I don’t know whether to let out one big howling laugh or to shake my head in despair…..

Via Yahoo News

The organisers of the Miss England contest have defended the competition after it emerged that the first black winner and the niece of Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter Linford Christie, won with only nine votes from the public.

Angie Beasley, director of Miss England, said the public played only a part in the contest, choosing one of the 15 top finalists with this vote amounting effectively to a seventh judge in the final selection.

She said Rachel Christie, 20, a heptathlete from London, was awarded first place by four of the six judges on the night – including the model Caprice – who assessed candidates on factors such as posture and confidence.

She said: “When it gets to the top 15, they are judged on their confidence and their posture on stage and they are judged on their beauty and their personality. When it gets to the top 15 you cannot have the public vote judging that, it has to be a professional panel.”

The vote for Ms Christie comes after Zoiey Smale, Miss Oxfordshire, won the public vote with 2,013 votes. Ms Christie finished 49th out of the 54 original finalists. Continue Reading…..

NINE VOTES!!!!!!!!! Did Linford cut a cheque???

Anyhoo.. congratulations Rachel.

Your thoughts please……

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  1. HAHA, all from one house, bare JOKES,… well I can sleep now, that cleared up all the confusion. 😉

  2. Always the light skinned black women or the Mel B look alikes. They won’t give credit to a ‘darky’, excuse the phrase.

  3. With all the anger people have about the iraq war, they must be raging at this decision. I feel sorry 4 christie coz it doesn’t look like she will be looked at as a worthy winner. She will need 2 win in the olympics now 2 prove herself. The last time i heard of a black winner in miss world was when a gorgeous nigerian won. I remember when even in south africa a black winning was like draining blood from a stone. Geez lawd. Congratulations anyway wish it had been on merit though whatever that is nowadays.

  4. I’m just gonna call it as I see it now, this british way of keeping a stiff upper lip isn’t dropping with me anymore, Verbs is gonna be unleashed.

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