiggah?? Game? Or whomever your rival is supposed to be!!!

    Really? You’re beefing with Mariah Carey?

    The songstress?? Beef = EM + Mariah (Buterfly Carey) that math makes no sense what so fucking ever!!!

    RAP + Singer Should not = BEEF!!!!

    The only beef I like is the kind I can eat and feel!! Nah mean???

    SMDH This is Madness!!!!!

  5. He’s so pathetic. He’s just trying to stay in the limelight. It’s sad how he feels that dissing Mariah will make his career be any better than what it is. He probably really liked her a lot That would explain why he got so butt hurt. If you listen to the content in Mariah’s song and the content of Eminem’s songs, the contrast is amazing. Mariah’s song is more bla-zey, while Eminem’s songs are much more personal. Anytime you have to threaten someone with personal information, that’s when you know you’re at a low point.

    Eminem needs to get a life and stop attacking other artist/celebrity because he’s so unstable and depressed.

  6. He is not right in the head to keep phone call conversations. He is as bad as Uri Gellar keeping Mj phone calls and making money off them. Unless they inspire him lyrically, ofcourse.

  7. Its soo hilarious how people r defending mariah, n sayin how em is washed up. This Grown.ass woman who calls herself a diva makes a video about one of the best battles rappers n yall expect him not to put her on blast..she got wat she deserves..n I believe him ova her anyways, y he gotta lie for he don’t gotta worry bout his spouse but she does

  8. well Mariah should have just leave him alone. she kno if she wrote a song bout him n published it, he gonna come back (HARd). it’s yet childish. she shoud jus b like. ok find we slept with eachother. d sex wasnt good. happy media.! think of some stupid shit, den mayb em will b happy. nstead of coming back hard, and making her cry like d last time. geez.

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