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Comedian Frankie Boyle has quit his job as a columnist for the Daily Record after the newspaper refused to publish an article containing Michael Jackson jokes following the star’s death.

The Mock The Week comic announced the decision on his official website and provided a link to a document containing the feature in question.

Boyle said: “Oh dear. Had to quit my Daily Record column over a moral disagreement. We disagreed over whether it was okay to make jokes about a dead child molester.

“Here is the whole column, big love my n*****s.” Continue Reading…

I don’t agree with his remarks but the man has a right to air his opinion.

Err.. did he actually write “big love my niggers???

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  1. I wouldn’t actually be surprised, I do love Boyle’s humour – pessimistic & [sometimes] seriously dark. That’s freedom of speech for you.

  2. Yeah, I like that man too. Not the best choice on this occassion Boyle.

    BTW, Elvis (the great hope) died fat and on his toilet seat, but I don’t see people worried about the continuing mass hysteria for that pop phenomenon….

  3. The earliear they make the jokes the better. If not now, it will be 2moro. Not surprised at all. Micheal’s life has always been surrounded by unusual circumstances. Nothing is shocking anymore.

  4. There were text and email jokes flying around the day after he died.

    Whether he actually did it or not, MJ was found innocent in a court of law, so can Boyle be sued for libel for calling him a child molester?

    Not with it when black people say it, so I’m seriously not feeling his “nigger” comment.

  5. Why are whites so quick to pull out the moral codes on other races, but so quick to justify their immorality? Just a general observation nothing to do with this.

  6. I agree with Albertromania!!!

    Everything in context – Let black ppl decide if something is said with malicious intent. I like the man and can hear how would have been said – but still bwoy dem are choice words to say with a consent form!!!

  7. Poor guy. I don’t blame him, I would too. I don’t want people messing with me over BSB jokes. I have been with them 17 years, they messed with me, your going to make jokes. But if your writing online and privately for yourself is one thing, to do it for a business is another and you have to behave with more self-respect and pride. For all we know, he might have want to be fired, who knows?

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