‘Run This Town’ is taken from Jay-Z’s highly anticipated album, ‘Blue Print 3’

People have been going crazy, wetting themselves over this track, like its the best thing since sliced bread!

But as far as I am concerned it’s just OK!!!!!

Others have also said that Kanye kills Jay on his own track.

Kanye’s verse is just OK!!!! It’s nothing to write home about!

Your thoughts please….

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  1. no smoke without without fire, hummm, well I found myself skipping past jays verse’s (unthinkable a few years ago I was a big Jay fan) not even sure what he was saying, to be fair I didn’t even care… is he really 42? LMAO ! lol

    but Yezzy’s verse was quite hot, it’s his typical style but I like it still, and well, it wouldn’t be the first time somebody shined more than Jay on his own track.

  2. oh as for my overall thoughts on the track,… nothing new, the beat is quite infectious, I don’t like he vocals, jay is 42, Hahahah, kanye’s piece is decent.

  3. The track is just ok. I like the beat and there are a few good lines but it is ok. His lead off singles are never really hot. I mean who remembers “change clothes”? It’s for radio and breaks no new ground. It’s just cool, no big deal geez hype is a killer.

    Jay Z will be 40 in December. I think he has a few good songs in him. I am not too sure about Blueprint 3 but I will just wait and see.

  4. Kanye smokes Jay on this one.

    The comment from fr is spot on. It’s a head nodder for sure, but nothing super spectacular.

    Is Jay really 40-something?

  5. LMAO @ “wetting themselves”
    *I can picture it in my head.

    As far as the song, I didn’t listen. I don’t care enough about “hip hop” these days to lend my precious ears. They’ve been raped and abused for far too long….my ears.

  6. @ mish,

    Nooooooooooooooooooo! Don’t give up on Hip Hop! There are still tons of great acts (albeit not on the airwaves so much) that are out there. I would name names, but seeing as how you did that one joint way back on top of the MF DOOM track, I garner that you already know about the dopeness of the underground…LOL

    Besides, even though Jay/Yay are mainstream, this song is actually nice…give it a listen~!

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