Who would have thought that it would eventually come this?

Dame seriously looks done in!

Anyway it’s clear from this recent ‘interview’ that Dame is still quite bitter and angry…….

Discussing the alleged Jay-Z/Chris Brown situation was pointless. There is no real proof to suggest that Jay “blacklisted” Chris from performing at the BET Awards which took place several weeks ago.

It is more plausible to believe that cosmetics giant Cover Girl (who Rihanna endorses products for) was behind the ‘blacklisting’. They apparently threatened to pull their sponsorship if Chris performed.

But I suppose the whole purpose of this ‘interview’ was to get Brukkers all riled up while talking about Jay.

What a sad state of affairs.

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  1. Jay-Z did him wrong, you cant lie but this is LAME. move on dam! He’s not a dum dude and he was the brains behind Rocafella. SO STOP CRYING!!!

  2. Damon told the truth and Miss Janice, if you are on the ‘inside’ you would also know he is privy to more ‘real info’ than most. And so if he’s having financial difficulties, make a fuss about the corporations that have f*#ked up a lot of people. And if he was so bitter he would have said something direct about conniving backstabbing Jay. And no! I am not a fan of Damon, he has been an idiot and an arrogant fool, but hey he aint killing people in Afganistan. As an aside, Janice you usually are spot on and one of the better gossip internet bloggers.

  3. Errrr Storm: Dame can’t and won’t say anything, because realistically he cannot afford to get sued. Nor can he afford the attorney’s bill. If you are a follower of this man, you know that actually he has the capacity to be arrogant beyond what Jay can be. The difference is Jay is a strategic, long-lead business player and Dame was really just about doing the deal for today and being the asshole till tomorrow! His fall from grace and current status is regrettable, but he’s a hustler and he’ll come back up I’m sure……but humility for some has to be learnt the hard way.

    Personally, I think the video was a veiled attempt to get in Chris Brown’s good books so that he can snap him up and have him as part of the camp when he’s ready to break again……whenever that is. Dame apparently is learning to do things Jays way and look beyond his beak. Good luck to him on this hard road of no respect….but he’ll be aiiiight though!

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