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The mothers of three internationally known rap stars will lend their time and parenting tips during the Saving our Sons workshop panel event, which seeks solutions to the educational crisis facing young, African-American men. Dr. Mahalia A. Hines, the mother of rapper/actor Common, Dr. Brenda Greene, the mother of Talib Kweli and Sheron Smith, the mother of Mos Def will be on hand at the event, which takes place in the Bronx this Saturday (July 11). The three women will be a part of a panel titled “Raising Him Alone.” The panel will be moderated by Meshelle, “The Indie Mom of Comedy” who was featured on Nickelodeon’s Search for The Funniest Mom in America 3. Following the panel, hundreds of educators, parents, grandparents and mentors will be on hand to give single mothers tips on how to raise young black and latino men during the four-hour event, which starts at 10:00 AM at the Eagle Academy for Young Men at the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice.  Continue Reading……

You know its bad within the community when a panel event of this nature is organised.

Anyway, if I was a mother raising a son a lone I would seek advice from the mothers of  rappers and Meshelle ‘ The Indie Mom of Comedy.

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  1. I wonder if other communities organise events like this?

    Anyway I guess the mothers of superstar rappers (Talib, Common and Mos Def) and Meshelle (never heard of her before) “the indie mom of comedy” are the major selling points here.

    I hope the mothers who attend get something out of it.

  2. I think it’s counter productive it just creates more illusions but who knows. Over here, never heard of it.

  3. I think this is a good idea. any struggling person wants to know how other people make it.

    I don’t get why LATI thinks “it’s counter productive” and that it “creates more illusions”. Why do you say that?

  4. Only a parent knows their child and what they need. Its like asking the state to shape yo kids. How does this work?

  5. There are no short cuts in life and nothing is easy, dedication and focus and discipline and patience. What else do they want to know? That they need a job and to get an education for a better future? Not to take drugs? Many black boys like trends and quick easy money instead of focusing on their strengths.
    Boys need to start being responsible. The whole race sits to find solutions for them but what are they doing to help themselves? Take responsibility.

  6. Maybe women should discuss their choices in dating rather than parenting.
    Time and time again, allegedly intelligent women mate and date suitors who do not display any serous parental qualities or true respect for women. Hell, Jan! You yourself would be up for Jim Jim. Hypothethically, could you see you and Jim Jim hand in hand at the PTA talking about the education of your mini Jim Jim? Honestly…no I mean HONESTLY….lol! Until many are deadly honest about your thug fantasies the cycle of having kids that er…see the values of thugism given that mummys fella is one..will remain.
    It’s tiring to see well spoken, educated sisters compensating for guys who can barely string a sentence or socially interact outside of their own street style idiosyncracies…always trying to sell that ‘he’s really sensitive and sweet when he’s alone with me’ ..whatever. If women are gonna chase this dream and not the so-called nerd who seems simply ‘too nice’ as I hear sooo many women freely admit, what incentive is there for a young man to not take the shortcuts when sooo many women out there are willing to take that. That is what your child sees and this is what he or she will aspire to.Period.

    Controversial? Not.

  7. Not to mention that some uneducated men dislike educated women. They cannot bare a well spoken woman and will always hold you back. What chance has the child got with this attitude? Why do some black kids think it’s cool to be idiotic/take drugs/skip school/dress stupidly/speak in a silly way/bully/be a rebel. A child is a parents responsibility and not the baby sitter or teacher. The most important education starts at home especially discipline. Which parent claims not to know this? Tough love is needed.

  8. When they stop glorifying uneducated celebrities who also do not see the value of education and do not promote it, they will get somewhere. The over exagerated glamour in showbiz is a problem, rich drug dealers and so on. Since this whole thing is about education for young men, i am assuming that these chosen mums and their sons are educated or have done something to encourage boys to have an education or they see the value of education, bar their music success.

  9. Dera who are you referring to when you say “the whole race”? I hope you weren’t making a prejudice comment towards african americans. I’m a black woman myself and I don’t sit around waiting for someone to find a solution to make my life better. Everything I own,everything I’ve accomplished I did on my own.Education is very important to me and was part of a requirement my father had for my sisters and I growing up.And just a little information for you,its not just “black boys” who go looking for trends and easy money. But because of Hollywood depicting it that way in their movies,many people who are ignorant to that believe that its just the “black” community who lives that way.

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